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160+ Best Christmas Party Games to Delight Family and Friends in 2023

Christmas party games

As the holiday season rolls in and the jingle bells start to echo, one of the biggest delights is hosting a festive gathering that brings friends and family together. The magic of Christmas party games is an age-old solution proven to sprinkle cheer among attendees. 

Did you know playing games isn’t just about having fun? It’s also an excellent way for people to bond, creating memories they’ll cherish long after the ornaments are packed away. Our selection of games caters precisely to this aim: strengthening connections while ensuring peals of laughter fill your home’s hallways.

Ready to transform your Christmas bash into an unforgettable winter wonderland? Our handpicked list promises heaps of excitement with the top 160 delightful games designed for laughter, teamwork, and maybe just a little bit of friendly competition.

So let’s embark on this sleigh ride together, where joy awaits at every turn!

Content Highlights
  • Christmas party games make the holiday more special and help everyone feel close.
  • Games like the Reindeer Antler Toss, Candy Cane Hunt, and Gingerbread House Competition are great for all ages.
  • You can play many of these games with simple things you have at home or can buy cheaply from stores.
  • These games encourage people to talk, laugh, move around, and have a good time together.
  • Playing these fun games creates happy memories during the holiday season.

The Importance of Playing Games at a Christmas Party

Games at a Christmas party make the holiday more special. They help everyone feel happy and close. When you play games together, it’s easier to talk, laugh, and have a good time. This is true for kids, parents, grandparents, and all family members! Games are also great because they fit with the joy of Christmas.

They turn a normal get-together into an amazing party. Games like “White Elephant Gift Exchange” or “Christmas Charades” can become highlights people remember all year. Having fun games makes sure that there is never a dull moment at your Christmas gathering! Now let’s look at some exciting games you can play this holiday season.

Top 30 Christmas Party Games

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Here are some of the top Christmas party games that will keep the whole family entertained and engaged throughout the holiday season. From classic favorites like Candy Cane Hunt and Pin the Nose on Rudolph to modern twists like Holiday How Do You Doo and Penguin Waddle Game, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So buckle up as we explore these festive game ideas sure to bring joy and laughter to your Christmas celebration!

Reindeer Antler toss

Reindeer Antler Toss is a super fun game that everyone at your Christmas party can play. You’ll get inflatable antlers and rings in this game. Players take turns trying to toss the rings onto the antlers.

It’s like playing a ring toss but with a cool holiday twist! Kids and adults will both have lots of laughs as they try to score.

This game makes the room more cheerful and lively because it’s so silly and exciting. It’s easy to put up too just blow up the antlers, pick someone to wear them, and start tossing those rings! You can find Reindeer Antler Toss online or in many stores during the holiday season.

Get one for your next Christmas bash, and watch friends and family cheer each other on as they play this awesome reindeer game.

Playing Reindeer Antler Toss also gets people talking and moving around. It adds that extra sparkle of Christmas joy to any party. Will you be the champ who gets all the rings on those jolly antlers? Give it a try everyone will want in on this holiday action!

Candy Cane Hunt

After tossing antlers, it’s time for a sweeter challenge with the Candy Cane Hunt. This game is perfect for players of all ages and can be played indoors or outside. Hide candy canes all around your party space and give everyone a basket to collect them.

The excitement grows as people search high and low for the hidden treats. Everyone loves finding these striped sweets, making this hunt one of the best parts of any Christmas celebration.

The fun doesn’t stop when all the candy canes are found! You could also have special ones that might win prizes or count for extra points. It’s an easy way to get everyone moving and laughing together during holiday festivities. Plus, you don’t need many things to start this game a bunch of candy canes from any store will do just fine!

Stocking Guessing Game

From searching for candy canes to using your senses, the stocking-guessing game adds mystery and excitement. Fill a big sock with random items like small toys or holiday objects. Each person gets a chance to feel the stocking without looking inside.

They write down their guesses about what’s inside. After everyone has had a turn, reveal the items and see who guessed right! This game is fun for all ages and makes for lots of laughs as people try to figure out what they’re feeling.

You don’t need much to set up this game just some socks, paper, pens, and various small things from around your house or found at any store. It’s perfect for getting everyone involved because it’s simple enough that even young kids can play along with adults. Plus, it turns ordinary things into a fun challenge!

Christmas Memory Match Game

The Christmas Memory Match Game is a fun and interactive way to engage family and friends in the holiday spirit. This game involves flipping over cards with Christmas-related images and trying to find matching pairs.

