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A Guide to Straighter Teeth and a Better Smile

Straighter Teeth Better Smile

Smiling is one of the easiest ways to express your happiness, gratitude, approval, and empathy. But if you are not satisfied with the appearance of your teeth, you might find yourself continuously hiding your smile behind your hand or wearing a mask of indifference.

Since everyone deserves to feel beautiful and stay confident, it’s important that you extend some kindness to yourself and work towards improving your smile. This not only helps you express yourself more freely but also works wonders for boosting your self-image.

To help you along this self-improvement journey, here’s our guide to getting straighter teeth and a better smile that you want to show off. 

Speak to a Professional

Before you take any steps to improve your smile, it is essential that you get personalized advice from a qualified dentist. Besides getting a professional opinion on your concerns, you can also learn what a smile makeover is and how you can benefit from it. This makes it easy for you to effectively enhance your smile on a permanent basis. 

Consider Wearing Specialized Devices

A smile makeover often includes the suggestion to wear specialized devices, such as clear aligners. These aligners are different from metal braces, but they still allow you to fix the appearance of crooked teeth over time. By discussing the use of these devices with your dentist, you can discover if they are a suitable match for your smile improvement goals. 

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

While specialized treatments can help with straightening the position of misaligned teeth, you also need to practice good oral hygiene to prevent issues such as plaque, cavities, and discolored teeth. If you struggle with remembering to brush your teeth twice a day or floss properly, you can use a habit-tracking app to get daily reminders about these activities. This also preserves the beauty of your new smile. 

Cut Down Smoking

Smoking is often associated with damaging your lungs, but it affects more than one organ in your body. This also holds true for your mouth, where smoking can cause your saliva to dry out and lead to infections as well as tooth decay, while also leading to discolored teeth. To steer clear of these issues, you can follow these tips to quit smoking.

Go Easy on Alcohol Consumption

Similar to smoking, alcohol also damages your oral health by drying out your mouth and damaging your teeth. In case you have trouble cutting down or leaving alcohol altogether, you can start by seeking support from a sobriety app. This solution works for many people. But if you need more help, don’t shy away from getting professional assistance in order to live a healthier life. 

Don’t Overdo Sugary Drinks and Foods

Apart from the big bad habits, seemingly harmless foods such as sodas and desserts can also take a hit to your smile and oral hygiene. The sugar particles in these food items can stick to your teeth and break down their enamel. Due to this reason, you may often see the tip to minimize sugar intake while learning how to keep your mouth healthy.

Go For Healthier Snacks

While chocolates and ice cream might seem like a good pick-me-up, you should prefer healthier snacks over these items to maintain the appearance of your smile. The best part? You don’t have to cook up a storm to achieve this goal. With farm produce delivery services, you can get delicious fruits and vegetables delivered right to your doorstep and snack on them as they are. 

Regularly Visit Your Dentist

Last but not least, you should plan on visiting your dentist at least twice a year. This ensures that you can continue any smile makeover sessions while also retaining the results of completed treatments. While the frequency of these visits may vary according to your dentist’s advice, it is essential that you do not skip your appointments.

With this guide, you can make sure to obtain the smile that you deserve while also elevating your confidence. Additionally, these tips can also help you retain your renewed smile for years to come.

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