PO Box 2230 Burlington NC: Your Ultimate Guide to Mail Services

PO Box 2230 Burlington NC

Burlington, North Carolina, is home to a notable point of interest, PO Box 2230 Burlington NC. This postal address has become a central hub for businesses and individuals alike, creating an anchor point within this thriving community. As you explore the landscape of Burlington, you might be curious about the significance of this PO box and how it integrates with the city’s commerce and daily communications.

When you consider the pivotal role of a postal address in today’s digital age, PO Box 2230 in Burlington stands out. Not only does it serve as a receiving point for important mail for residents and companies, but it also marks a spot on the map for the city’s economic and logistical networking. Whether you’re sending or expecting mail, understanding the connective significance of this PO box ensures that your communications are streamlined and secure, enhancing your interaction with this dynamic North Carolina city.

Understanding PO Boxes

When navigating the landscape of mailing addresses, you’ll encounter the term “PO Box” frequently. Understanding how they operate and their benefits in comparison to physical street addresses is key to optimizing your mail management.

Purpose and Usage

A Post Office Box (PO Box) is a secure and private mailbox located inside a post office facility. The primary function of a PO Box is to receive mail in a location separate from your physical address. It’s useful for:

  • Maintaining privacy
  • Secure handling of correspondence
  • Consistency in receiving mail for individuals or businesses that move frequently

Here’s how you can use a PO Box:

  1. Visit your local post office or online portal.
  2. Select the desired box size and rental period.
  3. Complete an application and provide identification.

Comparison with Physical Addresses

The main distinctions between a PO Box and a physical address relate to location and type of delivery.

Feature PO Box Physical Address
Delivery Type Mail items only; certain carriers may not deliver to PO Boxes. Mail and parcels from all carriers.
Associated with An individual or business electing to use postal services. A specific geographical location and structure.
Use for Registration Often, it is not valid for official documents that require a street address. Commonly required for government documents and registrations.
Privacy It adds a layer of anonymity; mail isn’t delivered to your home. Mail comes directly to your residence or business.

Keep in mind that while a PO Box offers privacy and security, it may not be suitable for all types of deliveries, and some services require a standard physical address. In addition, you can also read an article at PO Box 42346 Indianapolis IN.

Local Information

In this section, you’ll find focused insights about Burlington, North Carolina, and the state-level services available. Discover key aspects of this vibrant city and how state services contribute to the convenience and quality of life in Burlington.

About Burlington

Burlington, located in Alamance County, is a charming city in North Carolina known for its historical sites, thriving community, and diverse activities. As you explore Burlington, you’ll encounter picturesque parks, a variety of shopping destinations, and local businesses that enhance the city’s character. It’s noteworthy that PO Box 2230 Burlington NC is an address linked with several companies and individuals, reflecting the city’s active business environment.

State Services in North Carolina

North Carolina’s state services are dedicated to enhancing the well-being and prosperity of its residents. Whether you require assistance from the Department of Motor Vehicles or need health-related services, the state ensures that essential services are accessible. State services are managed efficiently, ensuring that whether you’re starting a business or looking for support, you’re well taken care of in North Carolina.

Businesses in Burlington NC

When you explore Burlington, NC, one aspect that stands out is the robust presence of healthcare facilities and pioneering medical services, such as those provided by Labcorp. Here, health and patient care are prioritized, showcasing the city’s commitment to wellbeing.

Healthcare Facilities

In Burlington, you’ll find an array of healthcare providers dedicated to delivering exceptional patient care. These facilities range from hospitals and clinics to specialized medical centers. Your health needs are met with the utmost diligence and professionalism in this community.

Labcorp and Medical Services

Labcorp, with a significant presence in Burlington, is central to the medical services sector. Being a global life sciences company, they offer comprehensive clinical laboratory and end-to-end drug development services. If you’re a patient or healthcare provider in Burlington, Labcorp is a name synonymous with health innovation and trusted diagnostics.

Service Offered by Labcorp Description
Clinical Laboratory Testing Vital for patients needing routine blood work or specialized testing.
Drug Development Services Supporting pharmaceutical and biotech companies in developing new therapies.

Labcorp is prominent in Burlington, not just for its testing services, but also as a key employer and contributor to the local economy.

Contact Methods

Accessing services from businesses located at PO Box 2230 in Burlington, NC, requires knowing the right contact methods. Whether you need to communicate by phone, send mail, or reach out electronically, having the correct information is crucial for timely and efficient interactions.

Phone and Fax Information

Phone Contact:

  • General Inquiry: Call toll-free at 800-845-6167 for customer service support.
  • Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM.

Fax Details:

  • Fax Your Documents: To send a fax, use the number (336) 436-1048.

Postal Services

Mailing Correspondence:

  • Send Mail To:
    • Labcorp
    • PO Box 2240
    • Burlington, NC 27216-2240

Ensure that no personal information, such as social security numbers or private health details, is included in your postal mail.

