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15 Best Foam Cannons of 2023 [Buying Guide]

Foam Cannon

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Do you want to know about Foam Cannon? Hand-washing a car, especially a bigger one like a pickup truck or SUV, can take a lot of time and work. A foam cannon can make things easier. When you use a bucket and a wash mitt to wash your car by hand, you might run out of suds. Foam cannons shoot a steady stream of foam, so you don’t have to stop and fill a bucket to finish the job.

Foam cannons also shoot out thicker soap than a wash mitt, which means you don’t have to scrub as hard to get rid of dirt and grime. Attached to a pressure washer, foam cannons are a great addition to your car washing arsenal because they are effective, easy to use, and get the job done in less time.

What is a Foam Cannon?

The Foam Cannon has three parts: a bottle of solution, a tube for sucking up air, and a barrel assembly that can be changed. It is called a “Foam Cannon” because it sprays a very thick layer of soapy foam solution on the surface of a vehicle. Before touching the surface with a Wash Pad or Wash Mitt, this thick shampoo foam helps loosen and lift dirt. It also keeps the surface lubricated with a safe, pH-neutral soap like our Ultra Foam Shampoo. The best way to keep the surface from getting swirl marks or water spots from hard water while washing is to keep it lubricated.

How Does it Work?

Once you have set up your pressure washer and all of your other cleaning supplies, like buckets of water, Wash Pads, drying towels, and so on, it’s easy to use. First, attach the clear tube that draws in air to the brass fitting on the bottom of the barrel. Next, fill the Foam Cannon bottle with water until the label on the bottle is about halfway up. Then you’ll need to add the soap you want.

All of the soaps from Adam’s Polishes work well in the Foam Cannon, but some work better than others. Our Ultra Foam Shampoo has the highest concentration and makes the thickest foam. Pour about 3–4 ounces of Ultra Foam Shampoo or the soap of your choice into the bottle, carefully thread it into the barrel of the Foam Cannon, and then give the bottle and barrel a few good shakes while holding them with both hands to make sure the soap and water are mixed well. Now that the Foam Cannon is set up and ready to go, it’s time to wash the car.

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15 Best Foam Cannons For 2023

1. Scuddles Foam Cannon for Pressure Washer

Scuddles Foam Cannon for Pressure Washer

  • Rating: (4.4-star average rating from 2,928 reviews on Amazon)

The one-litre Scuddles Foam Cannon is the best bang for your buck on the market because it costs so little. The difference between this product and similar ones is in the materials and extras that come with it. This cannon should last through many power washes because it has brass fittings and other high-quality parts.

The Scuddles comes with five different spray nozzles that can be used for different cleaning tasks. It also has a variety of spray settings. Still, some users say that the nozzle leaks a bit over time, and this cannon doesn’t work with all pressure washers, so make sure it does before you buy it. There is also a large foam sponge and washcloths made of microfiber.

2. TriNova Foam Cannon for Pressure Washer

  • Rating: (4.5-star average rating from 6,890 reviews on Amazon)

TriNova’s premium foam cannon is made to shoot out the most suds so that your ride gets as clean as possible. You can narrow or widen the steam by adjusting the nozzle, and you can make more or less foam by turning the air intake knob. Standard quick-connect attachments for pressure washers can be used with these washers.

3. MTM Hydro PF22.2 Foam Cannon, Pressure Washer Car Wash

MTM Hydro PF22.2 Foam Cannon, Pressure Washer Car Wash

  • Rating: (4.7-star average rating from 558 reviews on Amazon)

Foam Cannon with a 32-ounce bottle that stands up and keeps it from spilling or tipping over. The perfect foam cannon for a pressure washer to use at home or in a professional foam car wash. Comes with a tube and connections.

With one of the fittings that come with the sprayer, you can connect it to your pressure washer. This high-pressure car wash gun has a PSI range of 1100 to 5000. The car wash gun sprayer is great for cleaning cars, boats, pole barn siding, houses, fences, sidewalks, and roofs. Max GPM is between 1.4 and 5.3. Max temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. MATCEE Foam Cannon for Pressure Washer Heavy Duty

  • Rating: (4.5-star average rating from 100 reviews on Amazon)

The core of heavy-duty foam Pressure washer foam cannons is made with a brass core that is thicker and heavier to make them last longer and not leak. The foam is dense and thick because it has a heavy-duty foam core.

The foam cannon can be used to clean cars, motorcycles, floors, windows, driveways, roofs, siding, and a lot of other things. Perfect for use at home or in a business.

