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The Complete Guide to Ghost Immobilisers: Protecting Your Vehicle from Theft

Ghost Immobilisers

Do you have a car and want to protect it from theft? Ghost immobilisers are an advanced technology that helps do just that. They provide unbeatable protection against key cloning, signal jamming, device spoofing, and more.

In this guide, we’ll explain the benefits of using ghost immobilisers to keep your vehicle secure, how they work, simple installation and removal steps, safety measures for reliability assurance, and car insurance discounts available if you use one.

So, let’s jump into what you need to know about protecting your vehicle with ghost immobilisers!

Content Highlights
  • Ghost immobilisers offer superior protection against car theft by providing a comprehensive security system that is harder to bypass than traditional alarm systems and steering wheel locks.
  • They employ sophisticated technology such as encrypted messaging algorithms, invisible deterrents, and tamper protection technology for ultimate vehicle security.
  • Installation of ghost immobilisers is easy, with no special tools or technical knowledge required.
  • With its discreet design, PIN code authentication process, and regular software updates, they provide reliable coverage when driving, giving owners peace of mind every time.

What Is a Ghost Immobiliser?

What is a Ghost Immobiliser

Ghost Immobilisers are a special kind of car security. They stop thieves from stealing cars even if the thief gets inside.

Protection From Key Cloning and Theft

A Ghost Immobiliser protects your car from malicious key cloning, signal jamming, and spoofing. Unlike traditional anti-theft equipment, which can be easily bypassed or hacked, the ghost immobiliser uses a discreet device without any visible indicators or key fobs that prevent an engine from starting when the authorized PIN code isn’t entered correctly. For anyone who does not want to use a PIN (£60 add-on for 2 x fobs)

The technology behind it is hard coded into a vehicle’s wiring loom, making it impossible to start the car without proper authorization, thus significantly reducing the risk of theft.

The device also benefits from regular software updates, ensuring compatibility on most cars for ultimate vehicle protection now and in years to come.

Better Than Other Anti-Theft Equipment

Ghost Immobilisers offer stronger protection than many cars’ traditional alarms and steering wheel locks. Ghost Immobilisers are designed to be more challenging for thieves to bypass, using sophisticated technology to ensure vehicle safety.

Unlike regular alarms or locks, which malicious individuals may easily disable, ghost immobilisers provide a comprehensive security system that makes it much more difficult for criminals to gain entry into vehicles.

Featuring built-in defense mechanisms that detect key cloning attempts as well as jamming signals and device spoofing techniques, Ghost Immobiliser systems offer unrivaled protection against car theft.

How Ghost Immobiliser Work

Ghost Immobilisers Work

They feature a discreet device inside the vehicle with no key fobs or indicators, making it difficult for thieves to detect its presence and defeat the immobiliser’s security measures.

Discreet Device With No Key Fobs or Indicators

There is an upgrade fob option for this product. It references several times that it is not fob activated. But the fobs are quite a popular add-on option, so it is worth referencing this – for anyone who does not want to use a PIN (£60 add-on for 2 x fobs)

Ghost Immobiliser uses an integrated design that does not require any external keys or indicators to be installed. Instead, the device utilizes sophisticated wireless technology hidden within your car’s computer to prevent key cloning, signal jamming, and device spoofing.

This makes it far more difficult for thieves to identify and disable the system. By taking this extra step of invisibility in its design, a Ghost Immobiliser offers unmatched security against car theft by making it impossible for a thief to operate your vehicle without your consent.

Prevents Key Cloning, Signal Jamming, and Device Spoofing

Ghost Immobiliser protects your car from theft by combating key cloning, signal jamming, and device spoofing. Key cloning is a technique often used by thieves to steal vehicles, involving copying the information stored in a car’s key fob and replicating it on an identical blank key.

Signal jamming involves blocking the communication between a car’s immobiliser and its original key, which prevents its owner from entering or starting the vehicle. Device Spoofing is when criminals use electronic devices to mimic the unique signal of an original car fob – allowing them access to the vehicle.

To combat these threats, ghost immobilisers employ several invisible deterrents without any giveaways for thieves, such as indicators or key fobs. Besides needing much less power, the system works similarly to other anti-theft techniques since it sends out incredibly weak signals that remain undetectable unless scanned with special equipment.

As well as this, Ghost immobilisers use encrypted messaging algorithms, so even if someone finds it, there will be no way for them to decrypt what message was sent and remove the unit without damage due to tamper protection technology incorporated into each device.

Benefits of Using Ghost Immobilisers

Ghost Immobiliser offers the ultimate vehicle security, providing automotive owners with peace of mind that their car is safe from theft. It is fully tested and compatible as well.

