This Green Tea could Reduce Body Fat

Drink these household items in green tea for rapid weight loss, which will be visible in a few days. Drink some things by mixing it with green tea for fast weight loss. Doing so will quickly reduce weight.

If you make some changes in your diet, it will directly affect your weight. If you are also bothered by increased weight and are not getting any result by trying everything, you should drink this drink daily on an empty stomach. Drinking this drink will melt your body’s accumulated fat and will be affected in a few days. Just in this drink, you will have to match some things to know what these drinks are, what to mix, and how to use them.

Green tea will reduce weight

Green tea is best for health and it will also reduce your weight easily. Using a regular empty stomach daily will not only reduce your increased weight but also glow your skin. In addition, green tea diabetes is also effective for outpatient patients. It also works to control cholesterol and blood pressure.

Just adopt these simple tips to reduce weight loss and abdominal fat, which will be visible in a few days

Learn how to make Green tea effective for weight loss:

1 teaspoon green tea or a green tea bag
Lemon juice- 1/2 tsp
Water- 1 cup
Honey- 1 cup
Mint leaves – 2
Basil – 2

Method of making-first offer the pan on a slow flame and add a cup of water to it. Then add one teaspoon of green tea. When they boil, add two leaves of mint and basil. Then you can add a piece of ginger to it. After the boiling, turn off the gas. Then add 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice. Now you filter it. Your weight loss green tea is ready. You should drink it empty stomach every morning. Doing so will automatically melt body fat. To get the best tea, visit the website here



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