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New Apple Watch Release Date in 2023 [Latest Updates]

apple watch release date

Are you wondering when the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 will be released? Well, the new Apple Watch release date is no longer a secret as it’s already been published. The latest updates from Apple indicate that the pre-order date for the new series is September 12, 2023, with a sale date of September 22, 2023.

In this post, we’ll provide all the information you need to know about key features and specs, as well as pricing options for both models. We’ll also share who should consider upgrading their current model, along with other relevant news and rumors related to the Apple new watch series launch date.

Get ready because we have all the details right here!

Content Highlights

  • The Apple Watch Series 9 will be available for preorder on September 12 and available for sale on September 22, 2023.
  • It starts at $399 with features like the S9 SiP chip, Neural Engine, improved battery life with low power mode, bright OLED screen, and U2 ultra wideband chip.
  • A new pink color option is now available, along with 3D-printed stainless steel designs for a modern look that stands out from the crowd.
  • New watch bands made of sustainable materials are included, plus advanced wrist gesture control through a double tap feature simplifying device interaction.

New Apple Watch Release Date

Apple Watch Series 9
Photo Credit: Apple

The Apple Watch Series 9 is slated to be available for pre-order on September 12, 2023, before its general launch on September 22, 2023.

Pre-Order Date: September 12, 2023

Pre-ordering the Apple Watch Series 9 on September 12, 2023, allows customers to get their hands on the device before anyone else. For those looking to ensure that they receive their desired model in a timely manner, pre-ordering would be beneficial.

Not only will they not miss out if demand is high but could potentially benefit from exclusive offers and discounts made available at launch. Furthermore, many of the new features and updates are typically revealed closer to the pre-order date such as pricing, updated specs, or design changes – all of which can play an important role when deciding which model to pre-order.

Customers should take advantage of this significant date as it may be one of the last chances for them to secure their desired watch with special introductory prices or exclusive offers!

Sale Date: September 22, 2023

The official release date for the Apple Watch Series 9 is September 22, 2023. Pre-orders begin on today and are expected to go live at 8 a.m. PST on September 12, while general availability will be available from stores beginning in countries around the world on September 22.

This marks an exciting moment in the highly anticipated launch of the new Apple watch with unprecedented features like S9 SiP, Neural Engine, Improved battery life, and a Brighter screen along with a U2 ultra-wideband chip as its key features.

The latest design also includes a new pink color option as well as introducing new watch band material made using 3D printed stainless steel chassis, which elevates also creates the utmost level of excitement amongst all users of this product family alike!

Apple Watch Series 9: Price

Apple Watch Series 9 Price
Photo Credit: Apple

The starting price of the Apple Watch Series 9 is $399.

Starting at $399

The Apple Watch Series 9 offers something special: affordability combined with value. At just $399 for the GPS-only model, users get a powerful wristwatch in an ultra-durable chassis — one that features S9 SiP chips for improved processing speeds as well as OLED screens for brighter visuals and deeper colors.

The upgraded battery life can last up to 18 hours, depending on usage patterns, so you can stay active without worrying about being plunged into darkness if the day’s activities become too energy-consuming.

Battery optimization also means that certain tasks, such as health queries and Siri commands, are now run completely on the device – so no cellular connection is required. With these specs and others like U2 Ultra Wideband chip support and water resistance features, you’ll have access to the latest watch technology at an extremely accessible price point.

Apple Watch Series 9: Key Features and Specs

Feature Details
Chipset S9 SiP (System on a Chip)
Neural Engine 4-core Neural Engine with improved deep learning capabilities
CPU 4-core CPU with 5.6 billion transistors for up to 30% faster performance
Battery Life Up to 18 hours of continuous usage with improved power efficiency
Display Brighter MicroLED screen with enhanced color clarity, two times brighter than previous models
U2 Ultra-Wideband Chip Enhanced location tracking capabilities with Precision Finding and moisture-resistant second-generation UWB chip

Table: Apple Watch Series 9 Features

The new Apple Watch Series 9 packs an improved S9 chip, Neural Engine, long battery life, bright screen, and U2 ultra-wideband chip. Learn more about these features now!

