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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Donald Trump’s Adviser Robert O’Brien Tests Positive for Covid-19

Robert O’Brien, the national security adviser to US President Donald Trump, has tested positive for coronavirus.

Robert Brian, 54, went into self-isolation and is working from home.

He has become the highest ranking official in Donald Trump’s inner circle to test positive for the coronavirus, Reuters reports.

The White House on Monday in a statement said there was no risk of exposure to Trump or Vice President Mike Pence.

It was not immediately clear when Brian last met with Trump. But he was with the US president on a visit to Miami two weeks ago.

The news was first reported by Bloomberg News, which said Robert O’Brien came down with the virus after a family event, AP reports.

The Covid-19 outbreak in the United States have begun to surpass previous records.

The deadly coronavirus has killed more than a thousand people in the country over the past few days.

The number of coronavirus cases in US rose to 4.4 million, with more than 150,000 deaths.

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