It’s a great activity for all ages and can be easily customized by using different sets of themed cards, like Santa Claus, reindeer, or snowflakes. This game not only brings joy and excitement but also helps improve memory skills in children and adults alike.

Setting up the Christmas Memory Match Game is simple. All you need are pairs of cards with identical Christmas-themed images printed on them. You can easily purchase pre-made sets online or create your own by printing out pictures from the internet.

Christmas Charades

After enjoying the thrilling Christmas Memory Match Game, it’s time to keep the festive spirit alive with a classic and entertaining activity like Christmas charades. This lively game brings holiday cheer by challenging players to act out Christmas-themed words or phrases from a Santa hat.

With its simple rules and endless laughter, this game is ideal for bringing together family and friends of all ages during the holiday season.

Incorporating 72 festive Christmas games, including Christmas charades, the article ensures there is something for everyone to enjoy, providing detailed guidelines for each game and making it easy for hosts to plan an enjoyable event that lifts spirits and creates lasting memories.

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

After a thrilling round of Christmas charades, engage the whole family in an exciting holiday scavenger hunt. This interactive game allows players to search for hidden holiday-themed items or clues, adding an element of adventure to the festivities.

The Holiday Scavenger Hunt offers diverse options suitable for different age groups and interests, ensuring everyone can participate and experience the joy of discovery during the Christmas celebration.

Equip yourself with creative ideas for hiding spots, festive-themed clues, and small rewards, adding a touch of excitement to this beloved seasonal activity.

Gingerbread House Competition

Get ready for some festive fun with a gingerbread house competition. It’s perfect for the whole family to bond and show off their creative skills during the holiday season. You can buy gingerbread house kits or make your own from scratch using gingerbread, icing, and candy decorations.

Set a time limit and let everyone’s imagination run wild as they decorate their houses with colorful candies, icing designs, and edible ornaments. After the decorating is done, gather around to admire everyone’s masterpieces and have a vote for the best-decorated house—it’s guaranteed to be a jolly good time!

Pin the Nose on Rudolph

Pin the Nose on Rudolph is a Christmas game based on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You can find it for $7.88 on Amazon. In this game, players are blindfolded and try to pin Rudolph’s nose in the right spot on a poster. It’s perfect for family fun during Christmas and adds joy to holiday celebrations.

You don’t need much to play just stick a poster of Rudolph without his nose, use a scarf as a blindfold, and cut out red noses from paper. This engaging activity creates laughter and bonding among family and friends during festive occasions, making it an excellent choice for your Christmas party.

Christmas Plastic Wrap Game

The Christmas Plastic Wrap Game is a fun activity where participants take turns unwrapping layers of plastic wrap to reveal hidden prizes or treats. As the game goes on, the layers get smaller, making it more challenging and exciting for everyone involved. It’s a great way to add some suspense and laughter to your Christmas party!

White Elephant

Moving from the anticipation of the Christmas Plastic Wrap game, another exciting activity to include in your holiday gathering is the White Elephant gift exchange. This popular game engages players as they bring small, wrapped gifts to contribute and then compete for coveted presents.

With a mix of strategy and good humor, it’s sure to add an extra dose of enjoyment to your festive occasion.

The White Elephant game encourages friendly competition among participants as they take turns choosing gifts or stealing them from others. Setting a budget for gifts and establishing rules for stealing add structure while still allowing for plenty of surprises and laughter.

Christmas Mad Libs

Christmas Mad Libs is a fun and engaging game that can bring lots of laughter to your holiday gathering. It’s a creative way to get everyone involved, and it’s suitable for both kids and adults.

With Christmas Mad Libs, you can create hilarious stories by filling in the blanks with different parts of speech like nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

This game doesn’t require any special equipment all you need are some Christmas-themed Mad Libs worksheets, which can often be found online or at your local bookstore. Whether you have a small family gathering or a larger party, Christmas Mad Libs is an entertaining activity that everyone will enjoy.

Two Truths and a Lie (Christmas Edition)

Get ready for some merry guessing with the Christmas edition of Two Truths and a Lie. This game adds holiday fun by incorporating festive facts, making it an engaging activity for Christmas parties.

Players take turns sharing three statements about themselves related to Christmas, challenging others to guess which statement is a lie.

The Christmas edition of Two Truths and a Lie combines laughter and friendly competition as participants try to outwit each other. The game fosters interaction and can be a great way to break the ice at gatherings while celebrating the spirit of Christmas.

