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Fertility Myths: Let’s Clear the Air!

Whether you are someone who wants to start a family or are simply curious about the facts, this article can help. Today we bust the myths surrounding fertility, which spread quickly and cloud our understanding of this process. Join us as we solve the secrets of conception, dive deep into the science of fertility, and provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

Myth 1: Having Sex in a Certain Position Will Help You Conceive

Not so true! While we know that having sex in the missionary position is frequently promoted as the best method to get pregnant, there is no real data to back up this claim. Research actually suggests that the best way to get pregnant is to have sex frequently. Getting overly fixated on positions may make it difficult to conceive and can invite unwanted stress, which may be detrimental for your fertility. Remember, having sex with your partner should be enjoyable and not a task that needs completing.

Myth 2: Infertility Is Always a Woman’s Problem

A big no! Infertility is not always due to the female partner and cases where male infertility  was the cause behind unsuccessful pregnancy, are many. The causes of infertility for any couple can be complex. These could range from individual health issues, to stressful lifestyles and poor sleeping and eating habits.

Myth 3: A Healthy Lifestyle Guarantees Fertility

This one is a bit tricky. While leading a healthy lifestyle is thought to increase chances of conception, it can still not guarantee conception. It is important to understand that your fertility is dependent on multiple factors, some of which may not be in our control. 

Sometimes, infertility can also be a result of stress and age. These factors can significantly impact the quality of sperm and eggs produced by our bodies, and can reduce the chances of a successful pregnancy. Studies have shown that women see a decline of about 66% in their chances of conceiving within 1 year, by the age of 35

Additionally, stressful professional lives can further impact fertility both in men and women. Stress hormones (here’s looking at you, cortisol!) produced by our bodies can disrupt other processes in the body, which can potentially lead to longer menstrual cycles and a decrease in conception. Similarly for men, stress can impact sperm concentrations. 

Myth 4: Women Can’t Get Pregnant During Their Period

You may be surprised to know, but it is actually possible to get pregnant, even during your period. While the chances are lower than at other times in the menstrual cycle, conceiving during your menstruation period is not impossible. 

But how so, you may ask? Actually, sperm can live for up to five days in the female reproductive system while waiting for an egg to be released. If a woman’s cycle is shorter, and sexual intercourse takes place at the end of her period, it may overlap with the fertile window which can, as you guessed it, result in pregnancy. 

Myth 5: Having Your Appendix Removed Can Make You Infertile

Not true! For many years, even doctors thought that undergoing an appendectomy would affect a woman’s fallopian tubes and fertility. 

The University College London and Dundee University discovered that appendectomy had no effect on infertility in women, but the inverse: pregnancy rates actually increased slightly after having an appendix removed! 

This does not mean that having an appendectomy would enhance your chances of becoming pregnant, but if you did undergo one, you shouldn’t be worried. Please note that before undergoing any treatment, it is recommended to visit your GP or a fertility specialist as they can provide treatment based on your individual case history.

How Do I Find the Cause of My Infertility?

While there can be numerous reasons that may be affecting your fertility, it is most likely not due to having your appendix removed or ‘doing it’ in a certain position. I If you have any concerns about conception or your fertility, see counsel from your GP or a specialist fertility expert to make your journey easier. If your hunt for a clinic has come up short so far, don’t worry! Finding the best IVF clinic in London is now easier than ever and these clinics can provide you advanced fertility treatments based on your individual case. Please know that help is always available, and you are not alone in this.

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