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Buy Instagram Followers – 7 Best & Cheap Sites in 2023 (Updated)

Buy Instagram Followers

Buy Instagram followers from these best websites in the market that offer high quality Instagram followers at very affordable rates. is one of the most trustworthy websites to buy Instagram followers in 2023. This website is known for its strong consumer services, effective delivery, and interesting packs offering real Instagram followers. 


The ongoing 21st century is at its peak with different technological innovations coming up every now and then. Gone are the days when people used to advertise their products or services in newspapers, calendars, and, magazines, etc. 

It is true for every platform including the most popular – Instagram. If one tries to grow their account organically, it takes a lot of time & therefore, it is no secret that nowadays people are buying Instagram followers to help their account develop first artificially, then organically. 

There are several websites that offer such services where one can buy Instagram followers. Below is a list of seven such websites that can be of use to people who are interested in availing of such a service. 

Comparative Analysis of the Websites 

Name of website 

Completion of order

Consumer services

Overall Score



Very quick



Best speed

















Moderately good







Detailed Analysis of the Websites


One of the most famous and reliable websites for buying Instagram followers is Although, by name, it may suggest that it only deals with Instagram Followers services, actually the website comprehensively deals with different services related to Instagram like views on videos, likes on posts, etc. 

This website is known in the market for offering cheap but good quality services to people and this is the reason behind its popularity. The plans are very diverse as they range from as low as 100 followers to even as high as 10,000. If someone wants more than these, they can select other packs. This diversity allows users to make an informed choice.

It keeps the data of the users safe and no information is shared with any other outsider for any purpose. The high-security team of the website can also be given credit for building consumer trust in their services. 


  • 24×7 consumer services
  • Diverse plans open to customization
  • Safe payment methods
  • Many services offered apart from Instagram Followers


  • Delivery speed can be improved more. 

Overall score- 4.7/5 and Consumer Rating – 9.5/10


Well-known for its strong customer base, is a famous website offering Instagram followers whose quality cannot be doubted and the followers are guaranteed non-drop. Its strong customer network has given its popularity a boost and it’s a consumer favorite in the market due to attractive plans at fair rates. 

Even the interface of the website is very clear, without any lags, and gives the user a very hassle-free experience. The followers are genuine ones and if in any case, a follower drops, refund or refill services are provided. 


  • Strong consumer care services
  • Good quality followers
  • User-interface is flawless


  • Delivery time can be shortened. 

Overall score – 4.2/5 and Consumer Rating – 9.2/10 


Just like, this website also offers other related Instagram services like Posts and Video likes, etc. is one of the most reliable websites as far as consistent services are concerned, since it is known for years to provide these services at affordable rates with a variety of options for the users to choose from. 

The consistency of the services comes along with the quality of followers which are real, genuine followers and not fake or bot profiles. 


  • A seasoned player in the market, thus, trustworthy
  • Quick consumer services
  • Authentic and genuine followers


  • Pricing can be improved
  • Delivery speed can be made better

Overall score – 4.2/5 and Consumer Rating – 9.0/10


Dodging away the strong Instagram algorithms, can be your go-to website for buying Instagram followers and other Instagram-related services. The plans for buying Instagram followers are diverse, however, some of the users may find the packs a bit expensive as people usually want to try cheap offers and then decide whether they want to continue with the services of the website. Hence, this website features at number 4 on our list.

Irrespective of this, the website is famous for providing targeted followers who are genuine and real, furthering the reach and visibility of your profile by engaging with the content posted on your profile.  


  • Strong consumer services
  • Delivery time is reasonable
  • Diversity of packs
  • Genuine services


  • Can be expensive for some users

Overall score –4.0/5 and Consumer Rating – 8.7/10


Not only this website offers cheap but diverse plans, but also it carries out a proper analysis of the individual or business group’s profile in order to see what kind of content is posted, who are existing followers or ‘following’, and what hashtags are more relevantly used. Such an analysis helps this website to deliver targeted followers. These are the ones who are actually like a potential audience for your profile and they are not selected randomly. The profile analysis is the basis for their selection before they are delivered.

