November 2023 on Prime Video: Your Guide to the Best New TV Shows and Movies

Are you looking for the latest upcoming shows on Amazon Prime Video? In November 2023, Prime Video will feature new films and series that include a James Bond game show and an adult animated superhero series.

This article provides all the information you need about the new shows on Amazon Prime in November 2023. Find out what’s coming to Prime this month so you can start planning your watch list now!

Content Highlights

  • November 2023 has an exciting content lineup for Amazon Prime users, including Gen V, Twin Love, Invincible (Season 2), Law School (Season 1), and exclusive titles from Freevee.
  • James Bond game show 007: Road to a Million is premiering on Nov 21st with Brian Cox hosting and producing it alongside Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson of ‘James Bond’ fame.
  • New remote viewing experiences are available with Mystery Science Theater 3000 Megathon, which streams live over three days and showcases full movie marathons.
  • My Best Friend’s Wedding Reunion, the Feed Coven, Real Talk with JoJo Siwa, and Barbie will allow fans to relive classic films or learn about teenage topics firsthand this month on Prime Video.

New Shows on Amazon Prime in November 2023


Release Date



Highly Anticipated?

Gen V

November 3, 2023

Animated, Superhero

Amazon Prime Video


Bosch: Legacy (Season 2)

November 2023

Crime, Drama

Amazon Prime Video


Upload (Season 3)

November 2023

Comedy, Sci-Fi

Amazon Prime Video


Twin Love

November 2023


Amazon Prime Video


Invincible (Season 2)

November 2023

Adult Animated, Superhero

Amazon Prime Video


The Night Agent (Season 1)

November 10, 2023

Espionage, Thriller

Amazon Prime Video


Law School (Season 1)

November 2023

Legal Drama

Amazon Prime Video


My Best Friend’s Wedding Reunion

November 2023

Romance, Comedy



The Feed Coven

November 2023




Real Talk with JoJo Siwa

November 2023

Talk Show



Mystery Science Theater 3000 Megathon

November 2023





November 17, 2023

Romantic Christmas Movie



007: Road to a Million

November 10, 2023

Game Show

Amazon Prime Video


Table: All New Shows on Amazon Prime Streaming Network on November 2023 

November is an exciting month for Amazon Prime Video subscribers, as a slew of new and highly anticipated films and shows are coming to the streaming service. Beginning with November 3, viewers can enjoy Gen V, Bosch: Legacy (Season 2), Upload (Season 3), Twin Love and Invincible (Season 2).

On November 10, we’ll get our first glimpse at The Night Agent (Season 1) – a thriller starring Peter Sarsgaard – followed by the premiere of Law School (Season 1) on Nov.

21 Plus, Freevee will release exclusive content throughout the month, such as ‘Zero Sense’ filmed over two years in eight countries worldwide, exploring alt-technology methods people use to solve real problems, from homelessness to water shortage issues.

On November 3rd, audiences will be able to dive into several exciting releases, including Gen V – an animated superhero series about four genetic hybrid kids tasked with saving their lost homeland from invaders from deep space; moreover, Kindle’s Bosch: Legacy returns this season with Titus Welliver reprising his role as Harry Bosch in what critics have called ‘a satisfyingly complex crime drama.’

Viewers will also welcome back Upload Season 3, featuring Robbie Amell returning as Nathan Brown alongside Andy Allo, who portrays Nora Anthoney, and Kevin Bigley stars as Luke Metroburg.

List of Shows Premiering on Prime Video

Get ready to be enthralled with exclusive shows on Amazon Prime Video this November, including new seasons of Gen V, Bosch: Legacy, Upload and Invincible; the sitcom Twin Love; newcomer drama series The Night Agent and Law School.

Gen V

Gen V is an upcoming animated superhero series on Amazon Prime set to premiere on November 3, 2023. Acclaimed animation creator Genndy Tartakovsky creates the series and follows Vivian “V.E.,” a teenager who discovers she has superpowers that allow her to manipulate electricity – and the responsibility that comes with it.

Through exciting action sequences, brilliant art direction, and some wry humor along the way, Gen V breaks new ground in fantasy adventure animation. It features a fantastic cast of voice actors, including Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica), Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), and Awkwafina (Crazy Rich Asians).

With its blend of comedy and drama and strong characters with multi-dimensional journeys to explore, this show looks like a must-watch family viewing for all ages!

Bosch: Legacy (Season 2)

is one of the highly anticipated shows premiering on Amazon Prime Video in November 2023. An extension of the popular police drama Bosch, this season focuses on Harry Bosch’s daughter Maddie who takes up her father’s investigation into a serial killer with technology and modern methods.

