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8 Proven Guides to Instagram Stories Filters

Instagram and PC

Instagram Stories came as a complement to Instagram but it can already be considered a completely autonomous application.

Without a doubt, the filters and effects of Instagram Stories give a creative touch to your stories to surprise and enamor your followers. -It is where you can creatively feature your favorite photos apart from your Instagram adventures posts. This will surely engage your followers even more and provide them a better social experience.

  1. How to put the filters of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories face filters differing from other effects in that they have to be added before capturing the photo or video. So, if you want to know how to activate the filters to Instagram Stories, follow these steps:

  • 1- Tap on the top left.
  • 2- Click on the face at the bottom right.
  • 3- Slide between the filters with effects and capture a photo or video with the one you like the most.

Remember, facial filters also work for living, boomerangs, hands-free, or reverse. Also, some works with two faces at the same time if the designer has designed it so.

  1. How to search filters on Instagram

If you want to find filters for Instagram Stories you must scroll to the filter explorer where you will see the effects gallery.

In the effects and filters gallery, you will see different categories: Instagram filters, selfies filters, love filters, color and light filters, camera styles, and mood filters. Besides these categories, you will find fun filters, environment filters, animal filters, science fiction and fantasy filters, rare and creepy, of events, hobbies and causes.

Scroll through the different categories to find, test, and save the filters you like best. 

  1. How to save the filters in Instagram Stories

If you like an effect you have seen on another account and want to save the filter to Instagram Stories, you have to do one of these 2 things:

— Follow the designer of Instagram filter you like. It will automatically be added to your Instagram Stories. To know who is the designer of that, you should look at the upper left in the story that is using that effect. There you will put the name of the filter and the designer.

— Save the Instagram filter you like. When you discover the designer, you can try Instagram Stories filter that has caught your attention. If you like it, then hit save to have it in your stories.

If you follow the designer for that filter, remember about all filters for the designer will be added. Additionally, you can erase the ones you don’t want.

  1. How to make Instagram filters

Creating an Instagram Stories filter will be one of the keys to 2020 for companies. Having your own Instagram Stories filter multiplies your branding to infinity and beyond, although it depends on originality of the filter.

If you want to know how to make your own Instagram Stories filter, you should go to official tool for Instagram and Facebook, called Spark AR Studio.

There you will find all the necessary tools to create your own Instagram Stories filter for free. You can use it in both Windows and Apple’s MacOS.

The creation process is through different templates used as a base along with dynamic layers and graphic elements. Though it is not easy but it is not so difficult.

  1. Problems with Instagram filters

There are some common problems that you comment to me by private messages or in the comments at the bottom. Here I solve the main questions of the Instagram Stories filters with effects:

I am not loaded by Instagram filters

If you have problems loading the filters it can be for several reasons:

  • Problems with the Wi-Fi network (reboot the router).
  • Problems with the Internet network of your phone or cell phone (restart the device).
  • Instagram system crash. It is more frequent than you think, especially at certain times of the day or special events.

It could also be due to problems with falls in the telephone company. Talk to resolve doubts in case it could be your problem.

I don’t get Instagram filters

Many people tell me phrases like “why don’t I get the filters on Instagram” or “I updated Instagram and the Instagram filters don’t appear”. What is the problem? Instagram does not give access to the functions of its application to all users equally. It never has.

You can only do two things: install the latest update and, if you still don’t get the filters, delete Instagram and reinstall the application.

Nothing more can be done. Instagram will give you access whenever you want.

You may also get the message “Your device does not support the effect you want to see.” This is because some cell phones do not support Instagram filters, especially effects that need a lot of power. Solution? There is only one: change mobile device.

If you don’t get what you want is a specific face filter, then you must follow the creator of that filter so that the effect is automatically added to your Instagram stories.

  1. The names of the best Instagram filters

Now you can add tons of fun filters and effects to Instagram stories. Here I collect the ones you ask me the most:

If you are a creator of Instagram filters with effects and want to appear in this section, you can also send me a message so that we can evaluate it.

Surely you have seen the viral video of several men dancing with a coffin on their men. If you add to this the song Astronomy by Vicentone & Tony Igy, a very funny video is created.

Now the filter of the men with a dancing coffin has come out. Which is one of the best new filters.

The filter adds your face to each of the members with that background song. You must try it!

If you don’t have it yet, you can see it in Instagram story highlights to test the filter and save it to your stories.

  1. Angel filter on cheeks

This filter puts two little angels on your rosy cheeks.

If you can’t find it, it may be because the creator has said that Instagram removed the filter. But it is already active again, so if you saved it, the old one will not appear.

Filter Name: Heaven

  1. MOOD filter on Instagram

The Mood filter for Instagram is one of the most sought after lately for its creativity in capturing the photo or video you want to share. 

Filter name: Mood

  1. BLUE EYES filter on Instagram

Do you want to see how your face would look with blue eyes? Incredible, I assure you. In addition, this filter adds a few freckles to your cheeks as a gift.

