President Biden Appoints Admiral Lisa Franchetti as First Female Top Officer in US Navy

Here’s a bit of exciting news! President Joe Biden has chosen Admiral Lisa Franchetti to be the new top officer in the US Navy, according to CNN. Not only is this a first for the Navy, but it’s also historic because she would become the first woman to join the joint chiefs of staff.

Admiral Franchetti is no stranger to breaking the glass ceiling. She was commissioned in 1985 and has had an impressive career. Her portfolio includes commanding two carrier strike groups and serving as vice chief of naval operations since September 2022.

Biden has full confidence in Admiral Franchetti. He pointed to her 38-years career as a commissioned officer and her dedication to the nation as just a few reasons why he believes she’s the right fit for the job. He was particularly impressed by her expertise in both operational and policy matters.

The cherry on top is that Admiral Franchetti is only the second woman in the history of the United States Navy to have achieved the rank of a four-star admiral. And if she’s confirmed, she’s set to make history again as the first woman to serve as Chief of Naval Operations and join the Joint Chiefs of Staff. President Biden hailed this as a significant milestone for gender representation in the military.

The July 21 announcement also included nominations for other key military positions. Vice Adm. James Kilby is nominated to be the next Vice Chief of Naval Operations, Adm. Samuel Paparo to head the Indo-Pacific Command, and Vice Adm. Stephen “Web” Koehler to become commander of the US Pacific Fleet.

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin commended these nominations, confident that these leaders will ensure that the US Navy and joint force in the Indo-Pacific remain the world’s finest military force.

Interestingly, Admiral Franchetti’s nomination is one of many firsts for the Biden administration’s Defence Department. They’ve already had the first Black secretary of defence, the first female Army secretary, Christine Wormuth, and now, they’re looking at the first time the Pentagon’s two most senior leaders could be Black men. Let’s just say, it’s been a year of breaking barriers!

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