The website provides around 7 different plans which people can explore and pick the best one out of them as per their needs and requirements. Since the followers are delivered after professionals carry out the detailed study of the profile, the delivery of the followers is reasonably slower than on other websites. 


  • Targeted followers
  • Business profiles get more benefit
  • Diversity of plans


  • Order completion takes time

Overall score – 4.0/5 and Consumer rating – 8.7/10 


This website is known for its inexpensive packs, however, the low prices of the plans should not be mistaken to be a sign of bad quality services. The followers provided by this website are also authentic and consumers who want to try different websites and plans are currently opting for such websites which offer cheap plans to start with. 

They also follow the ‘interest’ method and try to deliver those followers whose interests match to an extent with your profile. In fact, using the services of can actually feature you on Explore page due to an Instagram Algorithm and thus, it may bring indirectly new people who may be interested in your content. 


  • Targeted followers
  • Cheap prices
  • Order processing timeline is reasonable 


  • Consumer services can be improved 

Overall score – 3.9/5 and consumer rating – 8.3/10 


Just like the previous one in our list, this website also tries to deliver followers on the basis of analysis of your Instagram profile by deducing your followed accounts, liked posts, comment section, tagged posts, and other features. The team behind the whole analysis is highly skilled and, is very good at their job, which is reflected in the quality of followers.


  • Real followers
  • Smooth process of buying the followers
  • Reasonable packages


  • Consumer support system needs an overhaul. 

Overall score – 3.9/5 and Consumer rating – 8.0/10 

Important steps while deciding on the website

    1. Read the policies: Before making any purchase, consumers are always encouraged to go through the policies and general terms and conditions of use of the product or service they wish to buy. This applies to buying Instagram followers as well. A careful reading of their policies is a must to avoid any future troubles. 
    2. Start small: Usually, websites flash many offers, schemes, and plans on the screens of the users to attract them and convince them to buy their services but one should be careful as there are online scam websites as well. The list of websites provided by us is genuine and some of them offer free trial or cheap trial packs which can help the user to get an experience of the quality of the services before making the final decision.
    3. Avoid overdependence: There is no harm in buying Instagram followers but one should always remember that they just give an artificial boost to the profile or to improve the visibility of the account in probably the initial days when the account is struggling to gain followers. One should always focus on organic methods for long-term benefits. 
  • Keep your information private: Plethora of applications and websites claiming to be genuine are usually fake or scams. Their purpose is to gain vital information about people and rob them of their money. If any website asks for your personal details like any kind of OTPs or other bank passwords, beware of such websites and swiftly exit the process. 
  • Quality and quantity: The focus of the consumer should be both on the quality and quantity of the followers while buying the plans from a website. Always do a comparative analysis of both the quality and quantity of followers across websites to know which one offers you the best deal. 
  • Look for results: There might be instances when you place the order and after its completion, you don’t receive the followers at all. This may happen often and one should always keep an eye on the results visible on their profile after they buy a plan from a specific website. 

Increasing your Influence through Instagram 

  • Diversify your posting: One should be able to increase their reach on Instagram if the posting of content is done smartly by opting for different kinds of posts. Instagram offers different features like Reels, stories, short videos, etc. all of which are quite popular equally amongst different sections of people. A variety of posts reflect that the profile user is creative.  
  • Make good use of stickers: In the stories section, Instagram offers a variety of stickers that often trend on the platform. For instance, while the COVID-19 pandemic was going on, Instagram introduced special ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ stickers which gained a lot of popularity. Apart from these, there are other stickers like ‘Ask me a Question’, ‘Conduct a poll’, ‘Quiz sticker’ etc. which increase the scope of engagement with one’s stories. Many Instagram pages often conduct daily quizzes and polls, attracting a lot of interested people. 
  • Use ‘Live’: This is a fantastic option for users to attract more people to their profile. One can hold weekly, and monthly live sessions with their followers to talk and interact with them better, this will help users know whether they are liking the content or what suggestions the followers have for users. People who interact with their followers frequently are able to maintain a good number of followers as the latter feel respected and important. 
  • Monitor and analyze your graph: One should always keep a check on one’s performance on Instagram. This is especially for business pages, wherein Instagram provides several options to see how people are engaging with their profile and the content posted on it like how many people are viewing the profile in a specific time period etc. This can help one to set targeted goals to improve their reach. 
  • Support others: Instagram is a ‘social’ platform, which means that people are here interacting with each other on a daily basis and on a variety of aspects. If you will support the people whose content you feel is unique and deserves to reach a greater audience, they might also support you back and share your content and profile with their followers to promote yours. Participate in contests and giveaways also to get a better following. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are cryptocurrencies safe to buy followers for Instagram?

