All You Need to Know about Fullerton India’s Instant Personal Loan

A financial emergency does not see time, place, or preparedness. It can arise out of nowhere, putting you and your family in a crisis. It can come in the face of a health emergency, an urgent travel requirement, education expenses, or anything else. Sometimes you may be compelled to dip into your savings to meet such requirements, but it may not be enough. To help you glide smoothly through such difficult circumstances, Fullerton India offers easy and hassle-free instant personal loans.

Fullerton India Personal loans are instant unsecured loans that you can avail of at any time of the day.

Features of Fullerton India’s Instant Personal Loans

Here are some of its features:

  • Unsecured Loans: The best feature of a personal loan is that it does not require any collateral. You only need to hand in some documents stating your creditworthiness, and you’re good to go. No need to offer any asset in return for a personal loan. This also means that any individual, who has a healthy repayment capacity but does not own any asset, can also avail of a personal loan at any time.
  • Paperless Process: You don’t need to run pillar from post looking for funds. With a few taps on your phone or a few clicks on your laptop, you can receive funds directly in your account. Fullerton India facilitates paperless and contactless transactions, which means that it is an end-to-end digital process. You only need to scan the required documents and fill the application form on Fullerton’s portal or application to begin the process.
  • Flexible Loans up to Rs 25 Lakhs: Fullerton India is one of the selective lenders in India that offer personal loans as large as up to Rs 25 lakhs, according to eligibility. Applicants can avail of a large or small personal loan, depending upon their requirement with a tenure of their choice. They can choose a loan tenure from 12 -60 months, based on their repayment capacity. Fullerton India offers complete freedom to its borrowers for their ease.
  • No End-usage Restrictions: Personal loans do not come with end-usage restrictions, which means that the borrower is free to use their money as they deem fit. As long as the funds aren’t invested in any illegal activity, borrowers can use the money at once, in parts, or can even let it rest in their bank accounts. Fullerton India will not ask for the borrowers to state the purpose of the loan.
  • Instant Transfer of Funds: Fullerton India’s personal loans come with a promise of transfer of funds instantly. If your loan is approved, you can get the amount credited to your account within 30 minutes*. Ensure that your documentation and process are right to get quick and hassle-free access to funds.
  • Access from Anywhere Worldwide: Fullerton India’s website and the app is available for your perusal 24×7. Whether it is the middle of the night or amid a busy workday, you can apply for an instant personal loan swiftly from anywhere. Not only application, Fullerton India also makes a personal loan EMI calculator available for its customers. It is free and available for use on the website at all times. Make an informed decision by calculating your EMIs and deciding the structure of your loan wisely.

How to Apply for an Instant Personal Loan with Fullerton India?

Fullerton India offers two extremely convenient ways to apply and avail of a personal loan without visiting a branch.

  1. Fullerton India’s Website: Customers can visit  Fullerton India’s website to apply for a personal loan. The portal offers an easy experience with online applications and uploading scanned documents. Upon receiving the application, Fullerton India takes an instant decision if the application is to be taken forward. Eligible applications will be assigned a tracking ID with dynamic status tracking enabled. A representative of the lender will get in touch with the applicant to understand their requirements and guide them accordingly. Once approved, the customer will receive the funds directly in their bank account. The online portal also offers Fullerton India personal loan EMI calculators and eligibility calculators for a smooth experience.
  2. Fullerton India’s Personal Loan App: The Instaloan app is a quick and convenient personal loan application for salaried professionals. It is available on the official Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iPhone users. The app offers a convenient documentation process where the applicants only need to upload their information and required documents. It is an end-to-end digital process with dynamic tracking status enabled. The Fullerton India Personal Loan App also offers an instant personal loan eligibility calculator with which applicants can easily check their eligibility and decide on the loan.

Fullerton India’s personal loans are best when it comes to assistance in times of need.

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