6 Myths About Wearing Men’s Leggings Debunked

“Leggings are just for women.”

FALSE. While leggings have been traditionally associated with women’s fashion, they are now becoming increasingly popular among men as well.  In fact, many men find that leggings are more comfortable and stylish than traditional pants. Nonetheless, there are some who are still apprehensive or others who are just  plain curious about this growing trend.

So, let’s debunk some of the most common myths about wearing men’s leggings. But if you’re already into men’s leggings or would like to give it a go, check out these leggings to add to your wardrobe

How did men’s Leggings make their Way Into men’s Everyday Fashion?

Men wearing skin tight bottoms isn’t something new. So it’s no surprise that meggings have become a stylish and functional fashion trend. 

Tights mens fashion started with mens workout leggings or mens training tights. If you can recall, the early gymnasts were only men, and they would wear a pair of skintight leggings that were, at that time, nude or white. 

As early as then, mens leggings fashion was mens training tights used for physical activities. Fast forward a few decades, and fashion is in this tug-o-war of loose vs. fitted clothing. The 90’s punk rock era is a testament to this. Men wore skin tight clothing–the birth of skinny jeans. Although we can argue that this era also had guys wearing somewhat loose pants or distressed denim, this was still a testament to how fashion evolves and depends on the person.

Today, in an era of the distortion between gender, where gender fluidity and non-binary identity has become a norm–clothing has followed suit. Leggings as casual wear were first seen with women. Yoga pants have become a hot debate, whether or not they can or should be worn outside the gym. But today, people don’t care.

Likewise, men have also adopted wearing leggings daily while doing errands or going out with friends. If, in the early 90s, we were okay with men wearing jeans that look like they’re suffocating their legs, why not wear leggings? But of course, the leggings of today are more stylish and made of material that will let your legs breathe, follow your movement, and show off your leg muscles and maybe your butt too, if you’re into that. 

1. Leggings are Only for Women

Today, clothing is no longer gendered. We see men wearing skirts and women wearing tuxedos. Anyone can wear whatever they want as long as they are comfortable.

Likewise, leggings are not only for women. Also, leggings have a scientific and functional purpose that anyone can benefit from.

High compression leggings or mens workout leggings can help promote circulation, making the wearer push further in the gym and perform more reps and sets. These high compression leggings are also great for recovery so that the blood keeps flowing and the wearer doesn’t feel heavy or immobile.

2. Leggings are not for Casual Wear

This follows the same argument that leggings are only for women. We’ve seen many women opt to wear leggings while doing errands or just going about their day. Women wear leggings as casual wear because they are comfy and easy to wear and style. So why can’t men have the same luxury?

Mens leggings fashion follows the same idea. Leggings or meggings are made for men to be worn as casual wear so that men can enjoy the same easy and carefree styling that leggings have for women.

Leggings on men may give off a “came from a gym” look, but there are casual leggings that fit the bill and look comfy to wear every day. 

3. Leggings aren’t Classy

Taste is subjective, so what is classy for one person may not be for another. Tights mens fashion is different from your usual casual leggings or exercise leggings. They have the same leg-hugging shape but aren’t as revealing as your typical pair of leggings.

You can get away with wearing black meggings and make it look classy by pairing them with the right clothes and accessories. Wear a pair of black leggings with a white shirt and blazer, which can look smart casual. 

4. You should Only Wear Leggings at the gym

Leggings aren’t only for the gym. There are some leggings that are worn as rock festival outfits. They are great to wear for walking around for long hours and jumping to the tune of your favorite bands.

Not only that, rock festival outfits in leggings come in great prints and colors. Leggings are a great rock festival outfit option, the compression can help in preventing fatigue, and they come in great colors and designs, so you can rock out in true fashion with the craziest outfits you can put together.  Online, you can find festive meggings simply by searching for the “best place to buy leggings near me“.

5. Leggings are too Revealing for Men

The great thing about meggings is that they are made to keep your crotch out of sight and out of mind! The crotch area of men’s leggings drops lower than your typical pair of leggings. This gives ample room for your jewels to move around without anything getting squeezed or pushed forward to be visible. Likewise, since men’s leggings aren’t as revealing as regular leggings, then you can really wear them out as casual wear.

6. You can’t Wear Leggings at Work

Now this will depend on your office’s guidelines, but if it says you can wear casual wear, then you can go ahead and wear a pair of leggings to work!

If your office is a bit on the conservative side, then you can wear shorts on top of your leggings to cover up but still have the comfort of wearing a pair of leggings to work.

If you work in logistics or you do a lot of tasks that call for running from one place to another inside or outside the office, leggings would be the best thing to wear. They are stretchy and they give support to your legs and tights so that you can walk for hours. Plus, if you have big thighs, no need to worry about rubbing on the fabric. Leggings are made to withstand friction, especially if you’re walking around for hours. 


Leggings on men is a great fashion trend that is here to stay. With the right styling, you can make leggings work for any occasion. If you want to experiment with this style, start with a pair of basic black leggings and go from there. With the right accessories and layering, you can make any pair of men’s leggings work for you. Just make sure that your leggings fit well and are comfortable to wear. And if you’re still thinking to yourself, “Where is the best place to buy leggings near me?” check out Kapow Meggings for the best selection of men’s leggings.

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