Electronic Communication

Email and Online Messaging:

  • Customer Support Email: Contact the helpdesk via [email protected] for electronic support.
  • Online Payments: Payments can be made at Labcorp.com under the Bill Pay section.

Remember, electronic communication is a convenient way to send messages and conduct transactions efficiently. Additionally, you can also read about- PO Box 1911 Southgate MI.

PO Box 2230 Burlington NC: Privacy Concerns

PO Box 2230 Burlington NC

When it comes to managing your personal information, nothing is more important than ensuring its safety and maintaining your privacy. PO Box 2230 Burlington, NC, becomes relevant in the context of securing your personal data from misuse.

Protecting Personal Information

How secure is your personal information? When you send or receive mail, ensuring that your sensitive details such as social security numbers or private health information remain confidential is crucial. Using a physical address may expose you to unwanted attention and risk. A PO Box, at locations like the one at PO Box 2230 Burlington NC, can serve as a layer of protection, offering a shield between your personal information and the public eye.

  • Mailing Address Discretion: Your personal information is less accessible to others.
  • Limited Access: Only postal service staff and the box holder can access the contents of a PO Box.

Opting for a PO Box

Why should you consider a PO Box? Choosing a PO Box for your correspondence is a proactive step you can take to safeguard your identity. Here’s a brief rundown of the advantages:

  • Enhanced Security: A locked box at a postal facility protects your mail from theft.
  • Privacy: Sensitive documents are not left at an unattended home mailbox.

Did you know? With a PO Box, your physical location stays private, shielding you from potential identity theft scenarios tied to physical mail theft.

Remember, the goal is keeping your identity yours. PO Box 2230 Burlington, NC, and similar addresses, are wise choices for those looking to protect themselves.

Customer Service

In the realm of customer service, your experience should be as efficient as it is helpful, whether it’s managing your billing, booking appointments, or seeking support for any inquiries or issues you may face.

Billing and Payments

When it comes to managing your payments, you have access to an automated payment collection process, ensuring secure and timely billing services. For billing inquiries or to update payment information, you should contact the customer service number provided:

  • Contact Number: 800-845-6167
  • Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM

You can send mail to:

  • Mailing Address: PO Box 2240, Burlington, NC 27216-2240

Remember to exclude personal data, such as usernames and social security numbers, from your correspondence.

Appointment Scheduling

Are you looking to book an appointment? It’s essential that you can schedule your appointments with ease. You should use the official channels to ensure your appointment is set accurately and efficiently. Check the official website or call the customer service number for new appointments or changes to existing ones. If you want, you can also read- PO Box 3002 In Phoenixville PA.

Help and Support

Should you require assistance or have any questions, the Help and Support section of customer service is equipped to provide you with accurate data and quality help. It’s crucial you have reliable channels to contact:

  • Customer Support: Reach out through the ‘Contact Us’ page or call the main support hotline.
  • Data Privacy: For issues or questions regarding your personal information, direct your inquiries to the dedicated line or contact form on the official site.

Community Interactions

Exploring PO Box 2230 Burlington, NC, reveals a focal point of vital community services and interactions. As you look into what makes this location noteworthy, you’ll discover its impact on public perception and resident engagement.

Reviews and Public Opinion

What do people say about the services at PO Box 2230?

People often express their opinions on the companies and services associated with PO Box 2230 Burlington NC. The reviews reflect on the conditions of the facilities and the quality of care received. The public opinion is shaped by the experiences of those who interact with entities operating from this address. Positive reviews highlight the comfortable living arrangements and the caring support provided, while any negative feedback can spur improvements in services and facilities.

Engagement with Residents

How do entities at PO Box 2230 engage with residents?

Organizations based at PO Box 2230 Burlington NC prioritize resident engagement through a variety of services and programs. They aim to create a sense of community, freedom, and comfort. Resident engagement is seen through activities that foster involvement and inclusion, ensuring that residents feel they are a pivotal part of their community. This proactive approach encourages feedback and participation, building a stronger connection between the services and those they serve.

You May Find Interest: PO Box 30924 Salt Lake City


PO Box 2230 Burlington, NC, is a hub where multiple businesses and individuals have been associated. If you’re considering utilizing postal services in this area, you might find this address frequently mentioned across various companies and private entities. When seeking out a location for mail collection that has been in use by a range of businesses, it’s essential to note the connected history and utility of PO Box 2230.

Address Details:

  • PO Box Number: 2230
  • Location: Burlington, NC
  • Postal Code: 27216

Associated Suite Number (if any): Not specified, typically NA for PO Boxes.
Nearest Landmark: Close to Burlington’s central business district.

Are you exploring options for a mailing address in Burlington, NC, within zip code 27216? You’re tracking the right course. This location offers a stable and established point for postal correspondence.

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