Ultimate Vehicle Security System

The Ghost Immobiliser 2 is the ultimate vehicle security system available, providing superior protection from key cloning and theft. Its hidden design within the vehicle prevents thieves from disabling it and preventing them from driving away without your consent.

The two-step authentication process of this device ensures that only authorized individuals can access the car: firstly, through a secured PIN, which is distributed to drivers, and secondly, through an encrypted serial number for additional security.

In addition, its complex locking mechanism blocks any potential signal jamming or device spoofing techniques used by criminals to bypass traditional anti-theft equipment. All in all, using a Ghost immobiliser provides top-level safety against even the most sophisticated forms of theft, giving you peace of mind whenever you drive your car.

Fully Tested and Compatible

Ghost Immobilisers offer superior protection from key cloning and theft, with the added assurance that they have been tested for compatibility with various car makes and models.

This extensive vehicle testing means that customers can be confident their device is accurate, reliable, and suitable for their specific needs – it will not malfunction or fail to work when needed most.

With all vehicles being different in size, shape, electronics complexity, etc., these life-saving devices must be specially designed so customers can get the optimal level of security protection based on their requirements.

Installation and Removal of Ghost Immobilisers

Installing Ghost Immobilisers in your car is easy and can be done quickly by a trained professional. However, removing the device without proper knowledge can be difficult.

Easy to Install in All Types of Cars

Ghost immobilisers are designed to provide the ultimate vehicle security with minimal effort from the owner – they are extremely easy to install regardless of the type of car. There’s no need for any special tools or technical knowledge during the installation process, as it can be done quickly and discretely with just a few simple steps.

Installation is included in the price of ghost immobilisers, so you don’t have to worry about additional costs or potential complications before fitting them into your vehicle. Thanks to their compatibility with almost all cars, you can rest assured that your new ghost immobiliser will keep your car safe and secure whenever you park at night.

Not Easy to Remove Without Proper Knowledge

Most Ghost Immobilisers are designed to remain in place rather than be removed easily. They usually need professional-level knowledge and skill to be installed correctly, meaning thieves may find it difficult to bypass the device or tamper with it unless they have a great technical understanding of vehicle security systems.

Removal without proper knowledge can also potentially void any warranty on your immobiliser system and lessen its effectiveness if not done properly. Ghost Immobilisers provide additional protection for your car against theft due to their complexity, making them harder for criminals to access or break into without specialist tools or knowledge.

How to Check If Your Car Has a Ghost Immobiliser

The only way to know if your vehicle has a Ghost Immobiliser fitted will be by achieving confirmation from the previous owner or contacting Autowatch directly. You will need to verify vehicle ownership before any information can be released.

Vehicle Compatibility List

It is essential to check the compatibility list before installing your ghost immobiliser in any vehicle. The Autowatch database contains a comprehensive list of vehicles for which their immobilisers are compatible, making it easy to find out if your make and model match the correct criteria for application.

With instant quotes available after checking your make and model against theirs, you can be sure that whichever vehicle you own meets the recommended safety standards set by TASSA (Tracking and Aftermarket Security System Association.).

The Ghost immobiliser 2 is also compatible with all major car models, meaning no matter what type of car or van you drive, you will have total protection from key cloning and theft.

Checking for the Ghost Immobiliser PIN

One way to ensure that your vehicle is protected from unauthorized access and theft with a ghost immobiliser device is to check for the use of PINs. Ghost immobilisers feature an additional layer of security in the form of a personal identification number (PIN) or code sequence, which must be entered before the car can start.

The PIN is generated using buttons hidden inside the vehicle, such as on steering wheels, center consoles, and door panels, making it customized and unique to each owner.

It’s almost impossible to gain access or start anything within any compatible vehicle without knowing this code. Doing so will prevent key cloning, signal jamming, and other common methods used in tampering attempts.

Safety and Reliability of Ghost Immobilisers

While ghost immobilisers offer reliable protection, malfunctions and technical issues can occur that could prevent the car from starting, so it is important to have a professional installer ensure your safety.

Can Malfunction and Fail to Start Your Car

Due to the complexity of modern cars and their computer systems, a ghost immobiliser installed in your vehicle might malfunction and fail to start the engine. This can have serious repercussions, especially if you need to get somewhere urgently or give access permission without being in the car.

For an effective anti-theft system to be installed, it must not only include ghost immobilisers but also be fitted by an approved supplier who understands how cars operate and how ghost immobilisers work – ensuring no errors or compatibility issues occur during installation.