Filter name: Eye BB

  1. BIG HEAD filter on Instagram

Surely you have seen some stories where people come out with their heads much bigger than their bodies.

Well, that filter is from TikTok. It is very funny, true, but you see it on Instagram because they share it from TikTok.

Filter name: Bighead

  1. Filter which FRIENDS character you are

If you want to know what character you are among your friends, you must use the FRIENDS CHARACTER filter that is in English but it is easily understandable because you get the image of the character. By the way, not only do the 6 main characters come out, other mythical ones join.

Filter name: Friends Character

  1. FISH filter on Instagram

Do you want to add freckles to your cheeks? This filter ensures that you have those identity signs that many people like so much.

Filter name: Freckles or Cutefreckles

  1. Filter What animal do you look like

The filter scans your face to decide which animal you look like. Do not worry about the result if it is not what you expected. Using this filter is for a fun time.

Filter name: Reasonable resemblances

GAMES AND QUESTIONS filter on Instagram

This filter is a game of guessing what’s on your mind, perfect for playing with friends and family!

You focus on the other person and something will come out of their heads. It is then that he will have to ask you things to guess what is on his head.

Filter name: Headquiz

DISNEY PRINCESSES filter for Instagram

With the world premiere of Disney +, there are many followers who have once again remembered emblematic characters from the Disney factory.

This filter activates an effect that manages to give you a character so you know which Disney princess you are. Perfect for girls, boys and adults too.

Filter name: Queens

SPIDER filter on Instagram

One of the most viral videos has been that of a baby’s reaction to seeing himself on the screen with a spider that his mother put on him. The filter is called ARACHNOPHOBIA. It is perfect for scaring your friends and family while taking a selfie.

Filter name: Arachnophobia

HARRY POTTER filter on Instagram

If you are a Harry Potter fan you can now enjoy the Harry Potter Instagram filter. With the filter you can know which Harry Potter character you are.

Filter name: Harry Potter Test

TRUTH OR CHALLENGE filter on Instagram

This effect is great to play with your friends one night. It’s called TRUTH OR CHALLENGE and, when choosing one of the two options, it offers you a challenge to ask or a question in which you have to answer the truth. Do you dare?

Filter name: Truth or Challenge

FORECAST 2020 filter on Instagram

If you want to play to know the predictions that this year will bring you, you can use various filters to use with your followers. They are PREDICTION2020, IN 2020 WAIT ME … or 2020 PREDICTIONS if you are international.

I also warn you that none of these filters has guessed that 2020 was going to bring us a global pandemic. But who would know?

Filter name: Prediction2020

  1. How to add the 12 filters of Instagram Stories

The 12 Instagram Stories filters differ from the previous ones in that these are fixed, have no effects and must be added after taking the photo or video. To put the filters of Instagram Stories you must:

  • Capture a photo or video in your Instagram stories.
  • Slide to the right or left and choose the filter that you like the most

These fixed filters come out automatically on Instagram stories. You do not have to search and save them as in the previous effects.

  1. What are the 12 filters for Instagram Stories?

All 12 Instagram Stories filters are named after a city and are automatically added to your Instagram account.

  • PARIS filter: Offers a cleaner image of impurities. One of the best filters for Instagram Stories.
  • OSLO filter: Effect with more light than your original photo. It is also one of my favorites.
  • LAGOS filter: A thin layer of light, attenuating the original photo with a whiter touch. One of the best filters for Instagram Stories.
  • MELBOURNE filter: Loss of color but not reaching black and white. Very elegant for according to which photos. One of the best filters for Instagram Stories.
  • JAKARTA filter: Offers a more precise quality thanks to the gain in texture. Not in all the photos it can look good. It’s up to you.
  • ABU DHABI filter:  Light touch of reddish light like the dust of the Emirati city that gives the filter its name.
  • BUENOS AIRES filter: A layer of blue tones like the sea of ​​the Argentine city that gives the filter its name. One of my favorite filters because I really like the color blue.
  • NEW YORK filter: It can look good in melancholic or autumn photos, but it impoverishes most photos. Shade the corners with a dark color like the streets of New York.
  • JAIPUR filter: Lots of light for this filter with the name of an Indian city. It works well in sea photographs but better the Cairo filter, which is not as intense.
  • CAIRO filter: Gives a summer touch enhancing light and color. Similar to that of Jaipur but less intense and better filter to use in Instagram Stories.
  • TOKYO filter: Typical black and white effect. Maybe I need more filters with black and white tones of different intensity.
  • RIO DE JANEIRO filter: An effect with the reddish colors of Instagram. It looks bad in most photos.

Depending on the effect you want to show with your photography, you must use one filter or another. For me, the best filters for Instagram Stories are Paris, Lagos and Melbourne. I miss the option to hide the filters of Instagram Stories that you do not usually use. I am very organized and what does not contribute, I put aside.

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