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How to Hit a Cart Without a Battery? [A Step-by-Step Guide]

How to hit a cart without a battery

Do you want to know how to hit a cart without a battery? When your favourite Secret Nature vape cart won’t work, it’s only natural to do whatever it takes to get it working again. Though, we’d suggest stopping a lot sooner than other vapers have done when they’ve had similar problems.

It is well known that vaping weed is better for your health and has more benefits than smoking it. Vape pens are now owned by a lot of young adults and are easy to carry around.

These vape pens are easy to use and have a simple way to work. It needs a battery, an atomizer, and a coil. You might sometimes end up breaking the battery or the charger. So, here’s a quick way to fix how to hit a cart without a battery.

What is a Vape Cartridge?

What is a vape cartridge

A vape cartridge is a disposable container with cannabis or hemp concentrate, a coil, an atomizer, and everything else needed to turn cannabinoid concentrate into vapor once a power source is connected. Vape cartridges with only natural ingredients are becoming more popular because they are easy to use and work well.

Do Vape Cartridges Have Batteries?

Vape cartridges can only make vapor when they are connected to a battery. The coil in the vape cartridge, which is powered by the battery, slowly heats up the cannabis concentrate until it turns into vapor.

Most vape cartridges work with 510-threaded cartridges, which is an industry standard used all over the world. The mechanism depends on how the cartridge is made. To get the most out of your vape battery, you’ll need to charge it often. Vape cartridge batteries have different sizes, with some being bigger than others.

Things to Consider When Buying a Cart

You should get a cartridge that works well for you. Many people don’t know that a lot of cartridges aren’t very good, but it’s worth the time to find better ones. When buying carts, there are a few things to think about:

Where to buy: Choose a legal dispensary to buy from. For the peace of mind that it’s safe and secure.

Batteries: Most portable vapes come with a battery that can be charged. It is very important to check the size and strength.

Design: Most vape carts are made of glass or plastic for their design. There were also other things used. It is a good idea to look at how the different parts are made and how well they work.

Flavouring: It depends on what you use, how you do it, and what temperature you do it at. How the flavor comes through in the vapor depends on how hot it is.

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What Do You Do If You Lose Your Vape Battery?

If your vape battery breaks or you lose it, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a new one. In the United States, almost every town has a vape shop and 510-threaded vape batteries usually cost between $5 and $50.

Vape batteries are also easy to find online, and there are often options for fast shipping. Since vape batteries are so cheap and easy to find, there’s really no reason to try anything more extreme.

How to Hit a Cart Without a Battery?

You can hit a cart with a lot of different things. But you must have a charging cable that has two cables wrapped in it. There are a few steps you need to take to hit a cart without a battery:

  • You can use the cable that came with your phone to charge it, or you can use any USB cable.
  • Cut the wires so that they only connect to the USB port.
  • Cut the rubber to the right height so that the black and red wires inside the layer can be seen.
  • The black and red wires need to be cut down. If you don’t have a stripper, you can either cut the rubber with nail clippers or burn it. People use their teeth a lot, but that’s not clean enough.
  • When you are done, you need to get a power bank, a charging adapter, or anything else that can give you some electricity. Both the laptop and the computer will work. Now, just plug the USB end of that cable into your computer.
  • Now comes the most important part, so be careful when you grab the black and red cables. You just have to put the black wire where the metal is at the bottom of the cart.
  • Take the red one and tie it to the cart’s outside.
  • You might hear the fluid inside the cart heating up right now.
  • Put the mouthpiece in your mouth and take a deep breath in. Well, you may now be able to see the results.

All you need to know about how to hit a cart without a battery is what you just read.

Can You Hit a Dab Pen with an iPhone Charger?

Yes, you can charge an iPhone and hit a vape pen at the same time. Both original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Apple iPhone chargers and third-party charging cables work, but keep in mind that Apple cables are much more complicated than their Android counterparts. That’s why most vapers who are desperate or just interested choose to try this alternative to vape batteries that use Android chargers instead.

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Use Android Charger to Hit Your Pen

Use Android Charger to Hit Your Pen

Now is the best time to get rid of your Android charger if you’ve decided to use your device without a battery.

Follow these easy steps to learn how to drive a cart that is empty:

Cut Up The Android Charger

Take a charger that isn’t being used and use scissors to cut the charging port out of the cord. Stop using the USB port (which connects to the dongle). Make sure the cord is long enough to reach a USB port on a wall outlet or a laptop.

