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How to Exit Power Armor in Fallout 4: A Step-by-Step Explainer

How to Exit Power Armor Fallout 4

Navigating the harsh landscapes of “Fallout 4” can be daunting, especially when clad in the game’s iconic power armor. This advanced combat suit offers unprecedented protection but can be cumbersome when exploring or managing your inventory. Understanding how to exit power armor Fallout 4 not only enhances your gameplay but also ensures your suit remains a trusty companion rather than a cumbersome hurdle.

Whether you’re a new player or revisiting the Commonwealth, mastering power armor is essential for survival. Exiting your suit might seem challenging at first, but the process is straightforward once you grasp the basics. Efficient power armor management will preserve your suit’s energy, maintain its condition, and allow you to customize and upgrade comfortably outside of combat situations.

Content Highlights

  • Exiting power armor requires holding down a specific button that depends on your gaming platform.
  • Mastery of power armor mechanics is crucial for survival and effective gameplay in “Fallout 4.”
  • Knowing when and how to exit your suit ensures optimal use and resource management.

Understanding Power Armor in Fallout 4

Power armor is an iconic aspect of Fallout 4’s gameplay, offering protection and enhanced capabilities. Here, you’ll learn about its integral role in gameplay and how to embark on your journey with your first suit.

Role of Power Armor in Gameplay

In Fallout 4, Power Armor is more than a set of armor—it’s a staple in your arsenal that provides substantial protection against the hazards of the Wasteland. As you traverse the RPG’s post-apocalyptic environment, wearing Power Armor bolsters your strength and can turn the tide in fierce encounters. It is especially crucial when facing off against formidable opponents or when venturing into areas with high levels of radiation.

Key Aspects of Power Armor:

  • Defense: significant increase in damage and radiation resistance.
  • Strength: enhanced carrying capacity and physical power.
  • Customization: various mods can be applied to improve the suit further.

Remember, operating Power Armor requires Fusion Cores, which function as the suit’s power source. These are finite resources scattered throughout the game’s world and must be managed wisely.

Acquiring Your First Power Armor

acquiring power armor in fallout 4

Your encounter with Power Armor in Fallout 4 comes relatively early. Typically, your first suit is located atop the roof of the Museum of Freedom in the town of Concord. It’s part of a quest line that introduces the suit’s mechanics and its importance in the game.

Finding Your First Suit:

  • Location: Museum of Freedom, Concord.
  • Quest: “When Freedom Calls.”

Upon locating the power armor:

  1. Fusion Core: Ensure a Fusion Core is installed in the suit to operate it.
  2. Enter: Approach the suit and press the action button to enter.

The moment you secure your suit of power armor, you’ll feel the immediate difference in your capability to explore and combat the dangers of the Wasteland. As you progress, look out for additional suits and customization options to tailor your armor to your playstyle. Your journey in Fallout 4’s vast and dangerous world has just become a notch more thrilling with your new companion, Steel.

How to Exit Power Armor in Fallout 4: Step-by-Step Guide

[Video Credits @Nickmorama]

Exiting Power Armor in “Fallout 4” is a straightforward process, but it’s crucial to know the correct controls and steps to prevent any in-game inconveniences.

Exit Commands for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation

To leave your power armor, it’s essential to use the right button on your controller or keyboard:

  • PC: Press and hold the E key on your keyboard.
  • Xbox: Press and hold the A button on your controller.
  • PlayStation: Press and hold the X button on your controller.

Securing Power Armor Post-Exit

After you exit your power armor, ensure it’s secure:

  1. Position it: Leave your power armor in a safe location; it will remain where you left it.
  2. Power Cores: Remove Fusion Cores to prevent others from using your armor.

Power Armor Management

Managing your power armor effectively means ensuring you have a sustainable supply of Fusion Cores and making proper use of the power armor stations in your settlements.

Using Fusion Cores Efficiently

Fusion cores, which power your power armor, wear out over time as you use the suit. To manage your Fusion Cores:

  • Conserve Energy: Avoid unnecessary sprinting and power attacks, as these activities drain Fusion Cores faster.
  • Plan Ahead: Keep an eye on your inventory and know where you can find additional Fusion Cores, whether through scavenging, purchasing from vendors, or exploring.

Power Armor Station Utilization

The Power Armor Station is not just a decorative element in your settlement; it is crucial for the maintenance and upgrade of your Power Armor. Here’s how to make the most of it:

  • Regular Maintenance: After heavy use, visit a power armor station to repair and maintain the suit’s performance.
  • Customization and Upgrades: Use the Power Armor Station to customize your suit with various mods and paint jobs, enhancing its capabilities.

Remember, a well-managed suit ensures your longevity and effectiveness in the Commonwealth.

Customization and Upgrades

In ‘Fallout 4’, the ability to customize your power armor with various mods and upgrades significantly enhances both the protective capabilities and the utility of your equipment. Tailoring your power armor can give you the edge you need to survive and thrive in the wasteland.

Installing Mods and Upgrades

When it comes to elevating your Power Armor’s performance, installing mods is key. Mods can improve various aspects of the armor, like increasing damage resistance, enhancing carry capacity, or even reducing action point costs for sprinting. You can install these mods at any Power Armor station, provided you have the required materials and perks, such as Armorer and Science.

