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Lisa Mcvey Grandmother Charged: The Truth Behind The Abuse

lisa mcvey grandmother charged

The story of Lisa McVey’s survival and bravery is widely known, but not many are familiar with the challenging circumstances she faced even before her abduction. People looking for hope in dark times often seek out stories of resilience.

Here, we dive into a part of Lisa’s life that remained in the shadows: her experience with her grandmother and the allegations of abuse. Lisa Mcvey’s grandmother charged story—true or false? Despite overcoming one nightmare, a lesser-known battle was fought on home turf.

At just 14 years old, Lisa had to move in with her neglectful grandmother after being removed from an already unstable living situation. This shift marked the beginning of another harrowing chapter in her life, one marred by regular sexual assaults by someone close to her guardian.

Our article aims to peel back these layers, revealing how adversity did not deter Lisa; it prepared her for survival against all odds. Keep reading for an inspiring journey through darkness towards light—Lisa’s story awaits.

Who is Lisa McVey?

In Florida in 1984, the notorious serial killer and rapist Bobby Joe Long kidnapped and raped Lisa McVey when she was 17 years old. This harrowing experience marked a turning point in her life.

Despite the trauma she endured, Lisa transformed her ordeal into a source of strength. She dedicated her career to helping others as a Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputy specializing in sex crimes.

Not only does she serve as a school resource deputy, but Lisa also became a motivational speaker, sharing her story to inspire and empower those who have faced similar adversities.

Her incredible journey from victim to valiant survivor caught the attention of filmmakers, leading to the creation of “BELIEVE Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey.” This film aired on Lifetime in 2018 and later became available on Netflix UK in June 2021.

Through this movie, viewers across the globe learned about Lisa’s bravery and how she overcame one of life’s darkest moments. Now known as Lisa Noland, she continues to be an advocate for victims of sexual abuse and an inspiration to many around the world.

The Abduction of Lisa McVey

Lisa McVey was kidnapped while riding her bike home in Tampa, Florida. Her 26-hour fight for survival began that night, marking a pivotal point in her life story.

The Kidnapping by Bobby Joe Long

Bobby Joe Long kidnapped Lisa McVey in Tampa, Florida, during a late night in 1984. She was just a teenager riding her bicycle home from work when he forcefully took her. This event marked the start of a terrifying ordeal for Lisa, highlighting the dangers lurking within seemingly safe neighborhoods.

The abductor, known as the Classified Ad Rapist for his method of finding victims through ads, had already committed several violent crimes by this time.

After taking Lisa, Long held her captive for 26 hours. Throughout this period, she experienced unimaginable fear and abuse at his hands. Courageously, she used remarkable tactics to stay alive and later assist law enforcement in catching him.

lisa mcvey case

Her efforts paid off when Bobby Joe Long was arrested on November 16, 1984, not far from his Tampa home, after visiting a movie theater. His capture put an end to his series of criminal activities across the Tampa Bay area and eventually led to his sentencing to death by lethal injection for first-degree murder, among other offenses. Additionally, you can also read about- Kathryn Hunter Harry Potter.

Lisa’s 26-Hour Ordeal

Bobby Joe Long took Lisa McVey, which was the beginning of her 26-hour nightmare. During this time, she endured unimaginable fear and violence. She was raped and held against her will—a terrifying situation for anyone, especially a teenager.

Her bravery shone through despite the dire circumstances. Lisa used remarkable survival skills to keep herself alive. She paid attention to details about her captor and his car, knowing these could be vital clues later on.

Her quick thinking under such extreme stress would eventually lead to her release and play a crucial role in capturing Long.

Lisa McVey’s Grandmother

Lisa McVey’s life with her grandmother was far from the safe haven a child might expect. Allegations of abuse clouded their relationship, setting the stage for a deeper dive into her troubled home life.

The Role of Lisa’s Grandmother in Her Life

Lisa McVey’s grandmother played a crucial role in her life, offering a safe haven from abuse. This nurturing environment allowed Lisa to break the cycle of mistreatment she faced elsewhere.

Her grandmother not only provided stability and love but also supported Lisa through her most traumatic experiences. This solid foundation was key to Lisa’s overcoming the trauma she endured.

Her grandmother’s influence was vital for Lisa’s survival and recovery. With such unwavering support, Lisa found the strength to face and survive unimaginable challenges. The bond between them shows how crucial family support can be in healing and empowerment, especially after facing adverse conditions like abduction or abuse.

Allegations of Abuse

Living with her grandmother, Lisa McVey faced challenges beyond the unimaginable trauma of her abduction. Reports have emerged accusing her grandmother of abuse during those critical years of Lisa’s life.

This abusive environment, as alleged, included both physical and emotional harm, adding layers to an already heavy burden on young Lisa’s shoulders.

Fear and hurt took the place of the safety and love that a child should feel at home in this challenging situation. Such allegations shed light on another front in Lisa’s battle for survival and empowerment—her fight against the abusive circumstances within her own family.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office has been involved in investigating these serious claims, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

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Lisa’s Survival Tactics

Lisa McVey showed incredible bravery and quick thinking to stay alive. She used smart tactics that not only saved her but also helped catch a dangerous serial killer.

Outsmarting the Serial Killer

Lisa McVey was just 17 when she faced a nightmare. She encountered Bobby Joe Long, a serial killer, but her quick thinking saved her life. Here’s how she did it:

  1. Lisa pretended to understand Long’s pain: She showed empathy towards Long, which made him see her differently. This act of understanding prevented him from harming her further.
  2. Left clues: She made sure to leave behind physical evidence that could lead investigators back to her. Touching different surfaces and leaving fingerprints was part of her plan.
  3. Memorized details: Even in the darkest moments, Lisa paid close attention to details about Long and his car. She noted features like the color, make, and even smell of his vehicle.
  4. Stayed calm: Keeping her cool was crucial. This helped Lisa think clearly and make smart decisions during her abduction.
  5. She convinced him to release her: By talking to Long and making up a story that she had to take care of a sick family member, she managed to appeal to his sympathies.
  6. Directed attention away from home: Lisa knew if Long discovered where she lived, he might target her family next. So, she provided vague or misleading information about her residence.
  7. Promised not to tell: She assured Long that she wouldn’t go to the police if he let her go, buying herself time until she could safely alert authorities.

Through these brave actions, Lisa not only saved herself but also helped lead the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office directly to Bobby Joe Long, ensuring his capture and eventual sentence to death for his crimes against women in the Tampa Bay Area in 1984. Her story remains a powerful example of victim empowerment and survival tactics against criminal behavior.

Lisa McVey Grandmother Charged

After her escape, McVey Noland shared crucial details with the police. She remembered things from her kidnapping that others might have missed. Her smart observations included the car’s interior and specific sites they passed.

This information was golden for investigators. They quickly connected the dots between her abduction and the unsolved cases.

Thanks to McVey Noland’s bravery and quick thinking, Bobby Joe Long was arrested. Her detailed account linked him to two other murders besides her own horrifying experience. Law enforcement used what she told them to finally catch a killer who had been hiding in plain sight. If you want you can also read- Brittany Johns Obituary.


Lisa McVey’s story shines a light on the power of survival and resilience. Despite enduring unthinkable abuse from those meant to protect her, she emerged stronger, determined to empower others.

Her journey from victim to valiant deputy and speaker inspires many facing their own battles. Lisa’s life reminds us that even in darkness, one can find paths to help not only themselves but also many others around them.

Through her actions, Lisa has changed lives and continues to do so every day.

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