Remove Wires

You will see that there are four wires in the cord. Please take out the white and green cables since they aren’t needed, but keep the red and black ones.

Strip The Wires

Strip the ends of both of the wires with a wire stripper. If you don’t have a tool for stripping wires, you can use nail clippers. Just don’t use a lighter to burn the wires.

Insert Wire in Cartridge

Make sure to take the black wire and put it inside the cartridge. Near the bottom of the cartridge, there is a small hole. Be very careful when you inject the black wire.

Connect Wire to Cartridge

Now, take the red wire and touch it to the metal body of the cartridge. After that, plug the USB end into your computer or a wall outlet. As soon as the cord is plugged in, the pen will start to give off vapors.

Be careful when you smoke, because the effect may be stronger than usual.

How to Hit a Cart With a Black Wire? 

  • Put the black wire where the metal is in the middle of the cart’s bottom.
  • Take the red wire and put it on the cart’s outside.
  • You should hear the air being let out of the cart.
  • Then, take a deep breath, and BOOM!
  • All done

Can You Hit a Cart with a Lighter?

Some people who use cannabis have said on the internet that they use lighters to hit vape cartridges. We don’t want to promote this method. If the bottom hole of a cartridge can be lit, doing so could hurt you or cause you to breathe in harmful metals and other impurities. Even though it makes sense that someone in a tough situation would turn to modern conveniences like electricity, setting fire to a vape cart seems like something from the Stone Age.

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Why Should You Buy a New Battery?

There are many reasons why you should buy a new battery. Most vape batteries don’t cost much. If you want, you can keep more than one battery. It wouldn’t be too much to ask. And we will always tell you to bring along an extra battery. Because it’s dangerous to hit carts with anything else.

Wrapping Up

If you really want to smoke weed but the battery in your pen is dead, you can use an Android charger. But this is not a good idea for long-term use. It’s better to get a vape battery from a vape store near you. They’re not too expensive, and you can keep disposable batteries on hand, too. If you’re in a hurry and want to hit the cart even if your battery is dead, the best thing to do is use the Android charger cord. It is relatively safe, easy to set up, and takes less time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about How to Hit a Cart Without a Battery? 

Why has my cart stopped hitting?

More likely a cartridge will stop drawing the longer the grease is. Because of this, the perforations on the cartridge may get clogged, making it hard to take out. If this happens, check to see if your cartridge is made of glass or plastic.

How do you hit a cartridge without a battery?

You can hit a cartridge without a battery in a lot of different ways. Using an air pump, a foot pedal, or a hand crank are all ways to do this. The most common way seems to be to use an air pump, which is portable and easy to use.

Why Does Hitting Vape Carts With Android Chargers Work?

You switch the positive lead from the battery with the new positive lead you removed from the Android charger. By connecting the red (negative) wire to the outside of the cart, the circuit is finished and power is sent to the vape cartridge’s coil.

How to fix a cart that isn’t hitting?

There’s a chance that oil has clogged up the holes in the cartridge. To change how thick the oil is, heat your cartilage with a hair dryer set to the lowest heat setting or rub it between your hands. You could try sticking a toothpick or safety pin into the clogged hole as a last resort.

What are the possible side effects of having a fake cart?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has refused to say which brands of e-cigarette cartridges are most likely to be contaminated. Six weeks ago, an 18-year-old was taken to NYU Winthrop Hospital with chest pains, nausea, a fever, and shortness of breath. Since then, the patient’s health has gotten better.

Why does the vape feel blocked?

When the airflow is slowed down, the cartridges get full. Viscosity is a measure of how thick an oil or concentrate is. Changes in pressure, temperature, or sun exposure can cause oils to get clogged. This is a common thing for open pod systems.

What do carts that are fake taste like?

If a THC cartridge tastes like burned rubber, has a metallic aftertaste or makes you squirm, it’s best to stay away from it. When heated into a vapor, these “off-flavours” shouldn’t be there. This could mean that it has impurities or other additives that cause a bad reaction when heated.

Is It Possible To Dab a Damaged Cart?

If you want to use a vape cartridge with a broken glass wall, we don’t recommend it. If you don’t do that, you’ll inhale the hemp or cannabis concentrates. The mist you breathe in would have tiny pieces of glass in it, which could do a lot of damage to your lungs.

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