The First Black Group on the Way to Everest

Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay climbed Everest’s highest peak almost 70 years ago. Then, at least ten thousand people sought to follow in their footsteps and reach the summit. Only a few are black, and only one is from the United States. A group of nine talented blacks will modify this knowledge next May under the name of the ‘Full Circle Everest Expedition.’

“First Everest, then everything,” yelled Philip Henderson, a 56-year-old team leader. Henderson, who has 30 years of expertise, has previously gone on expeditions where he was the only black man. He’s taken this step to diversify the Everest ascent and encourage the next generation of Sherpas. For the next three months, the nine-member team, like previous adventure teams, will have to represent the disadvantaged in the world of mountaineering through numerous exercises, fundraising, and mountaineering.

“Every time I bring up mountaineering, I’m told ‘blacks don’t do it,'” said Seattle resident Rosemary Sal. This, of course, results in a distinct molding. This perception, however, must alter. With the arrival of a black expedition to the summit of Everest, this notion will be challenged. Black people’s freedom of movement in the international arena is purposely restricted. Most blacks were disenfranchised when Edmund Hillary conquered Everest. “Through this campaign, we want to demonstrate that we can, too.”

Member of the group

The team was established on an individual basis, according to Henderson. He will, however, continue to serve as the team’s nucleus and advisor. He also extended an invitation to other members to join. Henderson is on his second expedition. For the first time in 2012, he failed to run the campaign. The squad also includes Colorado High School teacher Eddie Taylor (31), Florida Coral Cliffs Climbing Gym owner Abby Dion (45), National Outdoor Leadership School field instructor James Kagambi (60), and Manoa Ainut (25). Fred Campbell (36), Damond Mullins (40), Thomas Moore (36), and Adina Scott (36), all sociology professors (41).

Environmentalists and climbers with experience on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Mount Denali in Alaska make up the squad. Despite possessing all of the requisite talents, climbing Everest requires unique training. Every team member is now undergoing training. Because an average of five daring adventurers perish here every year.

The secret to conquering Everest is a skill, unwavering morale, and determination. Adequate finance, on the other hand, is one of the roadblocks to conquering Everest. Brands like Parkinson’s Coyote, Hestra, North Face, Aspray Packs, Smartwall, MSR, and the Greening Youth Foundation will sponsor the historic nine-member squad.


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