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Top 7 Reasons Users Are Returning Apple Vision Pro: Insights from Reddit

Apple Vision Pro

Apple made the Vision Pro available to prospective customers on February 2 of last week. Now that the 14-day return time offered by Apple is almost up, many early adopters of AVP are hurrying to return the headset.

The percentage of Vision Pro headset returns is unknown, and we don’t anticipate Apple disclosing that information. According to reports, the company has sold 200,000 Vision Pro systems, yet opinions haven’t been unanimous. We compiled the most frequent grievances raised by AVP users from our Reddit search below.

1. There is a light seal issue

A lot of people who use Vision Pros complain about fit problems with the light seal. They mention headache-inducing sessions, feeling like they’re viewing a movie through binoculars, or having their experience ruined by light seeping through their nose. Even though the solution is usually as easy as replacing the lamp seal, these problems can frequently be sufficient to encourage AVP owners to return the device.

Apple’s light seals come in several sizes; thus, it’s possible that the one you were first scanned for was the incorrect size. It would be helpful to take your AVP to an Apple Store and try out various light seal sizes if you’re thinking about returning it because it feels uncomfortable or light is seeping through the edges.

Sizing up or down isn’t the only solution; the AVP light seal comes in N and W variations, 11–14, 21–26, and 33–36, and the numbers don’t correspond to a certain size like clothes. If fit is a concern, it’s worth putting on a few sizes, as each number fits a distinct face type, with differences in how much your forehead or cheeks jut forward and how deep the light seal is.

2. There is no avoiding the actual eye strain

It may seem natural and easy to explore a digital environment using your eyes and fingertips, but that isn’t always the case.

Eye strain and tiredness might result from the demanding nature of eye tracking on the AVP. Although eye fatigue is a major reason why some users are thinking about returning the device, it may not get better as the wearer’s body adjusts to the AVP.

3. It is too heavy to wear the Vision Pro all the time

With a weight of between 21.2 and 22.9 ounces, the Vision Pro is somewhat heavy to wear on your face. Three iPhone 15 Pro Maxes piled on top of each other weigh 23.4 ounces, a 12.9-inch iPad Pro weighs 24 ounces, and five 7-inch bananas weigh 17.3 ounces.

Some users complain that they are unable to wear it for the duration of a movie, while others devise 3D-printed modifications to properly disperse the weight. Don’t wait until you reach the final phase of Vision Pro sorrow if you choose to return it, or you can miss your return window.

4. Simply put, the technology is not there yet

Without a doubt, the Apple Vision Pro is a breakthrough gadget. The original computers were, too, but they occupied at least one whole room. With today’s laptops, cellphones, and wearable technologies, we’ve come a long way from those days.

Though the Vision Pro’s journey is fortunately shorter than that of the PC, many AVP users lament that the device’s technology is still insufficient to warrant ownership.

It is concerning for a device advertised for business and productivity that there are frequent complaints regarding the device’s poor text rendering for tiny type and stuttering during standard computing operations, especially when compared to the Retina Displays offered by the Apple ecosystem.

5. Spatial computing is an isolating field

I can envision myself being amazed by technology when I put on the AVP to watch a 3D movie or spatial video, telling my husband, “Oh, wow, are you seeing this?!” only to be met with a look of confusion.

Although wearing the Apple Vision Pro can be a lovely experience, June Wan of ZDNET noted that it can also be isolating.

6. The price is just too high

It is well known that the Vision Pro was not intended for Americans who were having trouble paying for groceries; rather, it was promoted for early adopters who were prepared to shell out a lot of cash for such a large piece of technology as well as developers who wanted to invest in the platform.

Even for eager early adopters, $3,500 is a lot of money for a VR headset (and that’s before accessories). Many people who purchased the AVP for more than $4,000 (including accessories, AppleCare+, and taxes) are finding it difficult to justify the expense when the first excitement fades.

7. “I simply wanted to give it a shot.”

Naturally, some AVP owners purchased the item with the intention of returning it, if only to use it and perhaps post a few selfies on social media.

This is made possible by Apple’s welcoming return policy, which allows you to return any item within 14 days of purchase as long as it is in original condition and the packaging is undamaged.

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