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Does CBD Make You Hungry? 6 Alarming Side Effects Explained

does CBD make you hungry

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When it comes to CBD, people often wonder about its potential impact on appetite. Sometimes CBD can make you hungry; sometimes, it only increases appetite. Both of them are different things, and you are confused about – does CBD make you hungry or not.

There is nuclear evidence that CBD will make you hungry, but the component THC in CBD will increase your appetite.

In this article, we will examine the relationship between CBD and appetite, shedding light on whether CBD can stimulate hunger or if it influences appetite in other ways.

What is CBD?


The complete form of CBD is Cannabidiol. CBD is a natural compound found in cannabis, distinct from THC, which causes a “high” sensation. CBD is non-psychoactive and does not produce intoxicating effects. It can be derived from marijuana or hemp, belonging to the cannabis family.

The legality and accessibility of CBD products vary based on the source and state regulations. Hemp and its derivatives are legal nationwide, while recreational marijuana is only in select states, such as California.

Does CBD Make You Hungry?

According to several kinds of research, CBD is not associated with increased hunger, while THC is known for causing the “munchies.” However, it is worth noting that CBD might indirectly stimulate appetite by alleviating symptoms like nausea and stomach discomfort.

Below we’ll learn more about this considering different forms of CBD.

Does CBD Oil Make You Hungry?

CBD oil

CBD oil doesn’t directly impact hunger but may indirectly stimulate appetite by relieving nausea and stomach discomfort. While some studies suggest that CBD can increase appetite and lead to weight gain, others indicate it may promote weight loss by reducing appetite and boosting metabolism.

Do CBD Gummies Make You Hungry?

CBD gummies can influence appetite, although the effect differs from THC-induced “munchies.” When CBD is incorporated into foods, beverages or used as a medication, it may have a unique impact on boosting appetite.

Does CBD Capsule Make You Hungry?

No CBD capsules don’t directly make you hungry. According to Neurogan, CBD has the potential to influence appetite by regulating the endocannabinoid system, maintaining an optimal balance of endocannabinoids to support its functioning.

Does CBD Drop Make You Hungry?

The answer is the same as before. CBD drops won’t make you hungry but may increase your appetite. So, eventually, you’ll want to eat whether you’re hungry or not.

How Does CBD Make You Hungry?

Some individuals have concerns that consuming CBD supplements may increase appetite due to their association with cannabis and THC. THC stimulates appetite by binding to specific brain receptors and releasing appetite-stimulating hormones, even when the stomach is full. It also enhances the pleasure derived from food and can lead to cravings for high-calorie options. 

However, CBD does not have the same effect and does not induce the “munchies.” The only possibility of experiencing increased appetite from CBD would be if it contained illegal levels of THC. Therefore, verifying the product’s legal status through a certificate of analysis is essential.

Health Benefits of CBD

benefits of CBD oil

CBD has some expected health benefits. Below I’m mentioning some of them.

  • The FDA has approved CBD-based prescription medication for treating epilepsy, highlighting its effectiveness in managing seizures.
  • CBD is not a cure-all, and its efficacy in treating other medical conditions requires further research and clinical trials.
  • Patients’ experiences with CBD vary, with some reporting benefits while others may not.
  • CBD can provide health benefits such as pain relief, anxiety reduction, improved sleep, and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • More clinical research is needed to determine the most effective CBD products or strengths for different conditions.
  • CBD is distinct from medical marijuana, as it does not contain the psychoactive compound THC and does not produce a “high” effect.
  • The legality and availability of CBD products depend on the source (hemp or marijuana) and state laws.
  • Consultation with healthcare professionals is recommended for personalized guidance on using CBD for specific health concerns.

How Can You Take CBD?

CBD can be consumed in various forms, such as oils, extracts, capsules, patches, vapes, and topical preparations for skin application. If you’re seeking relief from inflammation and muscle/joint pain, topical CBD-infused products like oils, lotions, creams, or bath bombs are recommended. Sublingual options like CBD tinctures or sprays placed under the tongue allow direct absorption into the bloodstream.

In countries outside the US, Sativex, a CBD prescription drug, is approved for managing muscle spasticity in multiple sclerosis and cancer-related pain. In the US, Epidiolex is approved for certain forms of epilepsy and tuberous sclerosis.

Is CBD Safe?

No, CBD is not 100% safe. You may face specific side effects because of consuming it.

CBD can cause nausea, tiredness, and irritability as side effects. CBD can boost their concentration in your blood by vying for the liver enzymes that break down blood thinners and other medications. Similar results are seen while using grapefruit and several medications.  

