Monsoon Skincare 101: Best Ways to Take Care of Skin in Rainy Season 

The skin is the biggest organ and a barrier that protects the body from dust, dirt, infections, and more. Unfortunately, when the weather changes, it affects the skin too. In summer, even people with dry skin suffer from too much oil due to sweat, leading to multiple skin issues. In the winter, the skin becomes extremely dry. The rainy season is much better for the skin. Yet it does come with its problems. During this season, humidity levels rise extremely high. It takes away the glow from your face, making it look dull. Also, if you have oily skin, you should take extra care of it. Otherwise, controlling sebum during the rainy season is a challenge. Not doing it properly will make your face break out excessively. Skincare also means the entire body, not just the face, so focus on it.

So, how do you care for your skin during the monsoon season? With these tips, this blog shares them below.

Do not Say No to Sunscreen

Unless the dermatologist has asked you to skip sunscreen due to some skin issues, use it every day. Apply it evenly to your face, neck, exposed hands, and feet. Reapply on the face and neck after 20 minutes if you are out in the sun. Do not skip sunscreen even if it is gloomy outside with dark clouds.

Use Minimal Makeup

Rainy season means humidity and rain pouring down on you anytime. It means you should put minimal makeup on yourself. Why? Because if you do not use waterproof makeup, it will not stay, especially mascara which will come down your face. Waterproof makeup can still clog your skin and pores. It will lead to breakouts that no one wants. Right? The best thing is to use minimal makeup. Also, ensure you use natural skincare and makeup, as too many chemicals on your skin will increase skin issues.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliating your skin is a good thing, especially in the rain. It helps remove impurities and dead skin from your face. You can also exfoliate your neck, arms, and legs, especially after getting drenched in rain. Another benefit of exfoliating is that it improves blood circulation, leading to better absorption of products. Remember to exfoliate every ten days, especially if you have oily skin. Also, do not be harsh with your skin when scrubbing with a natural scrub. Massage the scrub on the skin gradually and smoothly for better results.

Apply Moisturizer

It feels so humid and sweaty that you might skip moisturizer and lotion. But do not! Moisturizer on the face and skin keeps your body from producing excess oil. It keeps the skin healthy and smooth. So, find one that suits your skin well and use it daily.

Add Vitamin C

Vitamin C is ideal for your skin during the rainy season. It helps fight infections while boosting your immune system. You can include vitamin C-rich foods and fruits in your diet. It helps prevent many infections. Moreover, try vitamin C serum on your face if it suits your skin. It can reduce scars and blemishes and ensure a pure glow.

Work on Sensitive Areas

Your lips and under eyes are sensitive areas on the face. The latter is thinner than the rest of the face. So they need extra care. Including a lip balm with natural ingredients in your monsoon skincare routine will be ideal. Also, adding night cream can help. It will keep the area moisturized and delay wrinkles and age lines. Start in the monsoon if you do not already, and follow this year-round.

Hydrate Yourself

Hydration does not mean drinking five liters of water every day. It means listening to your body and drinking water. It may be less for some people. The key is to drink water with minerals to replenish your body. So, water with herbs, lemon, or coconut water is great.

Apart from these tips, eat healthy and keep yourself hydrated. That will allow your skin to grow naturally, even in humid conditions. If you sweat a lot on your face, use normal water without soap to clean it. Use soap only twice a day. Too much soap can also lead to skin problems. I’m leaving you with these tips to have happy skin.

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