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Britbox Vs Acorn TV: Content Quality, User Experience, and Pricing

britbox vs acorn tv

Finding the best British TV streaming service can be a real headache. You love shows like “Doctor Who” and “Agatha Christie’s Poirot,” but where can you find them all? With so many options, it’s tough to choose.

Well, that’s why we’re here! We’ll compare BritBox and Acorn TV for you.

Both of these services bring British TV right into your living room in the US. They’ve got millions of fans hooked on their mystery series, comedies, and dramas. Did you know BritBox has over 350 shows, while Acorn offers more than 320? That’s a lot of binge-watching material! In this article, we’ll help you decide which service is your cup of tea by looking at their plans, what devices they work on (like Roku or Google Chromecast), and what exclusive content they offer.

Are you ready to find your next favorite show? Keep reading!

Brief History of BritBox and Acorn TV

Acorn TV first greeted viewers in the U.S. in 1994, stepping ahead of many to bring British television across the pond. With its debut as a streaming platform in 2013, this service carved out a niche for enthusiasts of mysteries and dramas from the UK and Ireland, presented by its parent company, RLJ Entertainment Inc.

This early start allowed Acorn TV to build a strong base among fans of British series.

BritBox made its big splash more recently, launching in March 2017 as a joint venture between two giants of British broadcasting—the BBC and ITV. It didn’t waste any time either.

Just one year after saying hello to viewers, BritBox announced it had gathered over 250,000 subscribers eager for their fix of Coronation Street, EastEnders, and other beloved shows straight from Britain’s shores.

This service aimed to serve up fresh and classic British content directly on platforms like Apple TV channels and Amazon Fire devices, making sure fans were never too far from their next British binge-watch session.

BritBox vs Acorn TV: Subscription Plans and Pricing

Let’s dive into the world of British TV streaming, shall we? The competition is fierce between BritBox and Acorn TV. They both want to be your go-to for that British show binge. So, what’s the deal with their subscription plans and pricing? Is one a better deal than the other? Region specific Britbox subscriptions and pricing plans are given below.

Region Monthly Plan Annual Plan
United States $7.99 $79.99
Canada CAD 9.99 CAD 99.99
United Kingdom £6.99 £69.99
Australia AUD 9.99 AUD 99.99
South Africa R99.99 R999.99

Here’s a table showing the region-specific pricing and subscription plans for Acorn TV:

Region Monthly Plan Annual Plan
United States $6.99 $69.99
Canada CAD 8.99 CAD 89.99
United Kingdom £4.99 £49.99
Australia AUD 6.99 AUD 69.99
New Zealand NZD 7.99 NZD 79.99
Mexico MXN 89.00 MXN 890.00

So, breaking it down… BritBox hits your wallet a bit harder each month, at $7.99 in the USA. But hey, they’ve got shows from all the big UK channels like BBC and ITV. They’re not playing around. Then you’ve got Acorn TV, a bit easier on the budget at $6.99 a month in the USA. They bring you gems from not just the UK, but Ireland, Canada, and Australia too. Both services give you a week to test the waters for free, which is pretty sweet. And if you’re really into it, both offer you a deal where you pay for 10 months upfront and get 12 months of streaming goodness.

However, you can no longer sign up to Britbox in the UK, but existing users can still pay for what they subscribed to.

So, what’s the verdict? Well, it depends on what you’re after. More UK-focused content with BritBox, or a broader international selection with Acorn TV but at a lower price? The choice, dear reader, is yours.

Availability: Where are BritBox and Acorn TV Accessible?

BritBox has made its way to nine countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. This means if you’re in any of these places, you can dive into a world of British TV shows right from your living room or even on-the-go.

Think hit series like “Line of Duty” or classic comedies such as “Fawlty Towers”—they’re a all just a few clicks away.

On the flip side, Acorn TV also brings British television across the globe but with a twist. It’s up and running in parts like the US and UK too. But it also reaches out to fans in Southern America, Nordics down under in Australia and New Zealand, and even Mexico! So no matter where you are in these regions, getting your fix of mystery dramas or soaps is easier than ever.

With streaming services fighting for attention on devices like Amazon Fire TV or smart TVs, choice is king!

User Experience: BritBox Vs Acorn TV

deciding between britbox and accorn tv

When you sit down to enjoy some British shows, the last thing you want is a headache from trying to figure out how to use the streaming service. BritBox and Acorn TV both offer ways to watch shows, but they’re a bit different in how easy they make it for you.

Interface and navigation

BritBox shines with its sleek look and easy-to-use setup. Its layout makes finding your favorite British television series a breeze, thanks to shows being sorted into neat groups. This means less time searching and more time watching “Gavin & Stacey” or diving into an Agatha Christie mystery.

The interface feels clean and simple, which is great for folks who want to binge-watch without any fuss.

