US States With Highest Debts: Are They on the Brink of Collapse?

U.S. States with Staggering Debt. While some states are pretty tight with their finances, others seem to view their yearly budgets as more of a guideline.

World Population Review tells us that the typical American family is in debt to the tune of about $137,000. But that number pales in comparison to the colossal debts of several U.S. states.

Budget Issues

1. Massachusetts

Massachusetts tops the chart in 2023 with an estimated debt of $11,047 per person. That’s a staggering figure: every resident in Massachusetts indirectly holds over $11,000 of the state’s debt. Even big states like California and Texas haven’t reached such numbers!

2. Connecticut

Connecticut, with its $10,679 debt per capita, predictably finds itself near the top of the list, especially given its reputation as one of the pricier states to call home. While the state is continually pouring money into infrastructure improvements, it’s clear they’ll need to address this financial challenge sooner rather than later.

3. Rhode Island

Ironically, the tiniest state in the nation, Rhode Island, carries a hefty debt per capita of $8,191. It’s worth noting that a state’s population density can influence its position on such lists – states with smaller, denser populations often see higher per capita debts.

4. Alaska

5. New York

6. New Jersey

7. Hawaii

8. New Hampshire

9. Vermont

10. Illinois

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