The Most Stunning Beaches Around the World

If you are a beach lover, there are countless stunning beaches around the world waiting for you to discover. However, it can be overwhelming to decide what to see next due to the long list of options. To help narrow down your choices and make it easier for you to make your decision, we shortlisted some of the most amazing beaches around the world that are worth visiting.

 Mezizim Beach, Israel

Israel may not be a country to cross your mind about beaches. However, you will be surprised that it also offers outstanding shores. Since it’s located along the Mediterranean coast, it has gorgeous waters that can compete with other popular beach destinations around the world, and one of them is Mezizim Beach. This Tel Aviv beach attracts younger tourists and families. Its laidback atmosphere, crystal clear waters, and clean white sands await you. It also has a playground that kids will enjoy. Moreover, this beach has a blue flag; awarded to those that pass the strict criteria on cleanliness, safety, and accessibility.

 Saud Beach, Philippines

The Philippines is a popular destination in Southeast Asia for its pristine beaches, and Saud Beach is one of the best. Located in the northern part of the country, in the province of Ilocos Norte, it will not disappoint with its long stretch of fine, white sand, clear and calm waters, and the lush green trees surrounding the beach. It has the same beauty as other famous beaches in the country, like Boracay, but without a huge crowd. So, this is the right one for you if you want a more relaxing and quieter beach experience. In addition, the warm and friendly locals are a bonus.

Elafonissi Beach, Greece

This beach is located on Crete Island, and it’s famous for its unique pink sand. Its clear blue waters and exceptional landscape will take your breath away. The water is shallow, which makes it safe for kids. The sandbar connects it to the mainland, and although you cannot see it during high tide, you can still walk on it since the water only reaches up to three feet. There are a few taverns offering drinks and the freshest seafood too.

 Hanalei Bay, Hawaii

The best beach list will not be complete without an entry from Hawaii. Hanalei Bay is located on Kauaʻi Island, with about two miles of beach surrounded by mountains. You will feel close to nature with its majestic view. If you are a surfing enthusiast, the best time to visit here is during the winter season, as the waves are bigger and faster during this time.

 Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles

This beach has a jaw-dropping beauty. You will be in awe of its golden sand, calm and shallow waters, and unbelievable granite formation. No wonder it was featured in movies like Crusoe and Cast Away. You can reach the beach by walking or biking from the mainland.


Going to the beach will make you feel relaxed, and it’s an incredible experience, especially if you get to see the best ones in the world, like the list above.  

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