With intriguing revelations and clever deceptions, this version infuses yuletide cheer into a classic game that’s sure to spark joy during the holiday season.

Holiday Cocktail Contest

The holiday cocktail contest is an enjoyable addition to any Christmas party. It brings together a festive spirit and friendly competition as participants concoct their best holiday-inspired drinks. This game is suitable for both adults and older children, making it a versatile and inclusive activity for everyone to enjoy.

The contest typically involves each participant creating a unique holiday-themed cocktail using specified ingredients or themes. Judges or fellow party guests then taste and judge the drinks based on taste, presentation, and creativity.

The holiday cocktail contest adds excitement to the celebration while encouraging interaction among guests in a fun and lighthearted way. What are some tips for hosting a successful Christmas game night that incorporates this fun activity?

Sweater Contest

After enjoying some delicious holiday cocktails, another entertaining game to consider for the Christmas party is the Sweater Contest. This popular holiday game involves wrapping a festive sweater in layers of plastic wrap and hiding small prizes or treats inside.

As each player takes their turn unwrapping the layers, the anticipation builds as they reveal the surprises hidden within. It’s a fun and interactive way to engage family and friends in friendly competition while adding an extra element of excitement to the festivities.

Christmas Movie Trivia

Are you a movie buff? Then the Christmas Movie Trivia is just for you! Whether it’s “Home Alone,” “The Grinch,” or “A Christmas Story,” these trivia games will test your knowledge of classic holiday films.

From family-friendly fun to challenging questions for adults, there are different levels of difficulty to choose from. Get ready to compete with your loved ones and see who reigns as the ultimate Christmas movie master!

In addition, a free printable Christmas emoji game and a Christmas family feud game are available for download, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone. So gather your friends and family, pop some popcorn, and let the festive film festivities begin!

Santa’s Helper Gift Exchange

The Santa’s Helper Gift Exchange is a fun game associated with the Christmas Plastic Wrap Game. It involves players passing around a ball of plastic wrap while trying to unwrap it as fast as possible, revealing small gifts and prizes in the process.

This game brings excitement and laughter, making it a great addition to any Christmas party. To play this game, all you need is a roll of plastic wrap and small gifts or candies that can fit into the layers. Players take turns unwrapping the plastic wrap ball while racing against each other.

The catch is that they must wear oven mitts during their turn! The player keeps unwrapping until the next person rolls doubles on a pair of dice, then they must stop, allowing another player to have their turn.

Grinch Gift Exchange

After the exhilarating Santa’s Helper Gift Exchange, ramp up the fun with a Grinch Gift Exchange to keep the festivities going. Embracing the mischievous spirit of the Grinch from the classic Christmas tale, this game brings an element of surprise and laughter to your party.

As everyone gathers in a circle, pass around presents while reading excerpts from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. It builds anticipation as each person opens their gift when certain words are read!

Another quick and easy game is the Grinch Grab Punch Game, which adds an extra layer of excitement. Players take turns punching out prizes from a specially prepared punch game featuring iconic elements inspired by The Grinch story making sure that everyone gets a little something special! These games infuse warmth and entertainment into your holiday gathering as they capture everyone’s imagination and bring joy to all age groups.

Christmas Minute to Win It Games

Get ready for some high-energy fun with the Christmas Minute to Win It Games! These quick and exciting games will bring joy and laughter to your holiday party. From the intense Gift Grab game to the hilarious Pin the Nose on the Reindeer, there are plenty of options to keep everyone entertained.

You can even have an indoor snowball fight with plush snowball toys. With these games, you’re sure to create lasting memories and lots of festive cheer at your Christmas gathering.

Christmas Limbo

Christmas Limbo is a fun and popular holiday game that adds excitement to any Christmas party. It involves players taking turns to dance under a limbo stick while the music plays, with the stick being lowered after each round.

The player who can go the lowest without touching the stick wins! This game is perfect for all ages and adds an enjoyable physical element to your Christmas gathering.

Nutcracker Games

Nutcracker games are enjoyable for all ages and group sizes. These games come with clear instructions and offer a wide variety of activities, making them suitable for any gathering. Whether it’s the classic Nutcracker story-inspired games or other creative adaptations, these festive activities add an extra layer of fun to any Christmas party.

The Nutcracker-themed games can bring a touch of magic to your celebration while encouraging friendly competition among family and friends. From interactive challenges to imaginative role-playing, these games provide entertainment that resonates with the spirit of the holiday season.

