Coca-Cola Smartphone Coming to India Soon

Coca-Cola, the most famous soft drink brand in the world, which is enjoyed by millions of people in every region of the planet, is rumored to be planning to introduce a smartphone in India in order to further solidify its position in the country.

You read it correctly; it’s not a new flavor or some kind of smart bottle technology, but rather a smartphone.

This forward-thinking effort by Coca-Cola, if it turns out to be real, will mark a significant departure in the company’s strategy, as Coca-Cola has never before dabbled in the field of information technology. It is also a sign of the increased competitiveness that can be seen in the Indian market, as many businesses are increasingly broadening the scope of the products and services they provide beyond simply their primary industry.

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According to an Indian insider named Mukul Sharma, the device, which is being referred to as “The Cola Phone” on social media, is scheduled to go on sale in India at some point during the current calendar quarter. Coca-Cola is collaborating with a smartphone company on this project.

Ice Universe, an additional technology tipster, has sent photographs of the Cola Phone along with a Twitter account named Colaphone. The account does not appear to be confirmed just yet. Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, realme, OPPO, Nothing, Xiaomi, and Huawei are the eight smartphone companies that the Colaphone account follows.

There is no official information about the specifications or the cost, but glancing at the leaked photographs of the Cola Phone, it seems to share design similarities with the Realme 10 line of smartphones. This is despite the fact that there is no official word about either of these aspects.

In terms of the camera, there appears to be a pair of cameras located at the rear of the device. One of these cameras may have a lens with a wide-angle view, while the other may have a telephoto view. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and 5G are among of the possible connectivity choices, and a USB Type-C port is typically included for charging the device.

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It’s not going to be the first time that a smartphone brand in India has teamed up with another major company that doesn’t work in the tech industry. In the past, we have witnessed the release of OPPO’s Avengers Edition smartphones as well as a OnePlus McLaren edition phone.

The introduction of a smartphone by Coca-Cola will present an excellent chance for the firm to broaden its reach to a greater number of potential customers and further cement its position as an integral part of popular culture.

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