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20 Best Australian Shows on Netflix in 2024 for Binge Experience

Australian Shows on Netflix

Looking for the perfect Australian series on Netflix can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. With so many options, it’s hard to know where to start. Here’s an interesting fact: Australian TV shows have been gaining international fame thanks to their unique storytelling and remarkable production quality.

This article will guide you through the best Australian shows on Netflix. From drama to comedy and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Get ready for some top-notch entertainment from down under!

Overview of Australian Shows on Netflix

Netflix Australia offers a wide variety of shows that bring the vibrant culture, gripping stories, and unique humor from Down Under right to your screen. From edge-of-your-seat dramas like “Wentworth Prison” to family-friendly adventures such as “The Deep,” there’s a show for every kind of viewer.

This diverse collection includes award winners like “Stateless,” showcasing stellar acting and storytelling, alongside popular series such as “Heartbreak High,” which has found a new audience with its recent reboot.

The platform doesn’t shy away from lighthearted content either – comedy fans will enjoy cult favorites like “Kath and Kim.” Documentaries and reality TV are also part of the mix, offering insights into Australian life beyond scripted drama.

Exploring this category on Netflix reveals not just entertainment but also learning opportunities about Australia’s sociocultural landscape through different genres, including crime thrillers, family sagas, and fantasy series.

Shows like “Secret City” take viewers deep into political intrigues, while lighter fare such as “The InBESTigators” provides laughs along with clever mysteries solved by school-aged sleuths.

For those enamored with nature and animals, documentaries like “Izzy’s Koala World” offer an up-close look at wildlife rescue efforts down under. With new titles added regularly, there’s always something fresh to discover in the expansive library of Australian content on Netflix, making it a rich resource for anyone looking to dive into the world of Aussie television without needing to catch a flight.

Popular Australian Shows on Netflix

Popular Australian Shows on Netflix

Australian shows on Netflix offer a wide range of stories, from magical adventures to real-life drama. Each show brings its own flavor, making sure there’s something for everyone.

Lunatics (2019)

Lunatics (2019) brings Chris Lilley back to the screen, showcasing his talent for slipping into diverse roles. This show lets viewers meet a mix of quirky characters, all played by Lilley.

From a fashion-forward teen to a real estate agent with a big secret, each character has its own odd charm. The series sparked conversations due to some controversial portrayals but remains a hit for those who enjoy Lilley’s distinct brand of humor.

Chris Lilley isn’t new to creating buzz. In Lunatics, he pushes boundaries by embodying multiple personas that light up the screen in unexpected ways. Critics and fans have had mixed reactions, highlighting some character choices as problematic.

Yet, this hasn’t stopped many from tuning in for laughs and gasps alike. The show stands out on Netflix Australia’s comedy roster for its boldness and creativity.

The New Legends Of Monkey (2018-)

The New Legends of Monkey brings a magical adventure to Netflix. This family-friendly fantasy series dives into an ancient story filled with action and humor. Viewers follow a brave warrior, known as Monkey King, who teams up with loyal companions.

Together, they embark on a thrilling journey to gather sacred scrolls and save the world from chaos.

This show stands out for its diverse cast and rich storytelling that captures the audience’s hearts. It’s not just about the battles; it’s also about friendship, courage, and discovering one’s potential.

The New Legends of Monkey offers excitement for viewers seeking adventures beyond the ordinary in Australian programming on Netflix.

The Deep (2015-)

Dive into “The Deep,” a thrilling animated series on Netflix. It follows a family of underwater explorers who solve ocean mysteries. They encounter real sea creatures and face exciting challenges.

With only 13 episodes, it keeps viewers hooked from start to finish. This show is perfect for people of all ages who love adventure and learning about the ocean.

“The Deep” paints a vivid picture of undersea life, mixing fun with education. It’s an excellent choice for anyone interested in aquatic exploration or just looking for something different to watch.

Whether you’re a kid or just young at heart, this series opens up a world of underwater intrigue and excitement without leaving your couch.

The Unlisted (2019-)

“The Unlisted” grabs attention with a story about teenagers fighting a secret plot. These kids discover that the government is up to no good, aiming to control them. They’re not just any teenagers; they’re smart, brave, and ready to stand up for what’s right.

This show isn’t afraid to dive into big ideas like power abuse and youth courage. It shows how even young people can make a big difference when facing challenges.

This series joins other hit Australian shows on Netflix, offering excitement and intrigue. It’s perfect for viewers who love action-packed stories of adventure and mystery. With each episode, “The Unlisted” pulls you deeper into its world, where bravery meets conspiracy head-on.

Fans of suspense will find themselves hooked, eager to see how these teens outsmart those in charge.

The Bureau Of Magical Things (2018–2021)

“The Bureau of Magical Things” aired from 2018 to 2021. It tells the story of a teenage girl who finds out about a magical world. She must keep it safe from evil forces. Fans loved its fun plot and creative setting.