Reindeer Games

Reindeer games add a fun and festive touch to any Christmas party. These games are perfect for both kids and adults, bringing out the playful holiday spirit in everyone. Whether it’s a reindeer antler toss or a holiday-themed scavenger hunt, these activities are sure to bring laughter and joy to your gathering.

One popular reindeer game is “Pin the Nose on Rudolph,” which is a Christmas twist on the classic party game. Players take turns attempting to place Rudolph’s nose in the right spot while blindfolded, adding an element of challenge and amusement to the activity.

Another hit is the “Penguin Waddle Game,” where participants have to waddle like penguins while balancing an ornament on their heads, creating hilarious moments for all involved. These delightful games offer endless entertainment while spreading cheer among family and friends during this magical season.

Holiday How Do You Do It?

After enjoying some fun with Reindeer Games, it’s time to keep the energy going with “Holiday How Do You Doo.” This game is perfect for family gatherings and office parties. It guarantees laughter and entertainment as players try to hum their way through popular holiday tunes while others guess the song.

With its simple rules and festive vibes, “Holiday How Do You Doo” is a must-try game for Christmas celebrations. The article provides detailed descriptions and suggestions for game materials for “Holiday How Do You Doo” along with other Christmas games suitable for different age groups, interests, and group sizes.

Ornament-Guessing Game

Players in the Ornament Guessing Game try to guess how many ornaments are on the Christmas tree. The person with the closest guess wins. It’s an enjoyable activity that adds excitement to a festive gathering.

Human Christmas Tree

The Human Christmas Tree is a fun game for the whole family during Christmas parties. It involves wrapping a team member in green crepe paper and decorating them with ornaments to resemble a tree.

The game encourages creativity and teamwork, making it an enjoyable activity for all ages.

Children can have fun being part of decorating the “tree” or even becoming the tree themselves! This game fosters inclusivity by allowing everyone to participate, and it’s a great way to bring people together while celebrating the holidays.

Christmas Movie Trivia

Christmas movie trivia is an entertaining game for all ages. With over 75 questions, it’s a fun way to test your knowledge of holiday movie classics. From popular quotes to identifying scenes, this game brings the magic of Christmas movies to your party.

Participants can showcase their love for these festive flicks while competing in a friendly and engaging atmosphere.

The Christmas movie trivia game sparks nostalgic memories and lively discussions as players recall iconic moments from beloved films like “Home Alone,” “Elf,” or “It’s A Wonderful Life.” It’s a delightful addition to any Christmas gathering, providing entertainment that resonates with both children and adults alike.

Penguin Waddle Game

The Penguin Waddle Game is a fun and interactive activity that brings laughter to any Christmas party. It involves participants stuffing balloons into oversized tights or pantyhose, creating “penguin” bellies, and waddling across the room without dropping the balloons.

This game is perfect for both kids and adults, promoting teamwork and hilarious moments. So, what’s next on our list of exciting Christmas party games? Let’s dive into People Bingo.

People Bingo

After enjoying the amusing “Penguin Waddle Game,” another fantastic game to liven up the Christmas party is “People Bingo.” This game encourages mingling and getting to know each other better.

It’s a great way to break the ice, whether you’re hosting a large family gathering or a friendly get-together. The game involves creating bingo cards with various fun facts written in each square, such as “has blue eyes,” “loves baking,” or “plays a musical instrument.” Players then mingle and attempt to find people who match these characteristics until they complete a line on their bingo card.

Snowman Cupcake Decorating

After an exhilarating round of people bingo, gather the family for a delightful snowman cupcake decorating activity. This Christmas game brings out the creative side in everyone. Participants get to decorate cupcakes with snowy icing and fun snowman features like candy eyes, marshmallow noses, and pretzel stick arms.

It’s a charming way to add festive cheer to your holiday gathering while enjoying delicious treats together. The Snowman Cupcake Decorating game is perfect for all ages, making it an inclusive and enjoyable activity for everyone at the party. It’s a wonderful opportunity for families to bond over shared creativity and excitement during the joyful holiday season.

Holidays: Never Have I Ever

Holiday Never Have I Ever is a fun game where players share holiday-related experiences and determine who has or hasn’t done certain holiday-themed activities. It’s a great way to get everyone involved and laughing together during the Christmas party.

The article provides tips for organizing the game as well as suggested prizes for winners to add to the festive atmosphere.

This game is part of the Top 20 Christmas Party Games that are perfect for bringing joy to the whole family this holiday season. If you’re looking for an interactive and entertaining activity that will create lasting memories, Holiday Never Have I Ever is worth considering.

