What You Should not Do in Front of Your Dog?

Some dog owners may unknowingly create critical situations by doing certain actions in front of their pups. Your dog can be one of your best friends, but even best friends have some limitations. It is mandatory to have dog insurance in case of an emergency. In this article, you will learn about what things you should never do in front of your dog.

1. Dog with Stick in Mouth

Some dogs love to play with sticks by holding them to their mouth. Many dog owners throw sticks and teach them to catch and return them. It can be dangerous in some situations. Every year many dogs die because of sharp sticks. People throw pointed sticks and allow dogs to catch them. But due to the pointed ends of the stick, they can be impaled in their mouth. In this case, the dog will die on the spot.

The injury can be very painful and distressing for the dog and the owner. So the best alternative to use in the fetch game is a soft rubber toy or ball. It will not harm the dog if the quality of the rubber is good.

2. Wrestle

If you show your dog to wrestle, you reach them physically, or a rough interaction is good for them. Some dogs handle these situations well and understand it’s only a game. However, all dogs are not the same. Some of them may get overexcited or take things too far.

In these cases, your dog may try to jump on you, knock you down or even bite you or other people at an unexpected time.

Instead of teaching them wrestling, you can teach them to react to certain commands to start their playtime. But some dogs need help understanding playtime. So be very careful with what you are teaching your pet.

3. Personal Life Conflicts

If you are upset, then your dog will also be upset. The dog will usually not like to see you pissed off. If they see you shouting or angry, the dog can start barking, nipping, or trying to settle the fight themselves.

In some cases, a dog may get angry or in an aggressive mood while seeing its partner or friend in the house. It can also happen that a dog may bite your partner or friend as they can consider them a threat to you.

To handle this type of situation, you need to be cool and calm when a dog is present nearby.

4. Gathering of Family or Friends

If your dog loves to spend time with you in a quiet environment, it may cause issues when your friends come to your home. Dogs may get frightened because of all your friend’s yelling and high-fiving. Some dogs may retreat quietly to another room. Other dogs may start barking at your friends or even bite them.

To handle this situation, you can pat or give treats to your dog whenever you and your friends are shouting. This way, they might not be a threat and might play with your family members and friends too.

5. New Friend On Bed

If your dog is your companion, they will sleep with you in bed. Your dog may think of it as a regular norm. When you bring a new friend to bed, they may feel left out. Dogs can show aggressive behavior on seeing someone new occupying the same space. They may start barking or even bite your new friends.

You must teach your dog how to live alone to handle these situations. First, try to put them in their crate so that they know where to sleep, and let them sleep first before you go to bed. For the first time, it may take around two hours for the dog to adapt according to the crate, but later they will sleep instantly.

6. Mixed Messages

You are training your dog so that it will jump and hug you when you come home. But if they do the same thing with guests, you scold them. Also, it can confuse them on how to react in different situations. In these cases, dogs may get afraid and act differently with their owners.

To handle this situation, you must be consistent and honest with your dog, just like you treat young children at your home. They rely on daily routines and predictable behavior.


We should refrain from performing several actions in front of dogs because they may get nervous. Due to nervousness, they may bite you or your friends. They may start barking continuously at them. Some actions may be deadly for them and cause severe injuries to them. So be very careful while performing certain activities in front of your dog.


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