5 Ways to Improve Mental Health for Elderly

Coronavirus has become a global panic. Its effect is visible in every case. People of all ages are facing this challenge. Children’s schools are closed, they can’t play, friends can’t be seen, then handling work from home is a new challenge for parents.

Most of the elderly are retiring from their respective activities. People over the age of 60 face age-related health problems with physical, social, financial and environmental challenges. So, Indian media Times Now has published a report highlighting the ways of mental well-being of senior citizens.

Mental healthcare for elderly

The elderly and children at the highest risk. So the old people’s routine is a little more difficult. This has put some pressure on their mindset. Efforts have been made to make better routines to maintain their mental well-being. Let’s find out five ways here:

Mental support

Talk to the elderly regularly. They have various thought processes that can affect their minds. Fear of infection, fear of uncertainty, fear of infected family members can lead to self-neglect, sleep loss and increased enthusiasm. Therefore, mental support can be given by knowing this in regular conversations with them. This conversation can also take place while sharing tea or at the breakfast table.

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As they get old, people usually become rigid and become a little self-centered. The highest limitation of Coronavirus is socialization. In this case, they can be encouraged by using digital media like audio-video calls, conferencing. Now many elders are comfortable using Android. In this case, they may be socially connected. However, most seniors are limited to listening to music and watching videos. They can be encouraged in regular audio-video conferencing.

Accurate information

The elderly are well aware of their weaknesses in tackling the Covid-19. They know very well that they may have more problems with the treatment of the cancer. These fears and fears can weaken health concerns and panic. For this, proper information about the Covid-19 awareness should be given regularly. This will increase mental strength.

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Open discussion

It is important to add children and elderly to maintain the right balance between professionalism and responsibility. If you regularly sit together with your children and elders and have a lot of discussions, their resentment towards their closed lives will be removed. They will know a lot of unknowns. You will also have a balance of domestic work, collective workout, gaming, studies and film music.


Some online groups are active for multiple suggestions. There are multiple groups for individual issues. Any advice can be taken from them. Or, virtual advice can also be taken with your own doctor.

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