5. Adam’s Premium Foam Gun Car Wash

Adam's Premium Foam Gun Car Wash

  • Rating: (4.4-star average rating from 460 reviews on Amazon)

Adam’s Premium Foam Gun is a great way to clean your car that is also a lot of fun. Adam’s Foam Gun gives you a lot of foamy car wash soap every time you use it. It connects to a regular garden hose. It doesn’t make as much foam as Adam’s Foam Cannon, but it still cleans very well.

6. SwiftJet Car Wash Foam Gun Sprayer 

  • Rating: (4.4-star average rating from 2,078 reviews on Amazon)

You can save time and money by not going to a commercial cleaning car wash. This car wash kit with foam gun has everything you need to get professional results at home. It has 6 foam spray settings and a rinse spray.

You can clean trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs, outdoor furniture, and more with this car wash cannon foam gun. Just change the settings for water pressure and foam ratio to fit your needs.

7. Tool Daily Foam Cannon with 1/4 Inch Quick Connector

Tool Daily Foam Cannon with 1/4 Inch Quick Connector

  • Rating: (4.5-star average rating from 39,143 reviews on Amazon)

Snow Foam Lance with a 1/4-inch “easy-to-use connection. The size of the container is 1 litre or 0.22 gallons. 1000 PSI to 3000 PSI is the range.

EASY to set up: put some soap and warm water in the bottle to make foam, then connect a 1/4 “The plug is easy to connect to the Pressure Washer Gun or Wand. Lastly, turn the knob on top until you get the amount of foam you want. The foam sprayer will then spray thick foam. The knob controls how much foam comes out, and the nozzle controls how it comes out.

It can be used to clean motorcycles, cars, driveways, siding, floors, and windows. It is the best product for cleaning and detailing trucks or SUVs.

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8. DUSICHIN SFL-001 Foam Cannon

DUSICHIN SFL-001 Foam Cannon

  • Rating: (4.4-star average rating from 14,105 reviews on Amazon)

Adjustable foam cannon foam lance with 1/4″ quick disconnect fitting, 33-ounce (1-litre) container bottle. Needs a pressure washer with 1.2 GPM and more than 1000 PSI to work. All of the connectors are made of good brass.

Spray Nozzle that can be changed and adjusted for precise mixing and foaming. The new heavy-duty design is great for both hobbyists and pros.

9. Chemical Guys EQP402 Snubby Pressure Washer Gun

  • Rating: (4.7-star average rating from 1,859 reviews on Amazon)

Get rid of that long pressure washer wand and get the Snubby for the most freedom ever. The foam cannon is kept far away by traditional pressure washer wands. Because the Snubby is small, you can keep your foam cannon close to you for the best control.

Snubby is made to make washing your car easy and fun for everyone. It is made to reduce fatigue, improve grip, and provide maximum comfort. Attach to your foam cannon to protect your paint from swirls and scratches by shooting thick foaming suds.

10. Foseal Adjustable Snow Foam Cannon with Heavy Duty Brass

  • Rating: (4.5-star average rating from 1,542 reviews on Amazon)

The nice nozzle makes a lot of foam and covers the car well; It gives a wide or narrow spray of thick foam; Reaching up to clean the side of the house; You can turn off the soap to make a spray of clean water that is either wide or narrow.

Connects this snow foam soap cannon to the washing gun of a pressure car washer with a 1/4″ quick disconnect fitting; pressure washer must have 2.0GPM and over 1000 PSI pressure to be used; capacity:0.22 Gallon.

Foam cannons Can be used to wash a car or motorcycle, floors, windows, driveways, roofs, siding, water flowers, bathe dogs, etc.

11. Chemical Guys ACC_326 – Torq Foam Blaster 6

Chemical Guys ACC_326 – Torq Foam Blaster 6

  • Rating: (4.2-star average rating from  9,192 reviews on Amazon)

If you like cars, having a clean one can only make you happy. The Torq foam blaster 6 foam wash gun makes washing your car fast, easy and fun for the whole family. It’s easy to connect to any standard garden hose, so you don’t need any extra tools or machines to make foamy cleaning fun.

One of the things professionals do to make sure their cars don’t get scratched is to use car wash foam. With the Torq foam blaster foam gun, a car wash becomes a foam bubble bath for your car. When you wash a car with slick car wash foam, it gets rid of abrasive dirt without grinding it into the paint.

12. Twinkle Star Foam Cannon

  • Rating: (4.5-star average rating from 2,320 reviews on Amazon)

Adjustable foam cannon with 1/4″ quick disconnect fitting and 5 extra nozzle tips. Both the core of the High-Pressure Washer Gun and the core of the Foam Lance are made of heavy-duty brass. They are made to last and not leak. Maximum pressure: 25Mpa – 3600PSI; Maximum flow: 15 L/min – 4GPM. Needs a pressure washer with 2.0 GPM and more than 1000 PSI to work.