The show is good for watching with your family because it has lessons on friendship, going on adventures, and finding out who you are.

People praised “The Bureau of Magical Things” for showing strong girls and positive ideas. It got many fans because of this.

The Letdown (2016–2019)

Alison Bell shines as Audrey in “The Letdown”, a hit comedy show from Australia that Netflix fans adore. She’s a new mom, facing the ups and downs of motherhood with both tears and laughter.

Alison didn’t just act; she also had a hand in creating and writing the series along with Sarah Sheller. Their work speaks volumes, earning the show Best Comedy at the Australian TV Awards.

This series breaks the mold by sharing stories about being a parent that are honest and filled with humor. Mothers everywhere see parts of their own lives reflected on screen, making “The Letdown” more than just entertainment; it’s a shared experience.

The success of this show helps put Australian talent in the spotlight on global platforms like Netflix, proving comedies from Down Under have both heart and wit to offer viewers around the world.

Izzy’s Koala World (2020–)

Izzy Bee and her family live on an island off Queensland, Australia. They run a clinic for koalas that are hurt or sick. Their show, Izzy’s Koala World, lets us see how they care for these animals.

Viewers learn about the work needed to help wild animals recover.

The series shows many koalas and the efforts to save them. It teaches us about caring for koalas and keeping them safe in their homes. We see the Bee family working hard every day.

This effort is part of a bigger plan to make sure koalas can live well in the wild.

Heartbreak High (1994–1999), (2022–)

Heartbreak High first hit TV screens back in 1994 and kept fans hooked until 1999. This series took viewers into the lives of students at Hartley High, showing their ups and downs with honesty.

It wasn’t just about school; it dealt with real issues like love, friendship, and the challenges of growing up. After years off the air, Netflix brought it back in 2022 for a whole new audience to enjoy.

The reboot stays true to what fans loved about the original—strong stories that feel real today. With both old viewers and newcomers tuning in, Heartbreak High proves its themes are timeless.

Whether it’s dealing with heartache or celebrating wins, this show has something for everyone who remembers being a teenager.

The InBESTigators (2019)

The InBESTigators hit Netflix in 2019, quickly winning hearts with its mix of mystery and laughter. This show takes viewers on adventures with a group of clever fifth graders. They solve cases around their school and neighborhood.

The team uses brains and teamwork, making every episode a fun puzzle.

This series stands out for its themes of friendship, problem-solving, and comedy. Kids love watching the young detectives in action. Parents appreciate the positive messages about working together and using smarts to overcome challenges.

It’s great entertainment for families looking for quality time with a dose of humor and adventure.

Critically Acclaimed Australian Series on Netflix

Critically Acclaimed Australian Series on Netflix

Critically acclaimed Australian series on Netflix will grab your attention. Shows like “Stateless” and “Wentworth” tell gripping stories that viewers can’t stop talking about. Get ready to discover your next favorite show!

Stateless (2020)

“Stateless” is a show from Australia that you can watch on Netflix. It tells the story of people stuck in an immigration detention center. This series has gotten a lot of praise and won awards too.

It helps viewers understand the real effects of these centers on humans in Australia. The drama digs into the tough times and battles faced by people in these places.

This miniseries goes deep into complex and heartfelt issues about immigration and holding facilities for people without countries. “Stateless” adds to Netflix’s wide variety of Australian shows, which include many different stories and themes.

Glitch (2015-2019)

“Glitch” is a hit show from Australia that aired between 2015 and 2019. It quickly won awards and impressed both viewers and critics. This series made waves on Netflix, showcasing the rising appeal of Australian TV shows worldwide.

The story grabs your attention with its paranormal twists, making it stand out.

The success of “Glitch” on Netflix highlights the platform’s vast array of compelling content from Down Under. Its engaging plots and high-quality entertainment value have made it a must-watch for audiences everywhere, adding to the rich variety of Aussie productions available for streaming.

Tidelands (2018)

“Tidelands” hit screens in 2018 as an Australian web TV show on Netflix. It pulls viewers into a mysterious fishing town’s life, where a former lawbreaker returns to dig up truths about half-siren, half-human creatures lurking around.

This series stands out for its mix of crime and mythical stories, making it a must-watch.

The show has made waves for its thrilling story and stunning visuals. Its connection to other hit shows like “The Letdown” and “The New Legends of Monkey” adds to its appeal. Fans across the globe have praised its powerful acting and breathtaking scenes, proving “Tidelands” is more than just another fantasy series—it’s a glimpse into a world that blends reality with legend.

Wentworth (2013-2021)

“Wentworth” is a show that turns the story of living in a women’s prison into something you can’t stop watching. It first hit screens in 2013 and kept fans hooked until 2021, making it one of Australia’s most talked-about series.

