Small Investments That Everyone Can and Should Consider Making

Investing is a useful tactic that can act as a security net, giving you another source of income. Many people have thought about investing in something, but they aren’t sure what. Are stocks right for you? Or maybe cryptocurrency? There are so many things that you could put your money into, so what are some of the best things to invest in?

First off, with investing there is always some risk involved so this isn’t something you want to take lightly. There are a lot of small investments that anyone can make in order to save money and improve their quality of life. A family investment is one of them. Family investments provide a sense of security and when you start investing early, the benefits can be great.

You should always take the time to consider what kind of investment is right for you and when is the right time for you to invest. Here are some of the most profitable investments that you can make today.  


Many may not realize it, but gold is actually a good investment. It may not be that common today, but it’s definitely worth looking into. Historically, people invested in gold by buying gold jewelry, coins, and even bars of gold. Today, investing in gold is a good way to beat inflation, and the good news is that you don’t have to invest in it by physically holding it.

One way to invest in gold today is with gold receipts. Private mints (producers of coin currencies) offer electronic retractable receipts (ERTs) that are backed by gold held in their vaults, and this can be redeemed for physical gold.

Stocks that Pay Dividends

Stocks are portions of major companies that investors and shareholders can buy and own a part of. They are probably the most common type of investment, even still today. There are different types of stocks to invest in, and different ways of going about investing in them.

A good example is a dividend. Dividends are a percentage of that company’s earnings that are paid to its shareholders on a quarterly basis. Traditional stocks typically take years for you to see a return on investment, but with dividend stocks, you have the opportunity to earn both short-term and long-term monetary gains. Again, when investing in anything there’s a risk involved. While dividend stocks may seem like an easy investment and a quick way to get money, it is still important to research the companies you decide to invest in, and understand the details of investing in their dividend stocks.

Rental Properties

Rental properties are another good investment option, as they have the potential to generate long-term and even passive income. Investing in vacation rentals, which is a type of short-term rental, is a popular trend right now. Vacation rentals are usually single-family homes, and they can be of any size and style. Owners of these types of rental properties typically list their property on online rental websites like Vrbo or Airbnb in hopes of attracting vacationers seeking lodging.

You can also invest in a residential property that you can rent out to long-term renters, which can give you a consistent stream of income. It is possible to see a consistent stream of income with vacation rentals, and you can also increase your renting price more often than you can with a residential rental. Just be aware of the short-term rental rules and regulations as they apply to your city. Some cities either don’t allow for short-term rentals, or they place more tax laws on them.


There are several different things that you can invest in, and the important thing is finding the investment and an investment strategy that best fits your goals. It is also a good idea to invest in something you’re interested in, that way doing research on it won’t seem like a tedious chore. If you have no interest in stocks, then it may be harder for you to stick with that investment. Investing is a good way to secure your future, so it’s important to make sure that your investments are doing just that.

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