With the Professional Foam Lance, a high-pressure stream of water is mixed with detergent and air to make a thick foam that sticks to surfaces. The spray pattern can be changed, from a pencil tip to a fan jet. Cleansing or disinfecting agents can be spread evenly over a large area. It’s easy to use and works great for washing cars, windows, driveways, roofs, and siding.

13. McKillans Foam Cannon Professional Grade

McKillans Foam Cannon Professional Grade

  • Rating: (4.5-star average rating from 591 reviews on Amazon)

Both professionals and people who do their own detailing at home trust our snow foam cannon to quickly loosen dirt and grit on the surface. This makes it much less likely that washing will scratch it. Oh, and using it is a lot of fun!

If you wash your clothes wrong, they will get swirl marks. Using our foam lance makes the surface less slippery and makes it less likely that washing will cause scratches. The connectors are made of high-quality brass and stainless steel to withstand high pressure and long-term use. It is also easy to keep up and can be rebuilt from scratch.

14. Blisstime Snow Foam Lance Car Wash Foam Cannon

  • Rating: (4.4-star average rating from 1,182 reviews on Amazon)

The foam was thick and soft, and after just a few minutes of letting it sit on the car, it was easy to rinse off the stains. For the Pressure Washer to work, it needs to have a flow rate of 2.0GPM and a pressure of over 1000 PSI.

The best brass is used to make connectors. The bottle is made of high-quality material that is thick and strong, doesn’t break easily, and won’t rust. The bottle is clear, so you can see how much cleaner is inside. With the flow control knob, you can change how much foam comes out. The shape of the foam can be changed by changing the angle of the jet. It is easy to go from a wide fan to a narrow stream.

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15. MJJC Foam Cannon PRO, 1/4 inch Quick Connector

  • Rating: (4.7-star average rating from 482 reviews on Amazon)

MJJC Foam Cannon PRO with 1/4 inch Quick Connector, Power Washer Foam Cannon, Foam Sprayer with One-Quart Quick Connection, Foam Blaster Soap Cannon Foam Gun also Fit for Karcher K1700 K1800 (Pro)

The mesh filter has gotten better. If you spray clean water on the new mesh filter for 30 seconds after spraying foam, it won’t get stuck and will last for a long time. Then you won’t need to buy a second mesh filter. And the parts made of red rubber have also been improved. The new red pieces won’t come off. You won’t even need spare red parts. So the spare mesh filter and red parts are no longer available.

Does Foam Cannon Clean Better?

It will depend on the type of foam cannon you have and the soap you use. But foam cannons will usually clean better than bucket washes or garden hoses. It does a better job of cleaning because it covers dirt with a thick layer of suds.

When you use a foam cannon to clean, dirt and grime rarely stand a chance. Again, though, the results will depend on the soap and cannon you use. I really like using the Foam Cannon from Tool Daily and the CWS 110 Snow Foam Car Wash Soap from Chemical Guys. This combination has helped me clean the surface of my car or truck like nothing else.

When Should You Use a Foam Cannon?

There are times when it’s good to use a foam cannon. The best thing about using one is that you can add more grease to a car when you wash it. This is helpful for cars with paint that is soft and easy to scratch as well as ones that are really dirty. If you spray foam on the surface right before you start to wash with your mitt, it will stay extra smooth and less likely to scratch.

Using a foam cannon with a stronger soap to remove any remaining wax or sealant from a car before putting it back on or doing a paint correction can be very effective. Most of the time, this is what you see pros do in online videos. People who do their own detailing see this and think that their regular ph-neutral soap will do the same thing. But it doesn’t. You need to use a cleaner that can be used for many things or a strong soap made to remove wax and grease.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Foam Cannon

Pressure Washer Requirements

When you buy a foam cannon, there are two things you should pay attention to. The first thing is how fast water moves through the cannon.

Many of them can handle up to two gallons of water per minute (GPM). This quality will be listed with the pressure (in pounds per square inch, or psi). So, check the specs of your power washer and make sure they match the specs of the foam cannon you choose.

Bottle Size and Shape

The shape of the foam cannons that different companies sell is one way that they stand out from each other. Most bottles can hold about one litre or 32 to 33 ounces, but you should pay attention to the shape of the bottle itself. The majority of foam cannons look like scuba tanks. The cannon has a short, wide neck and wide shoulders that drop straight down its length. Some manufacturers, though, add a twist that makes it easier to hold the cannon while loosening or tightening it.