This drama stands out because it reimagines “Prisoner,” another series about women behind bars, but with a modern twist. The actors Danielle Cormack, Nicole da Silva, and Kate Atkinson bring their characters to life in ways that pull you right into the action.

The series wasn’t just popular; it broke records for being the most-watched drama premiere on Foxtel. Across its eight seasons, “Wentworth” didn’t just gather viewers; it collected awards too—103 nominations and 25 wins, to be exact.

These included top honors like Best Drama Series at both the AACTAs and Logies for three years running. So, if you’re browsing Netflix looking for a show filled with tension, power struggles, and compelling stories from inside prison walls, “Wentworth” is worth your time.

Secret City (2016-2019)

Secret City takes viewers on a thrilling journey into the dark world of Australian politics. Based on “The Marmalade Files” and “The Mandarin Code” by Chris Uhlmann and Steve Lewis, this series grabs attention from the start.

Emma Freeman directs, bringing to life a story full of political intrigue and government conspiracies.

Critics and fans alike praise Secret City for its intense narrative and top-notch acting. It digs deep into the mysterious side of Canberra’s corridors of power. The show stands out as one of Netflix’s finest offerings from Australia, known for pulling viewers into its complex web of mysteries with each episode.

Surviving Summer (2022-)

Surviving Summer is a hit show that started in 2022. It’s about teenagers who find themselves in the middle of a big government plot. This drama has ten episodes and has grabbed people’s attention fast.

Critics love it, and it even got nominated for an outstanding children’s program award at the 2023 Logies.

The show gives us a peek into what life is like for young Australians today. With mystery and adventure around every corner, it keeps viewers on their toes. The characters are strong, and their stories pull you in, making you root for them episode after episode.

Pine Gap (2018)

“Pine Gap” is a 2018 Australian miniseries that takes you inside the world of espionage and surveillance. Set in the heart of the Australian Outback, it unveils the secrets of Pine Gap, a highly classified American spy facility.

This show brings to light the tight wire walk between politics, loyalty, and betrayal through its gripping six episodes. With notable actors leading the charge, “Pine Gap” draws you into a complex web of international relations between Australia and America.

The show shines due to its intense storytelling approach and realistic depiction of life within the intelligence community. It doesn’t shy away from touching on ethical quandaries that those working in espionage often face.

Offering more than just thrills, “Pine Gap” aims to provoke thought about real-world issues revolving around privacy, trust, and global diplomacy. Critics have praised it for being both educational and entertaining — a rare combination when delving into such subject matter as top-secret operations and alliances.

Tales By Light (2015-2018)

“Tales By Light” takes us on a thrilling ride with expert snapshooters as they journey across the globe. Their mission? To capture amazing images of our planet. This documentary series doesn’t just show off gorgeous shots.

It dives deep into what it really takes to get them—facing challenges head-on and celebrating victories along the way. Viewers get a peek behind the curtain, seeing firsthand the dedication and love these artists have for their craft.

The show does more than dazzle with visuals; it tells stories that matter. Each episode highlights how these snapshots can help protect nature and share cultures far and wide. Praised for its jaw-dropping camera work and moving narratives, “Tales By Light” offers something truly special—a chance to see the world through another’s lens, making it a standout among Australian offerings on Netflix.

Its blend of education, travel tips, and pure visual wonder makes this series an unforgettable experience for anyone interested in photography or exploring our big, beautiful world.

Kath And Kim (2002–2007)

Kath and Kim aired from 2002 to 2007, quickly becoming a favorite. This show made people laugh with its funny look at life in Australia. It focused on family stuff and everyday situations.

People loved it because it felt real yet hilarious.

The series won many awards for being so good. Jane Turner and Gina Riley played the main characters. They brought Kath Day-Knight and her daughter Kim Craig to life in ways that still make folks smile.

Fans around the world enjoy watching their adventures, making this sitcom a true gem on Netflix.

Dive Club (2021-)

“Dive Club” hit Netflix as a fresh show from Australia, making waves with its story. It’s about a group of teen girls on a thrilling hunt for their lost friend, both on land and sea.

Fans of “Pretty Little Liars” and “H2O: Just Add Water” will find something new yet familiar in this series. Its mix of mystery and friendship hooks viewers from the start.

This series is more than just an adventure; it showcases the skilled actors and creative minds of the Australian TV industry. With modern tales and high production values, “Dive Club” stands out.

It adds to Netflix’s strong lineup of Aussie shows, offering global audiences an exciting peek into Australia’s storytelling prowess.


Netflix offers a world of Australian shows, from laugh-out-loud comedies to edge-of-your-seat dramas. The list we’ve put together proves there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re into magical adventures, real-life stories, or mysteries solved by clever kids, Australian TV on Netflix has got it covered.

These series bring the landscapes and tales of Australia right to your screen. So, grab some snacks and start watching these amazing shows today!

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