Oxford University’s Covid-19 Vaccine is Highly Effective

Researchers claim that the potential vaccine for novel Coronavirus, made by Oxford University in the UK and Swedish-British multinational drug company AstraZeneca, has been able to prevent infection in 70 percent of patients. This was reported by the BBC on Monday.

The BBC report says that such results were found in the trial in large part. Oxford researchers have been conducting research for 10 months on the old and long-tested method.

While Pfizer and BioNtech and Moderna vaccines can provide 95% protection, the BBC reports Oxford-AstraZeneca has the chance to say something special about the success.

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However, the vaccine will be less expensive and will be easier to store. If final approval is given, policymakers will be interested in the vaccine for both reasons.

There were two results came from the trial of over 20,000 volunteers in the UK and Brazil. A total of 20,000 volunteers were vaccinated against the Oxford vaccine. However, scientists are still unsure why this is happening.

In the UK, 4 million doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca are available and 96 million doses are on the way to production. However, the vaccine can be used only after final approval after the final verification of how safe, effective, and quality is being produced. The operation is expected to be completed in a few weeks.

After approval, the UK medical services and people over 85 years of age will get the vaccine on a priority basis. The country will ensure the distribution of the vaccine in order to the next age.

The UK government has ordered Oxford University to do 100 million doses of the vaccine. These will help create the immune system of 500 million people in the country.

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