The show promises to follow an intriguing storyline that viewers eagerly await!

With its exciting premise, Bosch: Legacy (Season 2) has become associated with Amazon Prime Video’s library of original content that audiences worldwide love.

Despite the need for more specific release date information within November for this series debut, viewers are excitedly counting the days until it arrives on Prime Video!

Upload (Season 3)

This critically acclaimed comedy series’ 3rd season Upload will arrive on Amazon Prime Video in November 2023. Written by Greg Daniels (The Office, Parks, and Recreation) and starring Robbie Amell (The Flash), Andy Allo, Kevin Bigley, Zenobia Shroff, Kelsey Griswold Booth, and more – Upload showcases a unique world filled with fascinating concepts that feel at once simultaneously weird yet believable.

It follows the story of Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell), who uploads his consciousness to Lakeview after an “accident” leaves him partially paralyzed in real life. At Lakeview, he meets Nora Anthanium (Andy Allo), an artificial intelligence server assigned as his customer service representative ashore on their odd couple adventures seeking love and redemption — something viewers are eager to witness in this upcoming season.

Unfortunately, there’s no specific premiere date or further details surrounding the show’s return – leaving us all curious about what writer/creator Daniels has prepared for Season 3 of Upload!

Twin Love

Twin Love is a Holofilm production premiering on Amazon Prime Video in November 2023. This unique reality show focuses on the love lives of identical twins, featuring ten sets of twins placed into two houses who each embark on their romantic journey to find true love.

The ultimate mission for the participants is to determine whether they have more things in common with their identical siblings or if opposites genuinely do attract when it comes to love interests.

Through this premise, Twin Love explores the dynamics and relationships between siblings that are so closely intertwined yet still deeply individual at its core. Beyond finding truth connections through one’s other half, viewers can expect lots of drama as these ten pairs will explore what works best for them on their quest for mutual happiness – making Twin Love a must-watch series this fall season!

Invincible (Season 2)

is set to premiere on Prime Video in November 2023. This adult animated superhero series received a near-perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes for its first season, making it highly anticipated during the announcement of the second season.

Fans of Invincible will be delighted by the release format — with half of the season’s episodes released at once and new episodes airing weekly throughout November.

With unique, funny, darkly thrilling, heart-warming, and action-packed stories all in one package, it is no wonder why critics have been raving about this show and why fans can’t wait to get their hands on Season 2.

The Night Agent (Season 1)

is an espionage thriller series set in national security and counter-terrorism. The show follows Agent Tasha Haines as she investigates threats against the American government.

She’s paired up with assigned partner Demetrius Jones to work together on missions that take them worldwide. Along with a team of analysts from ATCA (All Threats Countermeasure Agency), they use cutting-edge technology to stop high-profile threats before it’s too late.

Starring actors Alanna Ubach, Dan Amboyer, Derek Smith, and Adriana DeGirolami, this new Amazon Prime offering looks like a spellbinding spy drama full of thrills and suspense. With its sharp writing, direction, and edge-of-your-seat plot lines weaved together by tight storylines – “The Night Agent” promises to be an action-packed watch this November 2023!

Law School (Season 1)

is one of the new shows coming to Amazon Prime in November 2023. It has a theme related to law and legal education, which makes it an exciting addition to the streaming platform. This show promises to offer original content and, once released, will join the ranks of successful shows available on Prime Video subscriptions.

Although there are no set release dates for this upcoming series, viewers can be sure they will receive quality content when “Law School (Season 1)” premieres.

Exclusives on Freevee

shows on freeve

With Amazon Prime, viewers can always expect exciting and unique content. Freevee brings exclusive movies and shows to the platform crafted specifically for the streaming service.

On November 2023, viewers can look forward to

  1. My Best Friend’s Wedding Reunion (Romance/Comedy Movie)
  2. The Feed Coven (Fantasy Series)
  3. Real Talk with JoJo Siwa (Talk Show about teen topics hosted by Jojo Siwa)
  4. Mystery Science Theater 3000 Megathon (three full days of Mystery Science movie marathons).
  5. EXmas (Nov. 17) (An Anticipated Romantic Christmas Movie)

Exciting New Releases on November 3

  • The first half of the second season of “Invincible,” an adult animated superhero series.
  • The James Bond game show, titled “007: Road to a Million,” will be hosted by Brian Cox from “Succession.” Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson produce this show and follow nine pairs of everyday people on a global adventure for a chance to win a £1 million prize.
  • “Half Love, Half Arranged” on Amazon miniTV.
  • “Barbie” on Prime Video.