Without professional assistance, even though Ghost Immobilizers provide ultimate protection against key-cloning and theft attempts, there is still a possibility of failure, which could lead to leaving you stranded on occasions when you need transportation.

Need to Be Installed by an Approved Supplier

Your ghost immobiliser must be installed by a trusted and approved supplier, such as Car Theft Solutions, to get the full benefit of the device. This ensures safety for you and reliability in deterring theft.

A verified technician has the expertise to guarantee proper installation of the immoboliser, without tampering with any other portions of your car’s wiring system. The TASSA verification with this particular system vouches for its dependability in detecting key cloning or signal jamming activity to immobilise vehicles immediately when a threat is detected. Customers will not be able to purchase a ghost unit even to attempt self-install. The engineer has to bring the unit with them to the appointment.

Likewise, it provides highly advanced protection from device spoofing, thwarting hackers who are out to gain access electronically into vehicles – all thanks to an experienced team qualified in McAfee security protocol standards.

Ghost Immobilisers and Car Insurance

Check with your car insurance provider to see if installing a Ghost Immobiliser can help you save on premiums. They may offer discounts for vehicles fitted with passive or active immobilising systems.

Possibility of Insurance Discounts

When it comes to vehicle security, one of the factors that might help offset the cost is insurance discounts. Ghost immobilisers may be required to get an insurance discount. However, they can also demonstrate responsible ownership and reduce the likelihood of theft.

Consequently, some car insurers offer a range of discounts for insuring vehicles equipped with anti-theft devices such as GPS tracking systems, audible alarms, or recovery services.

Installing a ghost immobiliser provides drivers with ultimate peace of mind. This secure device prevents key cloning and signals to jam from occurring simultaneously – essential components when trying to get affordable premiums on their cars’ coverages.

Passive and Active Immobiliser Systems

Passive and active immobiliser systems are designed to help protect your vehicle from unauthorized access and theft. A passive system will automatically activate when the car is turned off – it breaks the connection between the starter motor or other key components, preventing them from starting without resetting the system by entering a designated code.

An active system is different in that it requires manual activation each time before use – either via a physical switch or with an owner-specific PIN.

Notably, Volkswagen incorporates anti-theft technology into their cars, utilizing biometrics and passive and active immobilisers for added security. With features like these included as standard on modern vehicles combined with aftermarket ghost immobilisers providing the latest generation bus protection, you can rest assured knowing your car is safe from any attempts at unauthorized entry or theft.

Reviews and Recommendations for Ghost Immobilisers

TASSA-verified customers can look for positive reviews before making a purchase.

TASSA Verified

The TASSA verification is a mark of quality for the Ghost Immobiliser that confirms its reliability and effectiveness in protecting your vehicle from theft. With this verification, you can rest assured that the manufacturers have conducted tests to ensure the device works perfectly to protect your car or truck against key cloning, signal jamming, and device spoofing.

Not only will you be free from worrying about potential thefts, but insurance companies recognize TASSA-verified ghost immobilisers as providing reliable security measures for vehicles, meaning potential discounts on insurance premiums, too!

Positive Customer Reviews

Providing potential buyers with a clear understanding of the reliability and quality of Ghost Immobilisers is essential, and that’s precisely where positive customer reviews come into play.

By reading customer feedback online, customers can learn more about how these products work in reality instead of relying solely on marketing materials. Reviews from others who have used ghost immobilisers provide insight into what they are like to use daily or in certain scenarios, such as if the installation was successful or not, the product’s performance based on initial testing, and so forth.

Such information builds trust in the buyer, which provides them the confidence to invest in this security system for their vehicle. Positive reviews also help spread awareness of these products – giving potential buyers an indication that many others recommend it too – crucial food for thought when deciding whether this item suits their needs and situation!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s find out some usual questions about the Ghost Immobiliser.

1. What is Ghost Immobiliser?

A Ghost Immobiliser is an anti-theft device that prevents the engine from starting without the correct code or key. It adds extra security to your vehicle and helps protect it from theft.

2. How does a Ghost Immobiliser work?

The Ghost Immobiliser works by disabling certain electrical components of the ignition system, preventing the car’s engine from starting until its coded transponder button or key is inserted into the ignition switch or lockset.

3. Can I install a Ghost Immobiliser myself?

No, it’s best to hire a professional installer who understands exactly how these systems work and can fit them securely in line with manufacturer requirements and applicable laws in your area.

4. Do different vehicles require specific types of Ghost Immobilisers?

No, there is only one type of Ghost Immobiliser, so that each vehicle will use the same version. However, it is best to check your vehicle compatibility – as a few vehicles are incompatible.

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