Christmas Saran Wrap

The Christmas Saran Wrap game is a popular and exciting activity for holiday gatherings. It involves wrapping small gifts in layers of plastic wrap, creating a ball that participants unwrap, and keeping the gifts they uncover.

This game is suitable for all ages and can accommodate different group sizes, making it an engaging and interactive way to add fun to your Christmas party. The Christmas Saran Wrap game provides an opportunity to create lasting memories with your loved ones while enjoying the festive season.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Christmas Game Night

Planning high-energy games first is a great way to make sure kids use up their energy and have a lot of fun. This can include games like tag, relay races, or any activity that gets them moving and excited.

It’s also a good idea to keep cleaning supplies close by, just in case there’s a mess. Kids can sometimes be messy, especially during energetic games, so having wipes or paper towels handy will help you clean up quickly and easily.

When you’re organizing games, try to adapt the rules for younger kids. Make sure the rules are easy to understand, so everyone can join in and have a good time. This way, no one feels left out, and everyone can enjoy the games together.

It’s essential to create an inclusive environment where every child feels a part of the fun. Encourage teamwork and positive interactions among the kids. This will make the experience enjoyable for everyone.

To make the event more special, consider rewarding both winners and participants with prizes or small gifts. This creates a sense of accomplishment for those who win and shows appreciation for everyone who took part in the games. It’s a lovely way to make sure everyone leaves with a smile on their face.