Blood tests relating to the liver may reveal abnormalities in those taking large doses of CBD. This effect is shared by several over-the-counter medications, including acetaminophen (Tylenol). So, if you consistently use CBD, you should inform your doctor.

In the next segment, we’ll discuss the side effects of CBD elaborately.

Side Effects of CBD

CBD is generally well-tolerated, and any side effects are typically mild, temporary, and not considered life-threatening. Significantly, reputable CBD products from trusted manufacturers are not associated with adverse health problems. However, caution should be exercised when purchasing CBD products from unreliable sources.

Some common side effects of CBD may include:

Tiredness and Fatigue

CBD may cause feelings of tiredness or fatigue, especially when taken in higher doses. It is recommended to adjust the dosage or timing of CBD intake if these effects are experienced.


CBD can have a calming effect on the body and may induce drowsiness, particularly in individuals more sensitive to its sedative properties. It is advisable to avoid activities that require alertness, such as driving or operating machinery, until the body becomes accustomed to the effects of CBD.

Dry Mouth

CBD can inhibit saliva production, resulting in a dry mouth sensation. Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of fluids can help alleviate this discomfort.

Stomach Complaints

Some individuals may experience minor digestive issues, such as an upset stomach or diarrhea when using CBD. These effects are typically temporary and can be mitigated by taking CBD with food.


Although rare, CBD may cause mild nausea in some individuals. Reducing the dosage or discontinuing use may alleviate the symptoms if this occurs.

Will CBD Make Me Gain Weight?

No evidence supports the notion that CBD will increase your appetite or trigger weight gain. The misconception arises from believing that CBD might cause “munchies” like THC. 

However, CBD itself does not have this effect. If you consume CBD along with high-calorie foods and, as a result, consume more calories than your usual diet, it may lead to weight gain. However, this weight gain is due to the extra calorie intake and is not directly caused by CBD.

Can CBD Make You Lose Weight?

The available evidence is insufficient to conclude that CBD directly aids in weight loss, but some researchers think CBD can lose weight.

They think CBD can support healthy lifestyle changes that contribute to weight loss. However, it is essential not to solely rely on it as a weight-loss tool.

Aside from it, CBD can play a supportive role in other aspects of your body’s well-being. When making significant lifestyle changes, your body requires additional support, and CBD can be a beneficial addition to your daily routine during such times. CBD can help your body maintain balance and homeostasis by promoting the efficient functioning of your endocannabinoid system.

So, after reading this segment, you get the answer to the query – does CBD suppress your appetite?

CBD and THC Hunger Differences


According to a study by the National Institute of Health, THC, not CBD, has been found to increase insulin levels and trigger appetite, leading to increased hunger. In contrast, additional studies have shown that CBD oil does not have the same effect on hunger.

Therefore, it is safe to say that CBD does not stimulate excessive hunger or contribute to weight gain. Clinical trials involving CBD users have demonstrated that this cannabinoid can be enjoyed without the fear of needing larger clothing sizes or experiencing late-night food cravings.

Related Read: Difference Between CBD and THC

It is worth noting that CBD is entirely non-intoxicating, unlike THC, and cannot produce a “high” sensation as long as it is derived from the hemp plant. This ensures that CBD can be used without concerns about intoxication or unwanted side effects related to increased appetite.

By now, you have got the answer to the question – does taking cbd make you hungry? Now we’ll answer some related questions.


Check out some commonly asked questions on the relationship between CBD and hunger.

Does CBD make you hungry like THC?

No, CBD does not make you hungry like THC. Pure CBD oil does not give you munchies. CBD and CBG do not typically increase appetite. You can take CBD with or without food, based on personal preference.

Does Pure CBD Oil Give You the Munchies?

No, pure CBD oil does not give you the munchies. Unlike THC, CBD does not stimulate appetite or trigger hunger cravings.

Does CBD or CBG make you hungry?

CBG can potentially increase appetite, while CBD does not act as an appetite stimulant but can help regulate appetite. Should I eat when I take CBD?

Taking CBD oil with food in your system is recommended for optimal results. While you can take it before or after a meal, it is generally advised to take it after eating to maximize its bioavailability.

Parting Words

In this article, we’ve mainly covered Does CBD make you hungry and why does CBD make you hungry? 

So far, you should be clear it doesn’t make you hungry directly but increases appetite. However, CBD also has some side effects and benefits. So, before you’re going to take it for any purpose, make sure to check everything properly.



Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only and does not replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This information is not comprehensive and should not be used to make health or well-being decisions. Consult a qualified healthcare professional with questions about a medical condition, treatment options, or health regimen. This website or the content should never replace professional medical advice.

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