What Do Harry, William and Charles Always Wear?

It’s not all that difficult to emulate the famed and inspirational British royals’ sense of style.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the way you dress can affect how other people view you which is why Diana had her famous “revenge dress” and everyone in the family typically wears blue at public events). British royals are always well dressed, but not because they are from a nation where tailoring is legendary.

Although William, Harry, and the current King Charles III come from a long line of dapper and classic men, their fashion choices are more up to date and less extravagant for obvious reasons. For example, you will never see them flaunting their brands or wearing items that appear to display their price, and it is quite common to see them repeating certain items.

What occurs is that she demonstrates that it’s acceptable to have a favorite pair of jeans, a jacket that you always wear, and other items that you repeat over and over again and that become a signature part of your look. Her style is not only about looking well and dressing well. It’s about having timeless essentials that you can wear every day without breaking the bank to look a specific way.

And for this reason, there are a few key items that must be replicated from the royals’ closet. British royalty and fundamentals are usually used, therefore imitate them.

The polo shirt 

The royals typically wear this shirt to athletic events (they play polo as part of tradition), but it may be used for a lot more than that.

David Beckham, Ryan Reynolds, and Idris Elba’s characters all love the polo since it is a very versatile shirt that can be worn in both casual and formal settings depending on the accessories. When worn as a uniform, royas, for instance, make it sportier; yet, it can be dressed up by pairing it with dress pants and a jacket.

The blue suit

A simple blue suit is usually a fantastic decision because it has a more casual, sophisticated appearance than a black one, making it perfect for daytime occasions, the office, or even a date (change the shirt for a tshirt and shoes for tennis shoes).

As William and Harry demonstrate, it’s crucial that it fits you exactly and is made properly for your height and measurements. While wearing a tie adds professionalism, taking it off makes you appear more at ease and youthful.

Button down shirt (short and long sleeve)

Even if your profession enables you to wear sweatshirts every day, the buttondown is still necessary, much like the polo shirt and the traditional white t-shirt.

Having both short and long sleeve versions of button down shirts will allow you to create diverse outfits from spring to winter. Button down shirts truly can go with everything and can appear quite sensual if you wear them appropriately showing a little skin, in moderation, makes a great difference.

White and blue are neutral colors that blend with everything and will seem the most exquisite if you need them. They are also the royal family’s favorites.

Light and basic sweaters

Sweaters are your best friends since you can wear them alone, over a shirt, over a jacket, coat, or jacket, add a touch of color with them or go monochrome, and play with patterns and forms to go from vintage to modern to classic.

The most basic and preferred by royals are light, crew-neck sweaters, but they also favor styles that can be quickly dressed up and always look excellent with a shirt.

Straight jeans 

Even royals understand how crucial it is to have at least one perfect pair of jeans in your wardrobe; they don’t need to be unkempt, careless, or excessively casual.

The straight cut and traditional blue hue is the pair that will last you the longest since it is a style that flatters all body types, has endured fads and fashions, is simple to use and combine, and makes them look more posh and classy ripped jeans are never going to do that.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned!


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