Google Launches Notes & Follows to Boost Search Interactivity

This week, Google is unveiling innovative new capabilities for search that enable users to engage with results in completely customized ways never before possible. The two main features launching are “Notes” and “Follows,” which aim to transform passive searching into an active, participatory experience.

Add Your Own Colorful Notes to Any Search Result

Starting November 22, some users will notice new “Add Note” and “See Notes” buttons below search results and Discover articles when they opt into the experimental Search Labs. Notes give you the ability to annotate and comment on any search result by adding text, images, stickers, and more to create visual, personalized notes. In addition, you can also read an article on- Google Struggles to Keep Pace in AI Race as Chatbot Launch Delayed to 2024

For example, Google demonstrated a sample note for a frosting recipe article. The vibrant note had green text, a photo of a cake, and a heart sticker. Notes will go live within minutes, unless flagged for human review. Display rankings will dynamically optimize based on query relevance. Moderation utilizes algorithms, manual reviews, and user reporting. Google confirmed offensive or dangerous queries will prohibit notes.

Initially launched in the U.S. and India, notes became a shareable part of the open web, indexed and linkable for all. Google is considering sharing publisher insights based on notes added to their pages.

Follow Searches for Ongoing Notifications of New Developments

In another major upgrade, users can now “follow” searches like “coffee trends” to receive ongoing notifications and batched updates in Search and Discover as new related content emerges. Followed searches can be broad or extremely niche.

To subscribe, simply tap the new “Follow” button on mobile search. Google confirmed there will be no option to follow explicit or harmful queries. This debuts in English first on mobile browsers.

Importantly, Google stated advertisers will never access followed-up search data for marketing. Additionally, you can also read about- Google Releases Bard AI Chatbot for Teens with Safety in Mind

More Perspectives Integrated into Desktop Search

Lastly, Google Search’s “Perspectives” feature, which surfaces social media and forum content for a full view of a topic, will now expand to desktop results. Additionally, more creator details, like profiles and followers, will be displayed.

Overall, these personalized features represent a major evolution in Search to become more interactive, customizable, and integral to users’ daily lives. Google aims to shift from passive consumption to active participation.

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