Google Announces 10 New Features for Android

It’s time for an Android feature to be released: Google has just announced a large number of new features in a press release and a blog post. The new options include Nearby Share for Windows, Spotify on your wrist, and new emoji kitchen options for Android smartphones, tablets, and even wearables. It’s Christmas on Android in June. Let’s get into it.

Nearby Share Comes to Windows

Nearby Share is an excellent method to quickly share content between Android devices, so it is only logical to add Windows support. AirDrop makes it easy for Apple ecosystem users to transfer media from iPhones to Macs, so Nearby Share is a good fit for Android and Windows. This feature is still in beta, but it is available for testing immediately. Nearby Share is available on 64-bit versions of Windows 10 and later for sharing between nearby devices.

Reading Practice

Reading practice is Google’s initiative to assist readers in learning new and unfamiliar terms, especially in children’s books. When reading a compatible ebook, you may now encounter a “Practice” icon that reads each word aloud, allows you to practice reading the words yourself, and provides feedback based on your pronunciation. As of Google Play Books version 8.1, the new function is available.

New Emoji Kitchen Options

Emoji Kitchen is a terrific Android feature that allows you to mix and match different emoji to create a completely unique symbol. Google is expanding its aquatic options in the kitchen, featuring the shark, dolphin, and whale emojis.

Three New Widgets for Your Home Screen

This most recent feature release contains three new widgets: Google TV now has a widget with personalized movie and television recommendations, Google Finance allows you to track the securities of your choice, and Google News displays the most recent headlines.

Matter-enabled Smart Devices are Even Easier to Set Up

Matter, the new cross-platform standard for smart devices, is now easier to set up on Android than ever before. You can immediately add these new devices to your smart home setup by scanning the QR code on these new devices with the Google Home app. This function requires an Android 8.1 or newer handset, a Matter-enabled Google hub device, wifi, and Bluetooth Low Energy (4.2) or above.

Spotify on Your Wrist

Spotify is available on your wrist if you have a smartwatch running Wear OS 2 or later. You can, of course, listen to music and podcasts without having to pick up your phone, but you can also discover new tiles and face shortcuts. Google emphasizes the watch’s ability to stream from Spotify DJ, although this requires a Spotify Premium subscription and is only available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Check Your Google Keep Notes without Your Phone

Another useful Wear OS feature is Google Keep, which allows you to view pinned notes and to-do lists without needing to retrieve your phone first. This feature requires Watch OS 3 or later.

Commute with Your Watch

If you use public transportation in Washington, D.C., or the San Francisco Bay Area, you can use your smartwatch to tap into the metro with your SmarTrip and Clipper cards. Wear OS 2 or later is required, as well as Android 7.1 or later.

Save Shorts to Your YouTube Playlists

Shorts, which began as a simple imitation of TikTok, has grown to become a popular YouTube site. If you come across one of these brief vertical films that you enjoy, you can now add it to a playlist, demonstrating that YouTube treats this new content the same way it treats its standard video fare.

Scan Your Gmail Address for Possible Dark Web Leaks

Google now offers these scans to anyone in the United States with a Google Account. Follow this link, click “Run scan,” and observe the results. You may be astonished to learn how many of your accounts have experienced data leaks in the past and how much information each account exposed. If you subscribe to Google One, the scan will search for additional information, such as your SSN.

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