Reasons Why You Might Be Struggling to Find Success On Instagram

Do you think all your efforts on Instagram are fruitless? Does it seem like no matter what you do, the follower count will remain the same? Well, don’t worry because we all have been there.

Instagram growth is never easy. It requires endless dedication and learning to make your way from 0 to 1000 followers. But once you cross this major milestone, it will feel like you’re getting IG followers for free!

So, hang on and read about these 11 reasons why you might be struggling to find success on Instagram. Fixing that one mistake is all it will take to get growing on Instagram again;)

1. Lack of Quality Content

Instagram is a visual-based platform where the main form of content is images and videos. So, posting high-quality and engaging content is very important for success. If your posts lack creativity or your images are blurry, people are less likely to interact with your account.

They won’t also interact if your content doesn’t resonate with them. Make sure this doesn’t happen by researching who your target audience is and tailoring your content around their preferences.

2. Inconsistent Posting

Instagram’s algorithm favors accounts that post consistently. If you don’t post regularly, your content may not appear in your followers’ feeds. This may lead to decreased visibility and engagement. 

So, an effective way to overcome this challenge is to build a content calendar. Decide what you’re going to post and when. If possible, also create that content in advance and schedule it.

3. Ignoring Instagram Analytics

Your content’s visibility is greatly affected by the algorithms. And guess what? The Instagram algorithm prioritizes content based on users’ interests and engagement history. 

So, it’s very important to know what your audience likes and which content types perform the best. You can find all this valuable data from the analytics tool. Just click on the Professional Dashboard option on your profile and access all the information on your audience’s behavior!

By understanding and working with analytics, you can optimize your content to reach more of your target audience.

4. Not Engaging with the Community

Social media is about building relationships. When you don’t respond to comments or messages or interact with your followers, they may feel ignored or unimportant.

This lack of engagement can lead to decreased interest in your content and a decline in follower loyalty. It will also lower your chances of attracting new followers and increasing your reach on the platform.

5. Overusing Automation Tools

Automation tools are software or services that automate actions like liking, commenting, following, and unfollowing accounts. While they save time, using them can affect your growth on Instagram.

This is because automation can lead to inauthentic engagement and reduce visibility due to algorithm preferences for genuine interactions. It also risks getting penalties from Instagram and disconnecting you from your audience.

In short, people can sense when it’s automated and when it’s not. So, it’s best to not automate anything until you cross the 1000 followers milestone!

6. Using Banned Hashtags

Using hashtags that are banned or considered spammy can make it really hard to grow on Instagram. This is because when you include banned hashtags in your posts, Instagram’s algorithm may penalize your account by restricting its reach.

This means your content won’t show up in hashtag search results, making it harder for new users to discover your account. It will also limit your potential to attract new followers and increase engagement.

7. Ignoring Trends and Relevance

Hopping onto trend bandwagons and creating relevant content are must-do tasks for Instagram growth. If you ignore them, your content will appear outdated and less engaging to your audience.

So, if you want to increase the chances of attracting new followers and maintaining active engagement, you will have to stay current and align content with the audience’s interests.

8. Buying Fake Followers & Engagement

Purchasing fake followers or engagement might inflate your numbers but don’t forget that they are artificial 

These bought accounts are not genuine followers and won’t engage authentically with your content. This can harm your credibility and discourage real users from following or engaging with your account.

Remember, genuine engagement and organic growth are essential for building a loyal community on this platform.

9. Not Picking the Right Hashtags

We’ve already talked about using banned hashtags, but this one is different. It’s about choosing the right ones.

Using irrelevant hashtags can give a bad impression. Your content will pop up in front of people who aren’t interested in the niche. So, instead of attracting them, it will have the opposite effect – they will be annoyed!

So, the best way is to pick hashtags that describe your post content and your overall account type. You should also use a mix of high and low traffic tags to increase visibility.

10. Ignoring Instagram Stories & Reels

Both Instagram Stories and reels allow you to diversify your content and increase engagement potential. They allow you to share behind-the-scenes glimpses, showcase creativity, and connect with your audience on a more personal level.

They also enhance your visibility because Stories appear prominently at the top of users’ feeds, and Reels are promoted through the dedicated Reel section. If you ignore these features, you will be missing out on the golden opportunity to captivate new followers and establish an interactive online presence.

11. Not Using Instagram Ads

Investing in Instagram ads is the best decision you can make when the growth is halted. This feature allows you to target specific audiences and promote your content to a wider user base.

Without ads, you can’t attract new followers, increase brand awareness, or drive engagement quickly. It’s an easy solution to boost your account growth.

Before You Go!

Instagram has become a highly competitive platform, but your chances of growing are still high. No matter how many business and creator accounts pop up on the platform – there are still going to be way more personal accounts.

So, you will always have an audience available. You just need to figure out how to attract more people and build a loyal community. Hopefully, with the tips highlighted above, you’ll overcome that challenge too. Good luck!

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