Additional 130 Christmas Party Game

best christmas party games

Looking for more games? Here are an additional 130 games

  1. Christmas Trivia Challenge: Test your knowledge of holiday facts with a Christmas Trivia Challenge. Create teams or go solo as participants answer questions about Christmas traditions, history, and popular culture.
  2. Santa Hat Ring Toss: Get in the spirit with Santa Hat Ring Toss. Set up festive Santa hats and toss rings to land on the pointy tips. It’s a simple yet entertaining game for all ages.
  3. Gift Wrap Relay: Add a twist to traditional gift wrapping with the Gift Wrap Relay. Teams race against the clock to wrap presents creatively, adding a lively and amusing element to your Christmas party.
  4. Christmas Carol Karaoke: Bring out the singing talents with Christmas Carol Karaoke. Choose your favorite holiday tunes and have a karaoke showdown. It’s a fantastic way to create a festive and musical atmosphere.
  5. Stocking Stuffer Scramble: Engage guests with the Stocking Stuffer Scramble. Fill stockings with small items, then scramble them up. Participants race to find specific items, adding a fun and competitive touch to your celebration.
  6. Snowball Toss: Turn your party space into a winter wonderland with Snowball Toss. Use soft, plush snowballs for a safe and enjoyable tossing game that suits kids and adults alike.
  7. Santa’s Workshop Relay: Embrace the holiday hustle with Santa’s Workshop Relay. Divide participants into teams to complete various festive tasks, simulating the busy workshop of Santa and his elves.
  8. Jingle Bell Freeze Dance: Start a dance party with Jingle Bell Freeze Dance. Play holiday tunes, and when the music stops, participants freeze until it starts again. It’s a spirited and entertaining activity for all ages.
  9. Christmas Bingo: Add a twist to the classic game with Christmas Bingo. Customize bingo cards with holiday-themed items and enjoy a game that combines luck and festive excitement.
  10. Deck the Halls Scavenger Hunt: Transform your home into a festive adventure with Deck the Halls Scavenger Hunt. Hide holiday-themed items or clues for participants to discover, promoting teamwork and exploration.
  11. Candy Cane Limbo: Bring a classic game to your Christmas party with Candy Cane Limbo. Use candy canes as the limbo stick, challenging participants to bend backward without touching the ground. It’s a playful and laughter-filled activity.
  12. Mistletoe Kisses Contest: Create heartwarming moments with a Mistletoe Kisses Contest. Couples or friends demonstrate creative and festive kisses under the mistletoe, with the most original kiss winning a prize.
  13. Christmas Movie Charades: Combine the love for Christmas movies and charades with Christmas Movie Charades. Act out their favorite holiday film scenes or characters, challenging participants to guess correctly.
  14. Santa’s Sack Relay: Bring the magic of Santa’s delivery to your party with Santa’s Sack Relay. Participants race to fill Santa’s sack with wrapped presents and deliver them to the designated spot.
  15. Festive Pictionary: Unleash artistic talents with Festive Pictionary. Draw holiday-themed images and challenge others to guess the correct answers, adding artistic flair to your celebration.
  16. Elf Bowling: Create a makeshift bowling alley with Elf Bowling. Set up pins adorned with elf hats and let participants roll holiday-themed balls to knock them down. It’s a whimsical and enjoyable game for everyone.
  17. Christmas Cookie Decorating: Indulge in the sweet side of the season with Christmas Cookie Decorating. Provide various cookies, icing, and decorations for a creative and delicious activity.
  18. Gingerbread Man Relay Race: Embark on a Gingerbread Man Relay Race. Participants wear gingerbread man cutouts while racing to complete various challenges. It’s a lively and amusing game for a festive atmosphere.
  19. Christmas Emoji Charades: Modernize charades with Christmas Emoji Charades. Participants act out holiday phrases using only emojis, adding a tech-savvy twist to a classic game.
  20. Snowman Bowling: Roll snowballs for a Snowman Bowling challenge. Stack them in a pyramid and use a ball to knock down the snowmen, combining winter fun with a classic game.
  21. Candy Cane Hunt (Outdoor Edition): Take the Candy Cane Hunt outdoors for extra excitement. Hide candy canes around your yard or park and let participants search for the sweet treasures.
  22. Christmas Karaoke Lip Sync Battle: Elevate the entertainment with a Christmas Karaoke Lip Sync Battle. Participants don festive costumes and lip-sync to holiday songs, creating a memorable and hilarious performance.
  23. Festive Balloon Pop: Fill balloons with holiday-themed challenges or activities for Festive Balloon Pop. Participants pop balloons and complete the tasks inside, adding surprises and laughter to the party.
  24. Santa Says: Put a Christmas twist on Simon Says with Santa Says. The leader gives commands prefixed with “Santa says,” and participants follow, ensuring giggles and lively participation.
  25. Christmas Dice Game: Introduce a fun and easy Christmas Dice Game. Participants take turns rolling dice and follow the corresponding instructions, creating a dynamic and enjoyable experience.
  26. Snowflake Toss: Challenge throwing accuracy with Snowflake Toss. Set up snowflake targets and toss beanbags or snowflakes to score points, combining skill and festive flair.
  27. Rudolph’s Red Nose Ring Toss: Join Rudolph in a Red Nose Ring Toss. Participants toss rings onto Rudolph’s antlers, creating a whimsical and entertaining game for all ages.
  28. Holiday Puzzles: Bring a touch of challenge with Holiday Puzzles. Set up various Christmas-themed puzzles for participants to solve individually or as a team.
