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Exploring the World of Fortnite Parkour Codes [Top Codes in 2024]

fortnite parkour codes

Fortnight is an extremely popular royale battle game that has evolved beyond expectations. It’s developed by Epic Games, and the creativity modes of this game allow the players to create and design their own worlds inside the game. Now, the most fascinating aspect of this game is the parkour maps, which opened a door of heaven for parkour enthusiasts.

For example, there’s a Fast Parkour code, which is 0887-5222-3332. Ruination City Slide Parkour is 1564-5327-0723, and so on. Using these alphanumeric combinations of parkour codes, users can escape from traditional battle settings and navigate the obstacles with more agility.

In today’s article, we’ll learn about the easy and free Fortnite parkour codes. Therefore, let’s get started!

What is the Fortnite Parkour Code?

In the “Creative Mode” of the Fortnite game, the Parkour Codes act as the key to unlocking the custom-designed obstacles. In the game’s creative mode, there are different types of maps meticulously designed that can be unlocked or progressed further just with these alphanumeric sequences. The codes are like a passport to enter the courses.

These maps of the Fortnite game challenge a player’s agility, precision and problem-solving skills as they go through the obstacles made in the map. These courses are quite enjoyable and exhilarating for the players, as they can engage in thrilling experiences and gain skills. If you’re interested, read our article on Planet Minecraft.  

Finding and Using Parkour Codes    

[Video Credit: @KaidGames]

By finding the Fortnite Parkour codes, you gain access to the treasure hunt for versatile adventures. You can find these codes on different social media, Fortnite community forums, dedicated websites, and so on. When you find the codes, you can unlock the specific parkour map connected with that code. 

For this all you’ve to do is, enter the code, and Bingo! – You’ve gained access to the excellent obstacle course that’s ready to test your gaming skills and give you a thrilling experience! 

The Top 10 Fortnite Parkour Codes

The Fortnite Parkour maps are quite similar to the Deathrun maps. In both maps, the goal is to finish the entire course and reach the end of the map. Even though the maps in Deathrun are quite easy and simple to understand, the maps built in Fortnite are extremely challenging and you must plan your routes or strategy to progress. 

Here are the top Fortnite Parkour codes you can obtain easily and free to help you learn all the basics. Let’s get started –

Map Name Code Difficulty Features
Parkour Skills Deathrun 8911-3482-9121 Advanced Beautiful design, dynamic obstacles, and quick reflex challenges.
12th Hour’s Skyline Parkour 8179-2745-8881 Mod-Challenging Mirror’s Edge inspired, time-sensitive elements and complex building jumps.
Escape the World Parkour 6831-5416-6480 Easy-Intermed Serene landscapes, checkpoints, and increasing challenges with lasers.
Easy Rainbow Funrun 1025-0916-0505 Beginner-Intermed Stunning rainbow aesthetic, stress-free, and joyful experience with checkpoints.
Fast Parkour 0887-5222-3332 Intermed-Advanced Real-life parkour with speed, precision, and a timed race against obstacles.
CanDook’s Parkour Fun Run 1387-7831-4752 Varies Innovative design, humor, and 350+ customizable levels for varied challenges.
Fantasy Dream Parkour 0484-7523-3163 Easy-Moderate Dream-like world, magical elements, surreal landscapes, and an escape goal.
Infinite Parkour 7004-5908-4189 Varies Evolving challenges, playable with friends, survival goal with rising lava.
Ruination City Slide Parkour 1564-5327-0723 Intermed-Advanced Traditional parkour with sliding in a rain-soaked city.
High Tower Escape 3 9922-6888-3041 Advanced Escape room challenge with unique puzzles, dynamic obstacles, and brain-teasing tasks.

Table: Top Fortnite Parkour Codes With Features

1. Parkour Skills Deathrun

Code: 8911-3482-9121

Difficulty Level: Advanced

Starting with the series of death-defying parkour challenging maps “Parkour Skills Deathrun”.


  • This course is beautifully created with the seamless transition of beautiful environment, landscape, fog, rain, birds and the walls including floors match the environment of the map well.
  • You need to precisely jump over the gaps and platforms uniquely to reach the end of the map. 
  • The strategically placed checkpoints make sure that even if you die, you won’t lose all the progress until now and allow you incremental progress.
  • There’s a place where you need quick reflexes and extra quick thinking.
  • The dynamic obstacles hidden in platforms, and different traps in hidden passages always keep you on your toes. 

2. 12th Hour’s Skyline Parkour

Code: 8179-2745-8881

Difficulty Level: Moderate to challenging

Next, we have “12th Hour’s Skyline Parkour” which is quite similar to another famous parkour game “Mirror’s Edge”. This map of Fortnite got inspiration from the Mirror’s Edge game! 


  • In this map, time-sensitive elements are integrated which requires synchronizations with the game clock. 
  • You need to jump from building to building making unique and complex parkour moves. 
  • You need to strategically jump and make a combination of precise timing, good reflexes, and concentration.

top fortnite parkour codes

3. Escape the World Parkour 

Code: 6831-5416-6480

Difficulty Level: Easy to intermediate

We’ve “Escape the World Parkour” where you can face fun challenges as well and it’s therapeutic for the eyes. The course is beautifully crafted and skillfully. 


