The Ins and Outs of Electric Gate Control Panels

An electric gate is a convenient way to protect your property while keeping it accessible. But have you ever wondered what makes an electric gate work? The control panel is the system’s brain, which directs the motor to open and close the gate. While it’s usually assembled during installation, you may only hear about it when your electric gate stops working. In this article, we’ll delve into the three main reasons for control panel malfunction: small stars, destruction of the protection cable, and moisture.

Small Stars

Yes, you read that correctly. A small star is an insect that can enter the electric gate system and cause a short circuit. This might sound far-fetched, but it’s a common problem people encounter with their electric gates. The small star can enter the motor, control panel, or other gate components. When it comes into contact with the electrical wiring, a short circuit can occur, leading to gate malfunction. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to keep the gate motor and control panel covered with a protective layer or enclosed in a box.

Destruction of the Protection Cable

The protection cable is essential to the electric gate’s control panel. Its purpose is to protect the control panel from excessively high levels of electricity and prevent it from receiving a power surge that could destroy it. The protection cable is usually installed during gate installation but can also be added later. Over time, the cable can wear out, get damaged, or frayed, which can cause a short circuit, leading to a malfunction of the control panel. It’s important to inspect the protection cable regularly to ensure it still functions correctly. Check the protection cable if you notice any crackling in your control panel or find that it needs frequent reboots. If the damage is too severe, hiring a professional for gate repair may be best.


Water and electricity are a dangerous combination, as most people know. If moisture gets into the electric gate’s control panel, it can cause corrosion and short circuits that can ruin the gate. Moisture can enter the control panel in many ways, such as rain, snow, or sprinklers. To prevent this from happening, it’s best to keep the control panel dry and sheltered from the weather. One way to do this is to install the control panel in a weatherproof enclosure box.

Repairing a Control Panel for an Electric Gate

An electric gate technician will replace a command card for an electric gate in half an hour to two hours, depending on the complexity of the gate. In most cases, he will also take care of providing it.

Can you repair a control panel for an electric gate by yourself? The answer is no. Besides the fear of destroying more than already destroyed, you must only mess with electrical systems with proper training, and even simple cleaning of the command card is dangerous.

Tips You Should Know

  • I always prefer a control panel to a new electric gate from the nylon ones and don’t accept a used one. A used board can be in good condition and will cost you less, but the chances are that after a short period, he will remember why he is not inside a gate and retire again. On a used control panel, there is a good chance you will get a short or no warranty. The cheap one is expensive, and the most expensive one is cheap.
  • Check carefully what the problem is and what you are offered to replace: often, the control panel for an electric gate breaks down, but the motors remain intact and good. Refrain from Refrain from unthinkingly replacing the entire motor system, and ask the gate technician what exactly he is replacing for you and why.

The Most Common Locations for Installing Electric Gates 

California is the state with the most electric gates in the United States. After all, it’s not called “The Golden State” for nothing—it’s a golden luxury that attracts people to its doors! With so many places to go and things to do, it’s no wonder why Californians choose electric gates for their homes and businesses.

Why Maintenance is Important for Your Electric Gate?

The control panel is the heart of any electric gate system; without it, the gate will not function. To ensure that your electric gate continues to operate optimally, taking care of the control panel is crucial. Regular maintenance checks, including inspecting the protection cable, covering the gate motor and control panel, and keeping it sheltered from the weather, can help prevent control panel malfunctions. So the next time your electric gate stops working, consider checking the control panel first – it could save you time and money in the long run.


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