Highly Anticipated Premieres on November 10

  • Invincible (Season 2): This hit animated superhero show follows 17-year-old Mark Grayson, a.k.a. Invincible, as he discovers how his superpowers will affect the world and his responsibilities to it.
  • 007: Road to a Million: Hosted by Brian Cox, this James Bond game show follows nine pairs of everyday people on a global adventure to win £1 million—and only one team can reach the finish line first! Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, the long-time James Bond producers, produce it.

Must-Watch Shows Premiering on November 21

  • The James Bond game show, hosted by Brian Cox, will have its global premiere on November 21. It follows nine pairs of everyday people on an adventure around the world for a chance to win a £1 million prize. This exciting show is brought to us by producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson of James Bond fame.
  • Invincible’s second season will also be premiering, with its first half of episodes available from the same date. After receiving a near-perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes for Season 1, you can’t miss this animated superhero drama!
  • Other new shows coming up in November include Upload (Season 3), Twin Love (Offbeat Club Storytelling), The Night Agent (Season 1) and Law School (Season 1).

Recap of Recent Episodes

Catch up on the latest episodes of two exciting Amazon Prime Video shows, ‘The Night Agent’ and ‘Law School’. Find out what happens next by tuning in to see newly released episodes every week.

The Night Agent (Season 1, Episode 6)

is an intense and thrilling new Amazon Prime series, perfect for anyone who enjoys spy action. With Season 1 at its halfway point on November 2023, Episode 6 of the show comes in full force as viewers dive deeper into protagonist Stan Mykhailov’s story.

This episode will center around a breaking news situation Stan has to manage while digging further into Russky Realty and the dark figure bedeviling them all. By now, it should be clear to the viewer how dangerous this mission has become, and this episode promises plenty of edge-of-your-seat tension.

Additionally, well-placed comedic touches from side characters help alleviate some of the consternation from high-stakes situations like these! The cast is full of unique personalities, which keep things exciting in this next installment, so don’t miss out!

Law School (Season 1, Episode 10)

focuses on the lives and challenges of law students. The episode explores the intricacies of the legal profession as seen through various student perspectives, from feeling overwhelmed during exams to figuring out how to best navigate law school’s social hierarchies.

In this installment, you’ll see a professor’s death leads some teaching staff and students to take drastic measures while others struggle with integrity to ensure justice.

Coupled with rising tensions between characters old and new, Episode 10 provides an engaging insight into one of the most competitive environments a student can face. This latest installment captures significant developments for several issues central to the show’s narrative while providing fans with enough teasers for what comes next.

Upcoming Films and Shows on Amazon Prime

new amazon shows

Amazon Prime has an array of exciting films and shows coming in November 2023, such as the James Bond-inspired game show, ‘Half Love, Half Arranged,’ which will be streaming on miniTV; the Barbie movie will be premiering exclusively on Prime Video; and various other episodic series.

James Bond game show

will premiere on Amazon Prime in November 2023. Hosted by the world-renowned actor Brian Cox, this show presents everyday people with a chance to win a £1 million prize. Nine pairs of players will be competing against each other across five days of episodes for their share of a million pounds.

Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson produced this game show, two long-time producers from behind the James Bond movie franchise. With such high stakes, engaging gameplay, and charismatic participants, “007: Road to a Million” promises exciting entertainment for your holiday season!

‘Half Love, Half Arranged’ on Amazon mini tv

The new show ‘Half Love, Half Arranged’ is part of the vast library of original content and beloved classics offered by Amazon Prime. It is exclusively available on Amazon miniTV, making it an exciting addition for fans in November 2023.

The show follows a unique concept, as its title suggests – half love story, half arranged marriage story. This light-hearted comedy revolves around two individuals from diverse backgrounds drawn together with unlikely relationship dynamics that viewers can look forward to exploring.

The cast features famous Indian actors such as Kajal Aggarwal, Ali Asgar Kataria, and Sikander Sukhdev in the lead roles, portraying these endearing characters going through their intertwined journey towards finding each other over time.

‘Barbie’ on Prime Video

Prime Video is introducing a new series based on the famous Mattel toy line in November 2023 with Barbie: The Queen of Everything. This show follows the beloved blond as she embarks on a magical journey to become an empowered businesswoman and cultural icon.

Executive-produced by Amy Schumer, Lisa Zeno Churgin, Kim Rosenstock, and co-executive producer Justis Greene from Universal Content Productions, this live-action series will feature twists and turns.

