Customize Your Home Loan Journey: Tailoring Options with an Eligibility Calculator

Home loans are a big and long-term commitment. The tenor for these loans can extend up to 40 years. Though such a long repayment tenor eases the burden of loan repayment, paying EMIs that take up a major portion of one’s monthly income for a continued period of time is not easy. If not planned well, a home loan can easily become a burden. When it comes to planning one’s home loan journey, a home loan calculator can prove to be quite useful. The EMI calculator is an online tool that home loan borrowers can use to figure out the loan amount they can easily borrow and repay and also plan their repayment journey. Before we look at how a home loan EMI calculator can help borrowers customize their home loan journey, let us first go through the benefits associated with these calculators. 

Features and Benefits of Home Loan EMI Calculator

1. It Helps One Keep EMI Repayment Simple and Stress-Free 

Home loan EMI calculators help borrowers figure out the loan amount they can easily repay. The calculator essentially asks housing loan borrowers to enter three pieces of information: their desired loan amount, the tenor they wish to go for, and the rate of interest being offered. Once a user enters these three things, the calculator gives them their tentative EMIs. If based on their current income and other monthly obligations, a borrower can comfortably afford to pay the EMIs they see on the screen, they must go ahead and apply for a loan. If they think the EMI is too high, they must either reduce the loan amount or increase the loan tenor to bring their EMIs into the affordable range. Thus, a home loan EMI calculator helps borrowers work out the loan amount they can easily repay. When one borrows what, they can easily repay, repayment becomes quite easy. 

2. It Saves Borrowers from Late Penalties and their Credit Score Taking a Dip 

Home loan EMI calculators help borrowers figure out the loan amount and EMIs they can easily repay. When one borrows money and takes on the responsibility of EMIs that are well within their budget, the process of loan repayment becomes simple and stress-free. Further, the chances of a person defaulting on loan repayment are reduced too. Late payments and penalties must be avoided at all costs as late penalties negatively affect a person’s credit score and also their chances of availing of a loan in the future. While one late penalty won’t affect your credit score very majorly, missing more than two EMIs consecutively is something you must refrain from doing. 

3. The Home Loan EMI Calculator helps Borrowers Compare Loan Offers 

The home loan EMI calculator is quick and accurate, which is almost never the case with manual calculations. Thus, when a home loan borrower uses a home loan EMI calculator to compare loan offers, they can know within seconds which loan offer would be ideal for them. 

4. It Helps One Figure Out the Right Time for Loan Prepayment and Foreclosure 

Prepayment refers to the process of making small lump sum payments towards one’s principal amount and thereby reducing the principal amount and therefore, one’s tenor or EMIs. Foreclosure refers to the process of paying the entire amount due and closing the loan before the stipulated period. Prepayments and foreclosure prove most beneficial when opted for at the right time. A home loan EMI calculator helps borrowers figure out the right time for loan prepayments and foreclosure.

5. It is Easy to Use 

Lastly, home loan borrowers must also use a housing loan EMI calculator because it is easy to use. The calculations that a home loan EMI calculator does can also be done manually. However, manually performing these calculations is no easy task. Further, the results are also prone to errors. The EMI calculator is easy to use, quick, and accurate and therefore, can be trusted with home loan EMI calculations.

How to Tailor or Customize Home Loan Options with a Housing Loan EMI Calculator?

As previously mentioned, a home loan EMI calculator is a handy tool that housing loan applicants can use to work out the combination of loan amount and loan tenor that works for them. If a borrower feels their EMIs are too high, on the home loan calculator, they can either reduce the principal amount or increase the loan tenor to bring their EMI into the affordable range. 

If they do not want to change their loan tenor or the principal amount, they can reach out to different lenders and talk to them regarding the possibility of being offered a lower rate of interest. A lower rate of interest will not only help you make your EMIs affordable but also help you reduce the total cost of borrowing the loan. Thus, a home loan EMI calculator helps one customize various home loan variables as well as one’s home loan journey for maximum comfort.

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