On the flip side, Acorn TV takes the prize for ease of starting up on TVs through gadgets like Amazon’s Fire Stick, Roku streaming players, and smartphones that run on Android. Setting it up is quick, so viewers can jump straight into enjoying their shows.

Although BritBox might have the edge in how it looks and organizes content, Acorn TV makes sure getting to watch is as straightforward as possible.

Device compatibility

Choosing between BritBox and Acorn TV can be a bit like picking your favorite tea. It’s all about how well it fits with what you have at home. Let’s talk about which gadgets these services work with.

For BritBox, you can watch shows on:

  • Amazon Fire TV: Just imagine sitting back on your couch and diving into British dramas through your Fire TV.
  • Apple TV: For those who love their sleek Apple devices, BritBox is ready to go on Apple TV too.
  • Various internet streaming sticks and boxes: If you’re more into Google’s Chromecast or Roku, good news, BritBox plays well with both.
  • Android gadgets: Grab your Android phone or tablet, and stream away.
  • iPhones and iPads: Apple fans aren’t left out. Your iPhone or iPad work great too.
  • Laptops and desktops: Sometimes, you just want to watch on a bigger screen. Open up your web browser on any computer, and you’re set.

Turning our eyes to Acorn TV:

  • Amazon Fire TV also welcomes Acorn TV, so no worries if this is your go-to device.
  • Android lovers can breathe easy because Acorn TV works on Android phones and tablets as well.
  • Apple’s family of devices—the Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone—is fully compatible. Seamless streaming, here we come!
  • The same goes for Google Chromecast users; Acorn has got you covered.
  • Roku users aren’t left in the dark either. Add Acorn to your channel list without a hitch.
  • And yes, just like BritBox, whipping out the old laptop or sitting down at the desktop works perfectly fine for getting lost in mystery shows thanks to its support for laptops and desktops.

Both services have made sure that no matter what tech you’re using at home or in your hands while on the move, you’ll get access to all those addictive shows without much fuss. So grab that remote (or phone), pick your platform of choice—be it from high-tech TVs to simple computing devices—and start watching!

Content Quality and Quantity: BritBox Vs Acorn TV

When it comes to shows and the number of them, BritBox and Acorn TV are like two sides of the same coin. BritBox throws you into a world where “Partners in Crime” and “And Then There Were None” live, while Acorn TV invites you over for tales like “Agatha Christie’s Evil Under the Sun” and “Northanger Abbey.” So, choosing between them? It’s all about what kind of stories grab you.

Exclusive shows on BritBox

BritBox stands out with its rich collection of British TV shows. It brings some of the most loved and widely watched series right to your screen. Let’s dive into what makes BritBox a treasure chest for British TV enthusiasts.

  1. Fawlty Towers: This classic comedy show is a must-watch. It’s about a hotel run by the rude, pompous Basil Fawlty. His antics are sure to make you laugh.
  2. Line of Duty: A powerful crime drama that digs deep into corruption within the police force. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, guessing what will happen next.
  3. Doctor Who Classic Episodes: For all sci-fi lovers, BritBox has the old Doctor Who episodes. Travel through time and space with different doctors on various adventures.
  4. Vera: A brilliant crime series featuring DCI Vera Stanhope as she solves murders in Northeast England. Her sharp mind and unconventional methods make this show fascinating.
  5. Gardener’s World: For something more laid-back, Gardener’s World offers tips on gardening and showcases beautiful gardens across the UK.
  6. Shetland: Another gripping crime show set in the Shetland Islands. Detective Jimmy Perez solves complex cases in this stunning but remote location.
  7. Broadchurch: This mystery drama explores the impact of a boy’s tragic death on a small town, with detectives Hardy and Miller trying to find the killer.
  8. The Office UK: The original office that inspired many remakes worldwide is here too! Dive into the daily lives of office employees at Wernham Hogg Paper Company.
  9. Coronation Street: A beloved soap opera that has been around for decades, tells the stories of people living in Weatherfield, a fictional town in Greater Manchester.

Each show on BritBox not only offers hours of entertainment but also gives you a glimpse into different aspects of British life, culture, and humor.

