Do not Make These 5 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes while Cleaning Your Carpet 

A carpet is one of the essential components of any home or office. It instantly improves the aesthetics of your home, thus making it look decorated. You can invest in a good-quality carpet and enhance the interiors of your abode. At the same time, it is vital to maintain your carpet in the long run. 

There are many tips when it comes to maintaining the carpet. Cleaning, vacuuming, and scrubbing the rug are a few of them. But do you know many carpet owners often commit silly mistakes while taking care of this upholstery item? 

You can avoid the following mistakes while cleaning your carpet and extend its lifespan by many years. 

Do not Over-Scrub your Carpet 

A carpet scrubber is equipment that helps you do away with all the dirt, grime, and other materials while cleaning your carpet. The results are incredible, and your carpet looks clean and fresh as ever. But do you know over scrubbing the carpet can cause harm? 

Do not use the carpet scrubber vigorously if you handle the machine alone. Vigorous scrubbing of the rug is an ineffective way to get the stains out of your carpet. Doing it will most likely push the stain deeper into the fibres. It makes your carpet fray. 

Delaying in Cleaning 

The longer you wait to remove the stain from your carpet, the harder it will become for you to remove it. By waiting for any stain or spill to dry, you are letting it soak into the fibres. They get absorbed into the padding, leading to wicking when you attempt to remove the spot, odour, and mould growth. 

Thus, next time you spot a spill or any other stain on the carpet, take quick action and clean it before it dries. 

Investing in Wrong Cleaning Products 

It is one of the most common mistakes that many carpet cleaners make. By using the incorrect cleaning products and solutions, they are spoiling their carpet even more. Such products lead to permanent damage and even discolouration of your carpet. 

The best way to avoid it is by calling a professional service to clean your carpet and letting them use their own products. If you want to buy the products yourself, always use organic ones so that it doesn’t harm the rug’s fibres or discolour it. Read the reviews of the products before investing in them. If you buy a new cleaning solution, we recommend testing it on a small carpet patch and not spreading it all over.

Wrong use of Carpet Deodorizer 

A carpet deodorizer is a good investment that helps remove unpleasant smells from your carpets and make your home smell good. But many owners often use the product incorrectly. Some of these products may lead to a gunky build-up over time. 

Always learn to use a carpet deodorizer properly. Make sure to vacuum the carpet thoroughly if you use a powder instead of a spray. 

Not Hiring Professional Cleaners for Carpet Cleaning 

You can perform many DIY hacks to clean your carpet, but they will never give you 100 per cent results. Professional carpet cleaning is more than necessary to keep it clean in the long run. 

Most carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning the carpet every 12-18 months by using a certified technician to maintain the carpet’s cleanliness. Professional carpet cleaning prolongs your carpet’s life and promotes a cleaner indoor environment. 


When you invest in a good-quality carpet, you should equally invest in all the ways and means to maintain it properly for the future. Do not commit the above-listed mistakes. Always hire a professional service when cleaning your rug.  

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