Yes, some of the websites mentioned by us clearly provide for cryptocurrencies as one of the mechanisms for payment & they are completely safe. However, if you ever come across a website that asks for your sensitive bank details or information while making a payment, kindly do not go ahead with the transaction as something might be fishy. 

Is there any alternative way to increase Instagram followers?

If one does not want to buy followers from these websites, the only other way is to grow your profile organically by posting good content and staying relevant to the upcoming trends of the platform. This may be time-consuming but it will definitely give long-lasting results. 

Do these websites provide drop followers?

When buying followers online from any website, one may wonder if the followers would later on, drop the account. Drop followers are the ones who would unfollow after a specific period of time. However, the websites mentioned in our list do not provide drop followers and their services are genuine. 

What to do if the followers drop after buying?

Although the websites make sure that the followers are non-drop if someone faces any kind of deficiency of services, then they can contact the consumer support team of the concerned website and usually, they either give a refund or refill the followers. 

Are the payment mechanisms safe?

All the different payment mechanisms like Bank cards, PayPal, bitcoins, etc. are totally safe methods of making payments whenever you buy Instagram followers from any of the websites. They do not ask for your private details and only ask the limited relevant information for the purpose of making payments. 

Whom do I ask if I have queries before or after buying the followers? 

Every website mentioned by us above has a splendid consumer care services network that usually works 24×7 and is always ready to resolve the issues faced by the users or answer the questions they may have regarding the services. 

Will someone else be able to identify if I have bought Instagram followers?

Usually, one may be suspicious of an account that has an unreasonably high number of followers without any good content posted on it. For once, it may be easy to identify bot followers but one cannot distinguish between the organic and bought followers if the latter are real and genuine. The websites provided by us offer authentic Instagram users as followers and thus, no one will be able to identify if you have paid for the followers. 

Will I benefit in the long term if I buy followers?

Though buying followers is an artificial means to give your account an instant boost and visibility, one can always enjoy the indirect benefits of buying followers which may help you in the long term. For instance, more followers may help you feature on Instagram’s Explore page and this will indirectly attract more people to your profile. Additionally, people usually associate a high number of followers with good performance. 

When should I buy followers?

There is no specific requirement as such on when one should actually buy Instagram followers. One can buy them anytime and anywhere, for any account. However, it is preferable to buy followers whenever you feel your account is performing low or is stagnant at the moment. Buying followers would provide a much-needed boost. 


This article discussed some of the most effective websites for buying Instagram followers in 2023. The list has been prepared in the order of rating these websites have earned from users and other grading mechanisms. No website can be entirely perfect as all have some drawbacks but we can assure you that their quality of service is appreciable. 

The boon of the internet has made the whole world an interconnected global village where a person sitting in one corner of the world can know the events happening worldwide, write about them, share, and discuss them. Amidst this, social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. have become more than just a source of entertainment for people. 

These platforms have become a source for people to spread & gain information, ‘influence’ others, patronize their views and opinions, further their businesses, etc. If social media platforms are performing so many functions and helping people earn money and fame, we are often interested in having a huge number of followers for our social media accounts. However, these competitive platforms are such that content is never-ending and very diverse, making it tough to secure a good number of followers for yourself.

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