  29. Ugly Sweater Fashion Show: Celebrate the season’s quirkiest fashion with an Ugly Sweater Fashion Show. Participants showcase their festive, outrageous sweaters for a fun and lighthearted competition.
  30. Santa’s Cookie Swap: Host a Santa’s Cookie Swap for a delicious and interactive activity. Participants bring their favorite holiday cookies to exchange and enjoy a variety of sweet treats.
  31. Frosty’s Snowball Fight: Turn your living room into a winter battlefield with Frosty’s Snowball Fight. Use soft, indoor snowballs for a safe and spirited competition.
  32. Christmas Memory Game: Stimulate memory skills with a Christmas Memory Game. Create pairs of holiday-themed cards and challenge participants to find matching pairs, enhancing festive fun.
  33. Jingle Bell Toss: Add a musical element with Jingle Bell Toss. Toss jingle bells into cups or containers to score points, creating a festive and rhythmic game.
  34. Candy Cane Ring Toss: Continue the ring-toss fun with Candy Cane Ring Toss. Participants aim to hook candy canes onto designated targets, adding a sweet and challenging twist.
  35. Gingerbread House Bingo: Celebrate the art of gingerbread house making with Gingerbread House Bingo. Customize bingo cards with various gingerbread house elements for a delightful and engaging game.
  36. Santa’s Workshop Building Contest: Tap into creativity with a Santa’s Workshop Building Contest. Provide materials for participants to create miniature Santa’s workshops, fostering teamwork and imaginative design.
  37. Holiday-themed Musical Chairs: Put a holiday spin on the classic game of Musical Chairs. Play festive tunes and encourage participants to find a seat when the music stops, bringing cheerful competition to your Christmas party.
  38. Candlelight Christmas Storytime: Create a cozy atmosphere with Candlelight Christmas Storytime. Gather participants for a storytelling session, featuring classic Christmas tales and creating a warm and nostalgic ambiance.
  39. Holiday Trivia Pursuit: Challenge knowledge with a Holiday Trivia Pursuit. Prepare questions covering various aspects of the holiday season and let participants compete for the title of Holiday Trivia Master.
  40. Christmas Charades Challenge: Elevate the excitement with a Christmas Charades Challenge. Customize charade cards with holiday-themed phrases and let participants act out their favorite festive moments.
  41. Nutcracker Ballet Dance-off: Embrace the elegance of the season with a Nutcracker Ballet Dance-off. Play selections from Tchaikovsky’s iconic ballet, encouraging participants to showcase their dance moves.
  42. Snowman Stack: Test balancing skills with Snowman Stack. Participants stack snowballs or foam balls to create the tallest snowman tower without toppling over, bringing winter fun indoors.
  43. Pine Cone Bowling: Transform pine cones into bowling pins for a Pine Cone Bowling game. Roll a small ball to knock down the pine cone pins, blending nature-inspired fun with classic bowling.
  44. Jingle Bell Memory Game: Add a musical challenge with the Jingle Bell Memory Game. Fill containers with jingle bells of different tones and challenge participants to match pairs based on the sound.
  45. Candy Cane Limbo: Bring the holiday limbo game to new heights with Candy Cane Limbo. Use candy canes as limbo sticks and challenge participants to bend backward without touching the ground.
  46. Glow-in-the-Dark Christmas Hunt: Host a nighttime adventure with a Glow-in-the-Dark Christmas Hunt. Hide glow-in-the-dark items around the yard or indoors, and let participants search for them using glow sticks.
  47. Christmas-themed Trivia Night: Create a festive trivia night with Christmas-themed questions. Cover topics like holiday movies, traditions, and carols for an engaging and competitive activity.
  48. Elf on the Shelf Scavenger Hunt: Incorporate the popular Elf on the Shelf into a Scavenger Hunt. Hide elf-themed clues around the house, leading participants to discover hidden treasures.
  49. Santa’s Beard Relay: Go for a quirky challenge with Santa’s Beard Relay. Equip participants with cotton balls and Vaseline, and challenge them to create the fluffiest Santa beards in a relay race.
  50. Cocoa and Cookie Decorating Station: Set up a Cocoa and Cookie Decorating Station for a cozy and delicious activity. Provide various toppings and flavors for participants to customize their hot cocoa and cookies.
  51. Holiday Jigsaw Puzzle Race: Elevate the puzzle challenge with a Holiday Jigsaw Puzzle Race. Set up teams to complete large holiday-themed jigsaw puzzles in a race against time.
  52. Gift-Wrapping Relay: Turn a practical task into a spirited competition with a Gift-Wrapping Relay. Set up wrapping stations and challenge participants to wrap and decorate presents in a relay race.
  53. Santa’s Sleigh Obstacle Course: Create an exciting obstacle course with Santa’s Sleigh Obstacle Course. Set up challenges inspired by the journey of Santa’s sleigh, incorporating jumping, crawling, and balancing activities.
  54. Candy Cane Fishing: Engage participants with a Candy Cane Fishing activity. Attach candy canes to strings and challenge them to “fish” for sweet treats, adding a fun and tasty element to your party.
  55. Holiday Emoji Charades: Bring a modern twist to charades with Holiday Emoji Charades. Participants act out holiday phrases using only emojis, adding a tech-savvy touch to this classic game.
  56. Gingerbread Decorating Contest: Inspire creativity with a Gingerbread Decorating Contest. Provide gingerbread cookies and various toppings for participants to craft their festive masterpieces.
