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The Complete Guide to Ghost Immobilisers

Ghost Immobilisers

Do you have a car and want to protect it from theft? Ghost immobilisers are an advanced technology that helps to do just that. They provide unbeatable protection against relay car theft and key cloning. 

In this comprehensive vehicle immobiliser guide, we’ll explain the benefits of using a ghost immobiliser to keep your vehicle secure, how they work, the installation process, safety measures for reliability assurance, and the potential savings you can make on your insurance premiums if you use one.

What is a Ghost Immobiliser?

This modern security system offers unrivalled protection by preventing key cloning and theft.

Unlike traditional anti-theft equipment which can be easily bypassed or hacked, the Ghost Immobiliser is a discrete immobiliser device which is completely undetectable. The only way to start the engine of a vehicle when a Ghost Immobiiser is installed is to input a unique code sequence using the buttons on the steering wheel or the vehicle’s dashboard. This unique code will be set exclusively by the vehicle’s owner, making it impossible for thieves or others to access the car and drive it away. 

Better Than Other Anti-Theft Equipment

Ghost immobilisers offer stronger protection than the traditional alarms and steering wheel locks found in many cars. Ghost immobilisers are designed to be harder for thieves to bypass, using sophisticated technology to ensure vehicle safety.

Unlike regular alarms or locks, which may easily be disabled by malicious individuals, ghost immobilisers provide a comprehensive security system that makes it much more difficult for criminals to gain entry into vehicles.

Undetectable, even by thieves with the technology to commit relay car theft, ghost immobilisers emit no radio frequencies and do not require the use of key fobs. Which helps to eliminate the risk of relay car theft, currently prevalent across the UK, and car key fob cloning, which is equally on the rise. 

How Ghost Immobilisers Work?

The ghost immobiliser acts as a silent guardian, safeguarding your vehicle against unauthorised access. It operates by seamlessly integrating with the vehicle’s CAN bus (Controller Area Network), a sophisticated communication network that connects various electronic control units (ECUs). These ECUs oversee crucial vehicle functions, including the engine, transmission, and brakes. The ghost immobiliser intercepts signals from these ECUs, effectively preventing the engine from starting unless the correct PIN code is entered.

Installation of Ghost Immobilisers

Installing Ghost Immobilisers in your car is easy and can be done quickly by a trained professional. Meanwhile, removing the device without proper knowledge can be difficult. Which is perfect for a super theft-resistant security system. 

Easy to install in all car models and makes 

Unlike some types of immobilisers, Ghost immobilisers are compatible with most cars as long as they have a CANBUS in place. Trackershop makes it possible to check your vehicle’s compatibility with a Ghost Immobiliser on their site. 

Installation should be carried out by a professional with the knowledge to install the system covertly and connect it properly to the vehicle’s system. Installation in this case can be completed quickly and discreetly. Trackershop provides UK wide mobile installation included in the price. 

Not easy to remove without proper knowledge

Most Ghost Immobilisers are designed to remain in place rather than be removed easily. They need professional-level knowledge and skill to be installed correctly, meaning that thieves may find it difficult to bypass the device or tamper with it unless they have a great level of technical understanding about vehicle security systems.

Removal without proper knowledge can also potentially void any warranty on your immobiliser system and lessen its effectiveness if not done properly. This provides some peace of mind, knowing that thieves cannot detect a Ghost Immobiliser but also will be very unlikely to have the right tools or knowledge to disable and remove it. 

Ghost Immobilisers and Car Insurance

Check with your car insurance provider to see if installing a Ghost Immobiliser can help you save on premiums as they may offer discounts for vehicles fitted with passive or active immobilising systems.

Possibility of insurance discounts

When it comes to vehicle security, one of the factors that might help offset the cost is insurance discounts. Ghost immobilisers may be required in order to get an insurance discount, however they can also demonstrate responsible ownership and reduce the likelihood of theft.

Consequently, some car insurers offer a range of discounts for insuring vehicles equipped with anti-theft devices such as GPS tracking systems, audible alarms or recovery services.

Conclusion: The Importance of Vehicle Protection

In conclusion, vehicle protection is an essential and worthwhile investment to ensure the safety of your car. Install a Ghost immobiliser for maximum security and peace of mind.

Protecting your vehicle from theft is a vital step in maintaining its security. Vehicle theft can be devastating, with the potential to cause financial and emotional distress for owners.

High-tech car thieves are increasingly using methods such as key cloning, signal jamming, or device spoofing to bypass traditional security systems. To combat this threat, advanced solutions like Ghost immobilisers offer reliable protection and peace of mind against car theft attempts.

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