Google Adds Emoji Reactions to Gmail: Newest Way to Communicate in Gmail

It’s finally here – the gadget that, depending on your perspective, may turn your email inbox into a nightmare or a delightful delight. Google is introducing the option to respond to emails with an emoji.

Google has confirmed the addition of emoji reactions to its Gmail service, which was first rumored last month. The feature will be gradually rolled out, beginning with Android users and progressing to web and iOS users over the next few months.

You’ll notice an at the bottom of a message when you have access. Simply tap and send after selecting your emoji from the menu. A few emoji will have special abilities, such as the party popper emoji, which will allow for full-page motion. Yay.

The feature appears to be similar to how most of us use emoji to respond to social media postings; you can touch and hold an existing reaction to discover who submitted it, as well as tap to reuse a reply that someone else added.

However, just as Apple’s iMessage Tapbacks are most effective on iOS, emoji reactions will work best on Gmail. If you use a third-party email client, each person’s response will be delivered in a separate email. Additionally, you can also read about- Google Bard Prepares New ‘Memory’ Feature to Improve Personalization

There are a few additional limitations. Emoji reactions will not be available on your school or work accounts. They will also be unavailable if the message is sent to more than 20 people, to a group email list, if you have been bcc’d, and in a few other situations. Most significantly, you will not be allowed to respond to a message if you have already responded to it more than 20 times.

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