S9 SiP

The S9 SiP, or System on a Chip, is the latest generation of high-performance chips designed by Apple for the upcoming Apple Watch Series 9. The customized silicon integrates advanced processing power, faster performance, and machine learning capabilities that are essential for its operation.

The new Neural Engine integrated into the S9 SiP works with a 4-core CPU to process deep neural network tasks quickly and accurately. It also has an improved dual-core CPU that contains 5.6 billion transistors! This helps increase the efficiency of operations exponentially compared to previous versions of the watch chip – up to 30 percent faster than before! These enhanced specs make the upcoming Apple Watch Series 9 incredibly capable with faster performance than ever seen before.

Neural Engine

The Apple Watch Series 9 features an all-new 4-core Neural Engine, which enables faster and more efficient machine learning tasks. This new chip delivers up to 60% increased transistors compared to the previous model, delivering superb computing power for data processing and advanced neural network performance.

This leads to vastly improved processor speed as well as 2X better optimized neural task performance. The updated S9 chip also positions the Series 9 watches as some of the most powerful wearables on the market today, allowing users to experience a broad range of real-time data analysis with optimal accuracy.

These enhanced capabilities open up exciting possibilities for artificial intelligence systems and applications in health monitoring, fitness trackers, and other sophisticated tools that require precise machine learning models and calculations on wearable devices.

Improved Battery Life

The Apple Watch Series 9 features an upgraded battery and power efficiency. By utilizing the S9 SiP chip, users will experience improvements to both load times and energy consumption — allowing for greater usage with fewer charging sessions.

With its ultra-wideband U2 technology, optimized power management, increased capacity, and enhanced power-saving mode in place — the device has been rated to last up to 18 hours of continuous usage.

In order to maximize this extended performance window, a low-power mode is also available on the watch itself that gradually reduces certain processes while activated; all contributing towards improved longevity.

Brighter Screen

The Apple Watch Series 9 boasts of a brighter display screen and enhanced color clarity compared to previous models. Utilizing MicroLED technology, the improved brightness is achieved through an increase in luminosity by two times as much as its predecessors.

As a result, colors appear more vibrant giving users greater visual depth and pleasure when viewing content on-screen. Not only that, but the larger display size also provides greater opportunities to watch movies or play games while providing sharper angles for better visibility.

Additionally, thanks to improved battery life and self-adjusting backlight intensity, users can enjoy their favorite content without draining battery power quickly.

U2 Ultra-Wideband Chip

The U2 ultra-wideband chip featured in the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 offers significant improvements to its location tracking capabilities. This upgraded chip showcases an ultrawideband technology enabled by a dedicated antenna with a better range than the previous U1 chip.

This enhances the watch’s ability to track the location of objects, making it more precise than ever before. Utilizing this UWB tech, Precision Finding comes into play with features such as visual, haptic, and audio guidance when searching for a misplaced iPhone using the Find My App or other third-party apps enhanced by Apple’s Location Services API.

This allows you to find exactly where your lost device is located much quicker than ever before – all thanks to this moisture-resistant second-generation UWB chip on board certain Apple Watch models!

Apple Watch Series 9: Design

Newly available in a pink color option, with 3D printed stainless steel designs and additional bands. Be sure to check out all of the different stylish features for yourself!

A New Pink Color Option

The Apple Watch Series 9 offers users a unique and versatile array of finish options. Along with existing colors such as classic silver, space-grey aluminum, or stainless steel, the attractive pink color option has now become part of this selection.

Available in both 41mm and 45mm sizes, the new option is sure to be popular among fashion-conscious users looking for a more vibrant watch model that stands out from the crowd.

Rumors about this exciting new feature had circulated before its official announcement creating a great deal of anticipation among Apple Watch enthusiasts everywhere. This latest addition is an ideal way to personalize your device with style while at the same time providing you with all the essential features and benefits that make it so popular amongst tech-savvy individuals who demand only top-quality performance from their devices.