  • It has scenes of landscapes, waterfalls, and lush gardens which give a serene and calming feeling. 
  • This game has a checkpoint after each level, so even if you die, you won’t have to start over. 
  • Even if at first the challenges look fun and easy, gradually it becomes difficult as you begin to progress.
  • The map is not only about jumping, while jumping you must avoid the orange lasers which may kill you. 

4. Easy Rainbow Funrun

Code: 1025-0916-0505

Difficulty Level: Beginner to intermediate

Have fun with the visually stunning rainbow aesthetic. This is a stress-free and fun course where you can have some delightful experiences with your friends. 


  • This course is not just a challenge with obstacles but also a celebration of joy with rainbows.
  • In every jump, you’ll get the joy of a stress-free and peaceful time with vibrant colors, clouds, and sky backdrops. 
  • You’ve got to jump on the clouds. There’s a checkpoint at each few clouds, which means if you fall off you won’t lose progress. 
  • If you fall off by any chance, the map teleports you back to the last checkpoint! 

5. Fast Parkour

Code: 0887-5222-3332

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to advanced

Experience real-life parkour feelings with “Fast Parkour”. This game course is filled with speed, precision, agility, and reflexes. This is a highly challenging map for gamers. 


  • This map is built with sprinting, sliding, and mantling movements. As the course is extremely high paced. 
  • There’s an arrow that shows the end of the course and your goal will be to end the course within the shortest time. 
  • You’ll encounter the obstacles and think quickly to remove them and act on reflex fast. 
  • You need to race “Against the clock” to win the race which adds spice, challenge and urgency to the game. 

6. CanDook’s Parkour Fun Run 

Code: 1387-7831-4752

Difficulty Level: Varies(Customizable Levels)

CanDook’s Parkour Fun Run is a fun course of the game for the innovative creative design as well as the humorous design. Also, it allows the different skills players to test their levels. 


  • It has the signature map style of the renowned map creator CanDook. 
  • This course will not only be enjoyable for different challenges but also excitement, laughter and amusement. 
  • The style of CanDook’s Parkour Fun Run transcends the traditional designs of parkour maps. 
  • Apart from jumping around, be ready to encounter different hilarious and enjoyable moments! 
  • It has over 350 levels now! 

7. Fantasy Dream Parkour

Code: 0484-7523-3163

Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

In “Fantasy Dream Parkour” you can explore the dream-like fantasy world along with different parkour challenges. 


  • This is a world in the game that intertwines with the dream and reality. In every jump, you can explore the surreal landscape filled with beauty and magical elements. 
  • You can encounter platforms infused with magical elements and challenges to enhance your skills and experience. 
  • The goal of this course is to get out of the dream world. However, you may be tempted to stay in the dream world. 
  • It has a dreamlike atmosphere, soft light, mysterious music, and excellent eye-soothing visuals that make the course more enticing. 

8. Infinite Parkour

Code: 7004-5908-4189

Difficulty Level: Varies(Tailored for all skill levels)

Appreciate the diversity of challenges with the sense of exploration in each jump and run with the “Infinite Parkour” course. 


  • The course evolves as you progress further and more. 
  • You can play this with your friends where your test and agility are tested along with parkour skills. 
  • The goal is to stay alive at the end and reach the top being alive. 
  • All players will start from the bottom and there’ll be sudden lava rising from the ground which can kill the players. The last alive player will be the winner.

9. Ruination City Slide Parkour

Code: 1564-5327-0723

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Advanced 

“Ruination City Slide Parkour” is famous for the innovative combination of traditional parkour challenges along with sliding mechanics. 


  • Due to the sliding mechanics and unique challenges, it gives you an adrenaline-pumping experience. 
  • You’ll explore the remnants of city ruins and make precise parkour movements by sliding. 
  • All you have to do is slide down the ramps, under collapsed structures or broken buildings.
  • This is a challenge, that doesn’t give you any learning tutorial, directly put you into the task.
  • The course has extreme rainfall that makes the surroundings blur. 

10. High Tower Escape 3

High Tower Escape 1: 1426-9117-0036

High Tower Escape 2: 7459-0705-3637

High Tower Escape 3: 9922-6888-3041

Difficulty Level: Advanced

At last, we have a parkour challenge with an escape room to make it more thrilling and exciting. It’s an escape room rather than a map. 


  • In this game, you have to conquer the towering structure filled with unique puzzles. 
  • For this game, you need extreme speed, agility, and skill to reach the end.
  • As you ascend, the obstacles get more and more challenging and dynamic. 
  • This game will put your brain to work and solve different room puzzles. 

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Final Words 

That’s all for today on Fortnite parkour codes. We hope you enjoyed our article and got help on the Fortnite Parkour Codes. If you explore the Fortnite parkour codes, it’ll give you different engaging and excellent gaming dimensions. It intrigues the gamers and challenges the traditional gameplay. As a player, you can also enhance your gaming skills by connecting with a broader community that shares the same passion as you to overcome virtual obstacles! Best of luck!! 

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