Once you’ve chosen the type, there are two things you need to check: the water flow rate (in gallons per minute) and the pressure rate (in pounds per square inch). Most people choose between 2 GPM and 1000-3000 PSI.

Water Spray Pattern

This is important if you want to concentrate the water in one spot or let it sprinkle over the whole car. Pattern compatibility should be the same for both the pressure washer and the spray cannon.

Quick-Release or Quick-Detach

You probably won’t have to look for a quick-release foam cannon because most products on the market come with this feature already. You will need to make sure, though, that the platform you are using can fit the quarter-inch fitting that most foam cannons have.

There are ways to make your platform work with a quarter-inch fitting, but it’s best to know about this before you buy something. With quick-release fittings, you can store the pressure washer without the foam cannon attached, and it’s easy to switch between spraying foam and rinsing the car.

Dilution Ratio

Your foam cannon should let you change the amount of soap, foam, or shampoo to water so you can control how far the foam goes.

What PSI is Good for Foam Cannon?

When looking at foam cannons, most experts and Reddit agree that 1500 PSI is a good starting point. This number will be good enough for black cars and other similar cars. Moreover, it won’t use as much water as higher PSI options.

The Westinghouse ePX2000 Electric Pressure Washer with Detachable Foam Cannon is a great example of one of these. It’s a bit expensive, but it has all the features of a pressure washer and foam cannon in one handy device.

Are Foam Cannons Worth the Money?

Yes. Foam cannons and guns are used to help break up caked-on dirt without damaging the paint or protective coatings, which is something you would normally do by hand with a washing mitt or other manual tools. Even though foam cannons can’t get off every bit of dirt and you’ll still need a hand mitt to clean some spots, they can cut down on the time and effort needed to wash a car thoroughly. Even the heavy-duty ones aren’t that expensive, so if you wash or detail your car often, these tools will save you time and work and pay for themselves.

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Downsides to Using a Foam Cannon

You can use your foam cannon every time you wash your car if you want to. This is just a guideline for when it doesn’t need to be done. Only because it wastes so much soap should you not use a foam cannon. If using it gives you benefits, then this is just a trade-off. But if you don’t need to use your foam cannon, you’re pouring soap down the drain. Depending on what kind of soap you buy, that can get pricey.

Foam cannons If you want thick, foamy suds, use a lot of soap. If you foam your car often, you’ll find that you use up your bottle of soap much faster. Adding an extra step to the way you wash will, of course, take more time. Even more so when you compare washing a car with two buckets and a garden hose to using a pressure washer and foam cannon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Foam Cannon

Is a foam cannon better than a foam gun?

Foam cannons are powered by pressure washers, so they will naturally make thicker foam and spray soap and water with more force than foam guns, which use garden hoses. Garden hoses use the water pressure in your home, which is not as strong as a compressor and may make the foam thinner or more watery. But a foam gun with a lighter touch might be better for most light jobs and cars with delicate or deteriorating finishes, like the metal flake paint on street cars from the 1970s.

Do foam cannons and guns speed up the car-washing process?

Absolutely. No other tool can spray as much soap on your car as a foam cannon, but foam guns come in a close second. Soapy lubricant helps loosen stuck-on dirt so it can fall off on its own. Overall, foam cannons and guns make washing cars faster by reducing the amount of work that needs to be done.

Is it worth buying a foam cannon?

Foam guns are worth it because the foam helps the soap stick to the surface longer, giving you more time to work before it dries or drips off your car. It also makes it easy to see where your microfiber wash mitt or brush has already been used.

How can I make a foam cannon foamier?

If you use more foam than you need, you will waste the product in the end. But if you shake the mixture of snow foam and water instead of stirring it, you will get more foam.

What is the point of a foam cannon?

A foam cannon is a piece of car washing equipment that mixes the right amount of car wash soap, water, and air to make thick suds, which are then shot all over your car by a pressure washer.

Do you need a pressure washer for a foam cannon?

Two things are needed to use a foam cannon: a pressure washer with enough power and water flow to run the cannon and chemicals that are made to be used with a foam cannon.

Do you get the car before foam cannon?

Rinse your car before you foam it to make it easier on your car and foam cannon. When you rinse your car, you get rid of the biggest pieces of dirt and debris so they don’t get rubbed into the paint.

Do all soaps work in a foam cannon?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter too much what car soap you use, as long as it is safe for clear coats. Some products, like Meguiar’s Hyper-wash, are made for foam cannons and guns because they make thicker suds and are usually more concentrated.

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