Messis’s MLS Debut: Selena Gomez, Leonardo DiCaprio, Prince Harry Among Those to See Messi in LA

Inter Miami secured a significant 3-1 victory against LAFC on a memorable Sunday, underlining their determination to stage a late-season charge towards the MLS Cup playoffs.

However, it wasn’t just the win that took the spotlight that day.

What truly stole the show was the fact that the match marked Lionel Messi‘s debut in Los Angeles since his move to Inter Miami in MLS. This monumental occasion attracted a galaxy of Hollywood stars to the stadium, making it one of the most anticipated spectacles in American sports this year.

The list of noteworthy attendees read like a who’s who of Hollywood and beyond. Among those either spotted in the crowd or expected to be in attendance were Selena Gomez, Leonardo DiCaprio, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Tyga, Gerard Butler, Tom Holland, LeBron James, Toby McGuire, Nas, Owen Wilson, and many more. Their presence added an extra layer of glamour and excitement to an already historic sporting event.

Herculez Gomez, a prominent figure from ESPN Deportes, generously provided a list of the “notable attendees” at the event.

In the crowd, eagle-eyed observers spotted Gomez and Tyga, and cameras captured their reactions when Messi’s goal was denied by a fantastic save from LAFC.

DiCaprio was spotted munching a refreshing snack.

Prince Harry was photographed without Meghan Markle.

Messis MLS Debut

Will Ferrell, a member of LAFC’s ownership group, proudly displayed his championship ring for the MLS cameras.

Mario Lopez was in attendance to show his support for LAFC.

Naturally, David Beckham, a key figure in the Inter Miami ownership group and a driving force behind Messi’s arrival in the United States, was spotted on the sidelines.

And the list of notable attendees just continued to grow for this monumental event in American sports.

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