Introduction of New Watch Bands

Apple introduced an entirely new watch band design in the Apple Watch Series 9. It’s made of a woven fabric material, has a magnetic buckle for easy use, and is designed to be more sustainable than traditional materials.

The company has also eliminated all leather band options in order to prioritize environmental considerations. As part of the launch, they have also unveiled colorful new colors and materials such as nylon or silver accents that make this watch look even more beautiful.

Additionally, these bands are optimized for comfort with 3D-printed stainless steel curves and redesigned aesthetics that provide an improved look when worn around the wrist. With their unique features and environment-friendly approach towards production, these watch bands promise to be well received by users looking for something bold yet subtle at the same time!

3D Printed Stainless Steel Chassis

Apple Inc. is testing the use of 3D printers to produce the steel chassis for their upcoming high-end Apple Watch Series 9, a breakthrough that has immense potential benefits for production costs and stock availability.

This move marks an impressive step towards redefining what luxury smartwatches can offer in terms of design and quality. The intent behind this innovation lies in manufacturing efficient, accurate steel parts while reducing waste output.

With a higher flexural strength due to improved material composition derived from its geometry used in producing the chassis component, Apple is bringing more durability and reliability associated with this latest model compared to previous watches within its range.

Apple Watch Series 9: New Features

Apple Watch Series 9

The Apple Watch Series 9 is loaded with exciting new features, including a Double Tap gesture, On-device Siri for health queries, and more.

Double Tap Gesture

The new Double Tap gesture launched with the Apple Watch Series 9 revolutionizes control of the device. By tapping their thumb and index finger together twice, users can access a range of functions on different apps or directly within the display.

These actions include stopping timers, pausing music, snoozing alarms, navigating menus, and selecting buttons by pinching their fingers. The Double Tap gesture provides flexibility for device interaction while making it easier to perform common tasks without having to depend on pressing individual buttons.

For example, with just two taps instead of long presses or scrolling options, it typically takes more time to select specific feature settings such as volume level or brightness settings, among others.

On-Device Siri and Health Queries

The Apple Watch Series 9 ushers in a host of new features that greatly enhance the user experience, including on-device Siri processing. With support for health queries already available, users can use its voice assistant to retrieve data from the Health app and respond quickly to wellness questions such as ‘What is my step count today?’ or ‘Am I getting enough sleep?’ This provides them with a secure access point for their personal health information – leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology so that it requires no manual typing or swiping while still being accurate and private due to all processing happening locally without having the risk of data being leaked through cloud services.

Furthermore, neural engine hardware allows for faster machine learning routines which further improve accuracy over time, understanding even complex commands like checking your pulse rate, etc., opening up immense possibilities beyond simple fitness tracking hence making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking greater clarification regarding their overall well-being.

Apple Watch Ultra 2: Release Date

It is expected that the new Apple Watch Ultra 2 will be launched on September 22, 2023.

Expected Release Date: September 22, 2023

The expected release date of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the much anticipated September 22, 2023. This coincides with the launch of a brand new model in the Apple Watch Series, making it an exciting time for all those looking to upgrade their current wearable device.

Assembly and pre-order dates were announced on September 12th this year, and will be selling at $799 starting from September 22nd. The watch features a faster S9 SiP chip that offers neural engine support with improved battery performance as well as increased brightness levels.

Moreover, users can purchase additional bands in new vibrant colors alongside a 3D-printed stainless steel chassis design which industry watchers have highly praised. With such advanced technical offerings on offer, fans better start preparing now to get their hands on one!

Apple Watch Ultra 2: Features and Updates

Rumored features and improvements, such as enhanced heart rate monitoring and improved battery life, will make the latest Apple Watch Series 9 more attractive. Find out all the details!

