How to Finance Your Dream Home?

A pristine white marbled dual-story house with a giant pool and a garden, surrounded by greenery and has automation and…maybe your dream home looks different from ours, but the fact is, it is a dream home. To be bought after countless years of yearning and earning. 

The National Association of Realtors says that the average age of a house buyer in 2022 was 36. This is because you need to invest a lot in this once-in-a-lifetime dream. But that doesn’t mean you must wait so long, either. 

Yes, you can start now, and all you need is a will to save and sound financial saving methods that suit your income. 

So, let’s look at a few tips to finance your dream home.

1. Prioritize Financial Discipline 

The first thing for buying a house is its down payment, which can be anywhere from 10-25% of the property value.

In the current housing market, that is huge if you want to buy a decent 3BHK with all the amenities. 

You have to financially discipline yourself to not make wasteful expenditures, cut costs and try expanding your income pool. You can also take up a few side jobs, work a few more shifts, or even try out a small business.

Of course, it will be tiring, but if you want to make this dream come true faster, you must put in the right effort! You will be glad the dealing is much easier once you have enough money for a down payment.

2. Invest Wisely

The only way you can make more money than you actually can is through investment. You are saving, but that will take an eternity to bring you to the dream house you want.

A 4-6% on savings accounts or FDs is great, but a dream home needs more than that. Try investing in stock markets, established company shares, and mutual funds.

They will bring you an extra boost of financial income. However less it might be, it contributes to your income.

3. Clear All Existing Loans

Try to clear all impending loans before you take a home loan. Two loans increase financial as well as mental stress. 

When you clear your existing loans, it adds value to your financial credit, increasing your chance for better home loans. You can then bargain for lower interest rates and get a loan from the bank you want. 

You must also check for your outstanding credits and your credit score. Make sure to pay up all credit card money on time to set a good score. This will further help you get better loans.

4. Ponder Over the Loan Amount

You might need to take a loan to complete the purchase of your dream house. But be careful of the amount you take in loan.

You don’t want to take a loan so big that neither you nor your next generation is able to pay it, and it becomes a burden on the new family members.

Try to keep your EMIS between 40-50% of your income and the total loan amount according to this sum.

However, if you have trouble researching the different loans or choosing from them, look for a mortgage broker Melbourne. A broker can even help you negotiate on your behalf once they gather all the necessary documents about your financial history.

5. Research, Research, and Research 

Real estate and housing are complicated sectors. People have difficulties knowing the current trends and rates in the market.

This is why estate agents sometimes increase the price to make a profit for themselves. Avoid this by conducting thorough market research. Think about the area, the number of rooms, the amenities, and the type of house you want, against the rate/sq.

Ensure the legality of the house first. There are a lot of cases where a number of people end up buying the same property, and only one gets it, or the establishment is deemed illegal, and you lose money. 

Final Thoughts…

These are the top ways to get ready to buy a home ASAP. Once you get all this right, you are halfway done. Execute the plan, and you’re all set to raise your family in your dream house.

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