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WhatsApp Rolling Out ‘View Once’ Option for Disappearing Voice Notes

How to Upload Voice Notes in WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp is releasing a major update to voice notes that lets users send private messages that vanish after being listened to once.

The new “view once” option boosts security and privacy for the popular communication app.

New Feature Adds Temporary Voice Notes

In its latest update, WhatsApp is introducing the ability to send ephemeral voice messages on iOS and Android. Recipients can only play “view once” voice notes a single time before they disappear.

Tapping a “1” icon while recording a voice message activates the new privacy mode. It prevents recipients from saving, exporting, forwarding or recording the audio.

Enhances Privacy for WhatsApp Users

The view once voice notes offer users more control over their privacy. Listeners cannot access or redistribute the audio after dismissing the message initially.

For sensitive communications, the temporary voice notes provide assurance they cannot be misused, stored or shared without consent. Users retain discretion over what gets permanently saved.

Recipients Lose Access After Single Playback

Once a user sends a view once voice note, the recipient can play it only once within the WhatsApp chat. After dismissing the message, access is permanently lost.

Users cannot replay view once notes or recover them after accidentally skipping or ignoring the message. This guarantees privacy when conveying temporary information.

Opt-In Functionality Being Tested

WhatsApp has started rolling out the view once voice note capability to some beta testers on iOS and Android after installing the latest app versions.

But the feature remains optional. Users can still send normal voice messages that recipients can replay. Tapping the “1” icon activates the ephemeral privacy mode.

Additional Voice Note Upgrades Introduced

Alongside view once notes, WhatsApp made other upgrades to streamline the voice messaging experience in recent beta releases.

A new menu lets users easily switch between voice and video recording modes to prevent accidental changes. This menu is currently being tested on both iOS and Android.

Comes After Launch of Multi-Device Functionality

The voice note privacy option follows another major expansion – the ability to link WhatsApp to multiple devices. Users can now sync chats across phones and computers.

While convenient, critics worry the multi-device function could enable cheating by making it easier to hide conversations. The view once notes help offset privacy concerns.

Older Androids Set to Lose WhatsApp Support

However, Android users on very outdated operating systems will lose WhatsApp entirely next month. The company plans to drop support for Android 4.0.4 and earlier.

This impacts some owners of old Galaxy and other Android phones that cannot upgrade to newer OS versions. They will need to obtain compatible devices.

In summary, WhatsApp’s latest additions provide users more discretion and control over private communication. The view once voice notes offer added flexibility tailored to sensitive conversations.

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