Rumored Features and Improvements

Feature Details
Model Apple Watch Ultra 2
Processor S9 SiP (System in Package)
Performance Upgraded processor for improved performance and extended battery life
Gesture Control “Double Tap” gesture control system for intuitive interaction
Materials Likely to feature titanium and sapphire materials for a premium look and durability
U2 Ultra-Wideband Advanced chip technology for improved connectivity and features
Materials (Casing) High-quality stainless steel casing for superior protection against scratches and damage

Table: Apple Watch Ultra 2 Features

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is expected to be packed with some of the most advanced features yet. It’s believed that this high-end model will come equipped with the S9 SiP, an upgraded processor for improved performance and extended battery life.

In addition, it may include a new “Double Tap” gesture control system which allows users to interact with their watch by simply tapping the screen twice. Some have also speculated that the design of this version would remain largely similar; titanium and sapphire materials will likely still cover surfaces, while small tweaks like updated colors might make subtle changes in appearance.

Not just limited to style updates, rumored widget improvements and enhanced functionality might come along as well, along with advanced chip technology from U2 ultra-wideband alongside interactive gestures for greater ease of use.

Building upon its predecessor, luxury materials such as top-tier stainless steel could offer truly superior protection against scratches or any damages while there are rumors around higher price points than the usual prices associated with previous models.

Apple Watch Series 9: Who Should Upgrade?

[Video Credits @Smart Compare]

Current Apple Watch owners should consider factors like OS compatibility, display size and quality, processor specs, and more before deciding to upgrade.

Considerations for Current Apple Watch Owners

When deciding whether to upgrade to the latest Apple Watch Series 9, current owners should consider their needs and preferences from a few perspectives. The watchOS 9 software update brings improved connectivity, activity tracking capabilities, an updated neural engine for better Siri performance on-device, and even Double Tap gesture control.

Additionally, the upgraded chipset with an S9 SiP brings impressive improvements in battery life, brighter screen displays of up to 1000 nits of brightness as well as new color options in pink.

Similarly, the Ultra 2 model features double storage capacity allowing people to store more music and photos than ever before. However, it is important for consumers to understand that the new Series 9 models are minor upgrades over former versions rather than major design changes or extreme feature additions – therefore, deciding whether or not these advantages are worth parting with money is a key part of the decision-making process when upgrading smartwatches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you’re interested to learn more, then check out the FAQs

1. When will the new Apple Watch Series be launched?

The new Apple Watch Series was launched on September 12, 2023.

2. What features and tech specs can we expect in the upcoming series?

We’re expecting several upgrades, such as advanced health-tracking capabilities, longer battery life, faster charging speeds, and improved waterproofing with the latest generation of the Apple Watch Series.

3. How can I find out more information about the launch date for this year’s watch series?

There are multiple ways to stay up-to-date on news regarding a possible release for this year’s model: sign up for email updates from Apple; check online blogs and forums; or follow official accounts on social media such as Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

4. Will older versions of the watch work with newer operational systems like iOS 14?

Yes, most models of earlier generations will be able to run iPhone apps that are compatible with iOS 14 without any trouble if they are updated regularly with the latest system software updates from Apple.


The Apple Watch Series 9 is an incremental update to the lineup, introducing a number of features that will make your experience even better. The new model comes with a 3D printed stainless steel chassis giving it a sleek and modern look, as well as an improved battery life and brighter display with U2 ultra-wideband chip on board.

In addition, users also get access to extra wrist gestures like double tap to quickly navigate through apps in addition to being able to perform queries right from their watch without having to ask Siri.

The expected sale date for the Apple Watch Series 9 is Friday, 22nd September 2023, alongside pre-order availability starting 15th September 2023. It remains unclear when we can expect the launch of the heavily rumored Apple Watch Ultra 2, but it is likely that this too will be released simultaneously on 22nd August 2023, given its close relation with iPhone models, which have often been unveiled during their annual events in September.

Current owners of past series should consider all improvements before deciding whether or not they need an upgrade; however, those looking for cutting-edge technology should definitely pay attention, as there are plenty of great offerings coming later this year!

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