Boost Your Video Experience: Facebook Unveils New Video Tab and Enhanced Editing Tools

A number of improvements to Facebook’s video features were announced by Meta, including improved editing tools, the option to upload HDR videos, and the replacement of the Watch tab with a Video tab.

Users will be able to add music, filters, and other effects to their movies using the new editing tools. Additionally, they will be able to add titles and captions, as well as crop and edit their movies. Users will be able to share videos with more vivid colors and contrast thanks to the ability to upload videos in HDR.

Users will find it simpler to browse and view videos on Facebook thanks to the new Video tab. This tab has taken the place of the previous Watch tab, according to the business, and it will soon appear on the shortcut bar. It is referred to in Meta as “the one-stop shop for everything video on Facebook, including Reels, long-form videos, and Live content.” The “Video” option will be located at the top of the Android app and at the bottom of the iOS version, according to Meta.

The ability to browse vertically through a “personalised feed” of videos with a distinct Reels section will be provided to users. When posting movies from the app, users will be able to instantly add audio, text, and music. The business also announced that it is extending the Reels editing capabilities to the Facebook feed. Additionally, Meta is introducing additional editing features like the capacity to alter a clip’s pace, reverse it, or replace it. Facebook is attempting to simplify the process of selecting the right audio track, eliminating background noise, and recording a voiceover for a video’s audio.

The option to upload HDR films from a user’s phone is now available for Facebook as well. According to Meta, this is the start of their efforts to add “true HDR video support” to all of their software products. By enabling users to view Instagram Reels on Facebook and leave or reply to comments on them, it further strengthens the connections between both platforms.

In recent months, Meta has worked hard to increase the use of Reels as a video format on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook upped the maximum clip length for Reels from 60 to 90 seconds in March.

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