Things to Prepare for Moving to Australia

Moving to a new continent as vast as Australia is a daunting task. Despite its amazing weather all-year-round and inviting culture, it is difficult to complete the immigration process and embrace this new life.

However, as of 2023, the net migration rate of Australia is 5.173 people for every 1000 Australians.

Just like them, you will also need to put in much effort. The formalities and official processes will be complex but don’t let that intimidate you.

Rather, if you start planning right away, moving will be smoother. Most experienced individuals suggest working 3 months before moving to Australia, and here is a checklist you must tick.

1. Visa and Documents

You need a visa to even board the flight to Australia. Depending on the purpose of migration to Australia, you must apply for and clear a visa before heading to the continent.

There are different categories of visas available, and the most common one is the Skilled visa to make a permanent move if you are a professional.

Get printed copies of other important documents like your birth certificate, driver’s license, medical records, etc., and get them attested for official purposes.

However, the processes are pretty complex, and you may miss some paperwork if you’re unaware!

So, if you cannot handle it all alone, get in touch with Melbourne migration agents to simplify the process.

2. Banking Changes

Try to open an Australian bank account before you leave so that it is less work after landing. The exchange rates fluctuate, so keep an eye on them to transfer money at the most beneficial time.

Convert some money in Australian dollars before leaving to keep it handy. Apply for an Australian credit card online, preferably a Mastercard, to avoid delays concerning monetary dealings.

3. Accommodation

Make sure you research various property websites before you leave, at least 3 months in advance, to find a suitable place. It is advisable to get a property on rent in the beginning as you are settling down; try to get a reference beforehand and budget for the deposit amount.

Semi-furnished and furnished properties are available, but the rent is lower for those without furnishing.

If you are moving furniture from your current address, right the dates of your and the shipping arrival. If the shipment arrives earlier, you must find and pay for storage until you can collect it from there.

4. Home Continuity

Cancel all your subscriptions from your current address – milk, newspaper, mail, cable, everything. Inform your community center or gym beforehand to cancel your subscription before it gets renewed.

Pay all your outstanding bills and redirect your mail to the new address in Australia. If you have children, research schools around the area and contact them at least 2 months before you due to move.

5. Insurance

Think of all your insurance before leaving. Your life insurance agents must be informed of your migration. Your travel and shipping items should also be insured to prevent financial damage.

Figure out what new insurance policies you might need there. Even though Australia has Medicare that covers most diseases and is ensured for everyone, you might also want to buy private medical insurance.

6. Luggage

Don’t start packing months ahead, as you might still need some of those things. But don’t leave everything till the last minute.

Weigh your luggage to meet your airline’s guidelines, or they will fish you for extra pounds. Australia is strict with what you can bring and cannot, so be careful with the item import list.

7. Research the local culture

Australian culture is very different from what you are used to now. It makes sense to look into some dialects, traditions, and things that are common in.

For example, one important national event is Australia Day. On the other hand, Hard Rubbish Day is a unique local rule where people leave out the used heavy stuff they want to throw out. You can pick up used appliances or furniture if you get lucky. 

For the move…

It will take some time to settle into a new culture. Moving countries is never easy, so you must always follow these tips to make the process easier and less stressful.

So, plan, stick to it, and check the dos and don’ts while migrating to Australia. And everything will work out!

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