Exclusive shows on Acorn TV

Acorn TV shines with its original series. It’s a treasure box for fans of comedies, murder mysteries, and crime stories. Here are some top picks from Acorn TV that you won’t find anywhere else:

  1. “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”: This show takes you back in time to the 1920s. Miss Fisher solves crimes with style and flair. It’s not just about catching the bad guys; it’s about doing it with fashion.
  2. “Agatha Raisin”: Imagine leaving your busy life in the city to solve mysteries in a quiet town. Sounds fun, right? Agatha Raisin does just that, and her adventures are full of twists and laughs.
  3. “Doc Martin”: A doctor moves to a small town only to realize his lack of bedside manners is causing waves. It’s funny because he’s really trying his best but still ends up in odd situations.
  4. “Line of Duty”: If you like edge-of-your-seat action, this one’s for you. Police officers chasing corrupt cops make for some pretty intense moments.
  5. “Detectorists”: Two friends spend their days searching for hidden treasures with metal detectors. It sounds simple, but their discoveries lead to all sorts of interesting stories.
  6. “Manhunt”: This gripping series follows real-life police pursuits in the UK as they track down killers on the run with clever detective work.
  7. “The Brokenwood Mysteries”: Picture this: a small, seemingly peaceful town where murders keep happening and secrets pile up high.
  8. “A Place to Call Home”: Set after World War II, this drama dives into the lives of a wealthy family facing social changes and dark secrets.
  9. “Jack Irish”: A former lawyer turned private investigator deals with cases no one else wants while tackling his own personal demons.

Each show has its own charm and something new to offer, making Acorn TV a great pick for anyone who loves getting lost in a good story.

Personalization and Other Features

BritBox and Acorn TV both bring shows to your screen, but they miss out on letting you download them for later. They also don’t let more than one person have their own watch lists under the same account.

But hey, at least every show comes with subtitles, so everyone can follow along, no matter how thick the accents get! This means whether you’re watching on a smartphone or casting to your TV using Google’s streaming stick or Apple’s set-top box, you won’t lose track of the plot.

On top of that, finding what to watch is a breeze on BritBox thanks to its better layout. Shows are sorted into neat piles, like mysteries and comedies. This makes it way easier than digging through everything on offer from Acorn Media Group’s service.

Just don’t expect these platforms to learn what you like and suggest new favorites automatically; they’re not quite there yet. So while neither service is perfect at guessing exactly what you’re in the mood for next, if easy browsing matters to you,? BritBox might just be more up your alley.

Final Verdict: Which is Better for British TV Streaming?

Choosing between BritBox and Acorn TV is like picking your favorite kind of tea; it all boils down to taste. If you’re into the latest from BBC and ITV, BritBox might just be your cup.

On the flip side, if originals that you can’t find anywhere else catch your fancy, then Acorn TV will have you hooked. Both platforms offer a neat setup with easy-to-use controls on various devices – whether it’s your smartphone or streaming stick.

They come close in terms of what they bring to the table: a wealth of British shows right at your fingertips. So, really, why choose? Dip into both and double the fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

“Frequently Asked Questions” is a part we’ll chat about. It’s like the gossip part of our talk—who wouldn’t want to know more?

1. What are the most popular shows on BritBox and Acorn TV?

Choosing between BritBox and Acorn TV for British TV shows? Both have great options. But, let’s dive into what shows make each stand out.

For BritBox fans:

  1. “Doctor Who”: This long-running science fiction series takes you on adventures through time and space.
  2. “Midsummer Murders”: If mystery is your thing, this show dives deep into crimes in English villages.
  3. Famous comedies like “Fawlty Towers” show the funny side of British life.

BritBox has a big collection from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5. Soaps, crime stories, family dramas—you name it.

Now, onto Acorn TV:

  1. With over 250 choices, including movies and around 200 TV series, think older classics full of drama and mystery.
  2. “Foyle’s War” is a hit here—a detective story set during and after World War II.
  3. For comedy lovers, there’s also plenty to find on Acorn TV.

So whether it’s laughs or gasps you’re after, both streaming services have their jewels. The choice depends on what kind of British TV lights up your screen!

2. Are there free trials available for BritBox and Acorn TV?

Yes, both BritBox and Acorn TV welcome new viewers with open arms by offering free trials. This means you can dive into their vast oceans of British TV shows without paying a dime at first.

For those eager to sample what these platforms have in store, the magic number is 7. Yes, you get a whole week to binge-watch your favorite mysteries, comedies, and dramas from across the pond.

To grab this offer, just visit their official web pages and sign up.

Securing these free trials is as easy as pie—no complicated steps or secret codes are needed. It’s like getting a VIP pass to explore every corner of their digital libraries. From crime-dramas that keep you on the edge of your seat to heartwarming tales straight out of Jane Austen novels, there’s something for everyone.

Plus, signing up gives you a sneak peek at how each service works on various devices—be it smartphones or streaming sticks—ensuring they’re right for your viewing habits before committing to an annual subscription.


So, you love British shows and can’t decide between BritBox and Acorn TV? Both bring a lot of great British TV to your screen. BritBox has more current shows from the BBC and ITV, like “Doctor Who.” Acorn TV shines with its own stories, like “Agatha Raisin.” If you want newer episodes or classics, try BritBox.

For original movies and a bit of everything else, Acorn’s your spot. It all boils down to what you enjoy watching. Either way, you’re in for a treat with lots of British flair!

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