The network promises that “the inspiring makeover” storyline will lead viewers through tales of friendship, family secrets, backstabbing rivals, and career triumphs for our favorite fashionista.

How to Watch: Step-by-Step Guide

With Amazon Prime, it’s easy to stream your favorite films and shows- simply sign up, download this app, search for your desired title, and start streaming.

Sign up for Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime offers readers exclusive deals, free shipping, and hours of entertainment content via their membership. It makes it one of the best recognizable services on the web today.

Readers must sign up for an account to enjoy all Amazon Prime offers. The process is simple – first, customers visit the official website (, where they’ll get a ‘Sign Up’ option.

Customers then enter their personal information, such as name, email address, and payment information, before registering. After signing up, users can take advantage of some fantastic benefits immediately! From having access to instant streaming from thousands of shows and movies, including new releases premiering on Prime Video in November 2023 like Gen V, Bosch: Legacy Season 2, and more, plus bonus extras from Starzplay; special discounts on electronics; grocery delivery; and much more — readers can experience everything that Amazon Prime has available at any time they choose!

Download the Prime Video app

Amazon Prime Video’s new films and shows in November 2023 are accessible with the download of its Prime Video app. Customers need to sign up for an Amazon Prime membership to access these.

Get this app for desktop computers and mobile devices such as phones and tablets, giving users plenty of options for watching their favorite content.

The app allows viewers to quickly browse through hundreds of movies, TV shows, live sports events, music videos, and more from one convenient location. Plus, customers can access original series released exclusively through Amazon Prime Video.

With titles like Gen V, Bosch: Legacy (Season 2), Upload (Season 3), Twin Love, Invincible (Season 2), The Night Agent (Season 1), and Law School( Season 1) – there’s sure something for everyone!

Additionally, FreeVee is offering exclusive streaming for a limited window so that fans have early access before it begins airing publicly.

Search for your desired show or movie

Finding the right content to watch on Prime Video is easy. All you need to do is sign up for Amazon Prime, download the app, and start searching! Via the search bar on top of your screen, you can type in keywords or phrases related to what genre or title of show/movie you’d like to watch.

Once your results appear, don’t forget that Amazon Prime has several sorting filters to help narrow down the options and quickly find what you’re looking for.

Again, users have the option to save their favorite searches so that they are ready anytime! Don’t hesitate to explore further in-app menus such as “Recommended For You” and “Watchlist” for additional recommendations based on previously watched shows and movies.

Stream and enjoy!

With Amazon Prime Video, you can access new shows and movies at your fingertips. Create an account on Amazon Prime– the process is fast and easy.

Then, download the Prime Video app to stream from any compatible device. From there, search for whatever show or movie you want to watch and start streaming! With just a few clicks of your mouse or taps on a screen, you can watch any series or film that catches your eye! It’s simple: type in what you’re looking for into their expansive library of content — whether it’s seasonal favorites releasing this November 2023 or long-time classics — and within minutes, the options are available.

Don’t miss out – join millions worldwide by signing up with Amazon Prime today so that you don’t miss out on all these exciting releases in November 2023!


November 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting month for Amazon Prime users, with a diverse range of genres and content. This month, from new series such as Gen V and Twin Love to big-name shows like Invincible (season 2) and Law School (season 1), will indeed have something for everyone.

And with so many premieres crowded onto the same day, viewers will be spoiled for choice! Meanwhile, exclusive Freevee titles such as The Night Agent offer even more great streaming options.

Anyone looking to get the most out of their Amazon Prime subscription should take advantage of these fantastic TV experiences by downloading the app now or signing up if needed.

Watch your chosen shows with just a few clicks in no time – it’s that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check some commonly asked questions about the new shows on Amazon Prime on November 2023.

1. What new shows will be on Amazon Prime in November 2023?

In November 2023, Amazon Prime subscribers can expect to find a range of new and exclusive TV shows, such as comedy series, thrillers, family entertainment, and more, as discussed above.

2. Can I watch the latest info about these new shows?

Yes! When Amazon Prime releases information regarding each show, you can access all the latest updates via their website or app.

3. How do I know what type of show something is before watching?

Before subscribing to any particular show in November 2023, it’s easy to get an idea about its contents with just a glance at reviews and ratings from viewers who have already watched it.

 4. Are all these shows available for free? 

Unfortunately, you’ll get some of them included in your subscription package if you’re an existing customer. Otherwise, you’ll need to purchase individual titles or sign up for a month-by-month subscription service to gain full access.


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