Afghanistan Earthquake Kills Over 2,000 as Aid Groups Rush to Help Survivors

International aid organizations are hastily working to provide relief to survivors of a massive 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Afghanistan that has left more than 2,000 dead. 

The powerful quake struck on Saturday morning in western Afghanistan’s Herat province, toppling buildings and trapping residents in rubble. With many injured and thousands now homeless, humanitarian groups are mobilizing teams to offer urgent medical care, water, food and shelter.

Over 1,200 Injured, 1,300 Homes Destroyed in ‘Devastating’ Quake

The earthquake is one of the deadliest to hit Afghanistan in recent years. In addition to the thousands killed, over 1,240 people have been injured by the tremor. Around 1,320 homes have been completely or partially destroyed, leaving many families displaced. 

Aid workers described seeing horrific devastation and people desperately digging through debris to free trapped survivors. With just one hospital in the area, the medical response is overwhelmed. Additionally, you can also read about- Afghanistan Earthquake Update: Death Toll Passes 2,400 as Rescue Efforts Continue

Relief Efforts Hampered by Lack of Funding and Resources  

Humanitarian groups warn their ability to adequately respond is constrained by inadequate funding and resources. The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan last year led many aid organizations to leave the country. With the economy in crisis, agencies like the UN are urging the international community to increase support for the earthquake relief effort.

The natural disaster comes as Afghanistan already faces widespread hunger and poverty. Humanitarian leaders caution that without an infusion of aid, the crisis will worsen heading into the harsh winter months. They are calling for donors to step up assistance for quake victims in urgent need. If you want you can also read – Rashid Khan to Donate All CWC Match Fees to Afghanistan Earthquake Victims


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