To install a mod:

  1. Approach a power armor station.
  2. Interact with the station to enter the crafting menu.
  3. Choose the section of the armor you wish to customize.
  4. Select the mod from the provided list, noting the requirements.
  5. Confirm to apply the mod.

Remember, each piece of your power armor can be upgraded this way—from the helmet to the legs.

Jetpack and Other Add-Ons

Are you looking to take your power armor to new heights? A jetpack add-on allows you to do just that. After a significant update in ‘Fallout 4’, the jetpack has become a coveted upgrade, giving your power armor the capability to leap over obstacles and achieve brief bouts of flight, adding a new dimension to exploration and combat.

To equip a jetpack:

  • Acquire the armorer and science perks at higher levels.
  • Collect the necessary components, which include asbestos, aluminum, and nuclear material.
  • Go to the Power Armor station and navigate to the torso section.
  • Choose the Jetpack mod and install it.

Besides the jetpack, you have options like a Stealth Boy mod for cloaking or Tesla Coils that deal damage to enemies close by. These add-ons make your Power Armor not just a shield but a weapon in itself. With each mod and upgrade, you’re turning your suit into a custom-fitted powerhouse, ready for any challenge the Commonwealth might throw at you.

Gameplay Mechanics

Fallout 4 gameplay mechanics

In “Fallout 4,” exiting your power armor relies on specific commands that vary depending on your gaming platform and custom settings. Below, you’ll find details on which buttons to press and how the exit animation engages.

Control Scheme and User Settings

Your control scheme determines how you interact with the game’s environment and the power armor. To disengage from power armor:

  • Xbox Controller: Press and hold the A button.
  • Playstation Controller: Press and hold the X (cross button).
  • PC Keyboard: Press and hold the E key.

Default Settings: These controls are the game’s default. If you’ve customized your key bindings, consult your settings to verify the assigned key. Updates to the game via patches or console updates may also alter control schemes, so it’s wise to check for any changes after such events.

Animating Your Power Armor

When you activate the correct exit command, a short animation sequence will play, showing your character stepping out of the power armor. It’s a visual cue that confirms your action and assists in immersive gameplay. As updates to “Fallout 4” have been released, the animation may have seen improvements or alterations, so what you experience could differ slightly from the original game release.

Surviving the Wasteland in Power Armor

Venturing into the barren landscapes of the Fallout universe, your power armor stands as a bastion of protection and strength. Yet, managing its imposing presence requires careful consideration.

Balancing Strength and Weight

Strength: Your Power Armor drastically increases your carry weight, allowing you to hoard more loot. It directly contributes to your survival by enabling you to carry essential supplies and powerful weapons. Ensure you use this increased capacity wisely, keeping an optimal balance to maintain mobility.

  • Weight Management:
    • Keep essential items; discard the less important ones.
    • Allocate inventory space for critical survival gear.
    • Regularly check your inventory to prevent becoming over-encumbered.

Navigating Radiation and Danger Zones

Radiation: Power armor provides significant resistance to radiation; hence, exploring irradiated areas becomes more feasible.

  • Navigating Hazards:
    • Understand the layout of radiation zones on your map.
    • Gauge the level of radiation and prepare accordingly.

Clear navigation and the strategic use of Power Armor’s capabilities are paramount in ensuring not just survival but dominion over the wasteland’s perils. Stay aware of your armor’s condition, and tread with confidence.

Character Progression

In Fallout 4, stepping out of your power armor is more than just a physical action—it’s an integral part of the process as you navigate through the wasteland, enhancing your character’s abilities and tackling diverse challenges.

Boosting Stats and Intelligence

Did you know that strategic gameplay in Fallout 4 can skyrocket your character’s stats, particularly intelligence? Intelligence is a critical statistic in the game, as it directly impacts the number of experience points (XP) you earn. The higher your intelligence level, the faster you’ll level up.

Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • Base Intelligence: Affects XP earned; higher intelligence = more XP.
  • Power Armor Interaction: Exiting Power Armor can reduce damage; taking time to manage agility and strength stats can be beneficial.

Completing Tasks and Missions with Power Armor

When undertaking tasks and missions, did you consider how power armor can influence your success rates? Using power armor effectively can protect your character’s face and body from harm, allowing you to complete missions that might otherwise be too challenging.

  • Mission Success: Tasks can require a blend of endurance and firepower; Power Armor provides this.
  • Use Your Power Armor: Intelligent use can impact how quickly you complete missions and the rewards you receive.

Navigating through tasks while clad in Power Armor can also impact the overall development of your character. Choose missions that align with your character progression goals to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.


Exiting your power armor in Fallout 4 is a straightforward process, but knowing the correct button to press is crucial. On the PC, the default activation key is E. In the case of a console, use A on the Xbox One or X on the PS4. Remember to press and hold the key; a quick tap will not suffice.

Should you have altered the game’s control scheme, the key for exiting the armor will correspond to whichever button you’ve configured for ‘Activate’. Therefore, always verify your custom key bindings to avoid confusion.

Here’s a quick reference guide:

Platform Button to Hold
PC E (or your custom ‘Activate’ key)
Xbox One A

In times when maintenance or a tactical retreat is necessary, this knowledge ensures a seamless transition from armored protection to on-foot agility. Keep in mind that if your armor’s core is depleted, you can still exit the suit and move freely without it. Stay prepared, and don’t hesitate to step out of your armor strategically to navigate the wastelands of Fallout 4 effectively.

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