New Features in iOS 17 Make Siri and Spotlight More Powerful Than Ever

If you’re a Siri fan, you’re in for a treat with iOS 17! Both Siri and Spotlight have received subtle yet effective improvements, making your interactions smoother and more intuitive.

1. Simply Say “Siri”

Gone are the days of the “Hey Siri” prefix. Now, just calling out “Siri” is enough to get her attention. So, asking “Siri, what’s the time?” is all you need to do.

2. Double Up on Requests

Siri’s now more conversational than ever. Without pausing, you can ask her about the weather and immediately ask her to text a pal. She’s up for multi-tasking!

3. Have Siri Narrate Your Web Reads

Ever been too tired to read an article on Safari? Just invoke Siri and say, “Siri, read this out.” As long as the site supports Reader View, Siri’s got you covered. And, with playback tools, you can control the narration right from your Lock Screen. Additionally, you can also read about- Alexa or Siri: Which One is Better?

4. Choose Your Messaging App with Siri

 Instead of just sticking to Apple’s Messages, you can now decide where to send your message from. WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other app with Siri compatibility is at your disposal.

5. Siri on StandBy

Turn your charging iPhone into a mini display hub. In StandBy mode, asking Siri anything displays the response in a beautiful full-screen landscape view.

6. British Siri Gets More Friends

Two additional British voices join Siri’s repertoire in iOS 17. Cheerio to more options!

7. Siri Speaks Bilingual in India

Impressively, Siri in iOS 17 can seamlessly handle a mix of English and popular Indian languages like Hindi, Telegu, Punjabi, Kannada, and Marathi.

Spotlight Tweaks:

  • Better Visual Results: An improved color palette and app icons enhance the visibility of search results. Searching for a topic like “cats” might even showcase an adorable Safari icon.

  • Handy App Shortcuts: Get to where you want faster! Searching for an app now offers direct shortcuts based on your frequent activities. Say you often check out the Favorites album in Photos; Spotlight will give you a shortcut right there in the search results.

All in all, iOS 17 continues to refine the user experience, making sure every interaction feels just right!


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