  57. Santa’s Beard Bingo: Put a whimsical spin on bingo with Santa’s Beard Bingo. Customize bingo cards with various beard styles, and let participants mark off as they spot Santa’s distinctive facial hair.
  58. Christmas Sock Snowball Fight: Host a safe and playful Snowball Fight indoors using soft, sock-filled snowballs. Divide participants into teams and let the laughter-filled battles begin.
  59. Frosty’s Hat Ring Toss: Transform Frosty’s hat into a festive ring-toss game. Participants aim to toss rings onto Frosty’s hat, adding a charming and challenging element to your Christmas celebration.
  60. Holiday Karaoke Lip Sync Battle: Elevate the entertainment with a Holiday Karaoke Lip Sync Battle. Participants showcase their lip-syncing talents to favorite holiday tunes, creating a lively and memorable performance.
  61. Santa’s Workshop Photo Booth: Set up a Santa’s Workshop Photo Booth for festive snapshots. Provide props and backdrops to capture memorable moments, adding a touch of fun and creativity to your party.
  62. Jingle Bell Twister: Combine the classic game of Twister with the joyful sound of jingling bells for Jingle Bell Twister. Participants follow color and position prompts, creating a hilarious and festive twist.
  63. Reindeer Hoopla: Put a holiday spin on the classic ring toss with Reindeer Hoopla. Participants aim to toss hoops onto reindeer antlers, adding a delightful and challenging element to your party.
  64. Santa’s Cookie Tower Stacking: Challenge balancing skills with Santa’s Cookie Tower Stacking. Participants stack festive cookies to create the tallest tower without toppling over, adding a tasty and entertaining activity.
  65. Ugly Sweater Decorating Station: Encourage creativity with an Ugly Sweater Decorating Station. Provide plain sweaters and various decorations for participants to craft their unique and festive ugly sweaters.
  66. Snowball Relay Race: Host a Snowball Relay Race for a winter-inspired challenge. Participants use spoons to carry snowballs across the room, promoting teamwork and laughter.
  67. Festive Balloon Pop Countdown: Build excitement with a Festive Balloon Pop Countdown. Fill balloons with small notes or challenges, and pop one each hour until the clock strikes midnight, creating a joyous New Year’s Eve celebration.
  68. Santa Hat Stack: Test participants’ stacking skills with Santa Hat Stack. Challenge them to stack as many Santa hats as possible within a time limit, creating a quirky and entertaining competition.
  69. Jingle Bell Tic-Tac-Toe: Put a festive twist on the classic game with Jingle Bell Tic-Tac-Toe. Use large jingle bells as markers on a holiday-themed game board, adding a cheerful and tactile element to the competition.
  70. Christmas Carol Trivia: Celebrate the season’s music with Christmas Carol Trivia. Test participants’ knowledge of classic and contemporary holiday songs, fostering a festive and musical atmosphere.
  71. Snowman Building Contest: Embrace the winter theme with a Snowman Building Contest. Provide materials for participants to construct their own snowmen, encouraging creativity and friendly competition.
  72. Festive Scavenger Hunt: Add excitement to your celebration with a Festive Scavenger Hunt. Create a list of holiday-themed items for participants to find around your home or venue, promoting exploration and teamwork.
  73. Candy Cane Relay Race: Organize a Candy Cane Relay Race for a sweet and energetic activity. Participants carry candy canes from one end to the other, passing them to teammates in a festive relay.
  74. Christmas Song Charades: Combine music and acting with Christmas Song Charades. Participants act out popular holiday songs without speaking, challenging others to guess the tune and adding a lively twist to the game.
  75. Ornament Decorating Station: Encourage creativity with an Ornament Decorating Station. Provide plain ornaments and a variety of decorations for participants to personalize their own festive decorations.
  76. Santa’s Sack Toss: Create a fun tossing game with Santa’s Sack Toss. Participants aim to toss small bags into a designated target, adding a whimsical and entertaining activity to their Christmas party.
  77. Holiday Bingo: Host a classic game of Holiday Bingo with a festive twist. Customize bingo cards with holiday symbols or phrases for an enjoyable and engaging group activity.
  78. Snow Globe Shake-Off: Challenge participants to a Snow Globe Shake-Off. Provide clear plastic ornaments, fillings, and decorations for them to create their own snow globes, adding a crafty and decorative element to the party.
  79. Christmas Cookie Exchange: Organize a Christmas Cookie Exchange for a delicious and social activity. Participants bring batches of their favorite holiday cookies to share and swap with others, creating a sweet and festive atmosphere.
  80. Rudolph’s Red Nose Relay: Create a playful relay race with Rudolph’s Red Nose Relay. Participants take turns wearing a red nose while completing festive challenges, combining laughter and competition.
  81. Holiday Trivia Bowl: Host a Holiday Trivia Bowl for an engaging team-based competition. Prepare a range of holiday-themed questions for participants to answer, fostering friendly rivalry and festive knowledge.
  82. Christmas Karaoke Contest: Elevate the entertainment with a Christmas Karaoke Contest. Participants showcase their vocal talents by singing holiday songs, creating a lively and joyous atmosphere.
  83. Gingerbread Man Hunt: Add a scavenger hunt with a twist by organizing a Gingerbread Man Hunt. Hide gingerbread men around the party area, and participants race to find and collect as many as possible.
  84. Candy Cane Arch Limbo: Incorporate limbo into your festivities with Candy Cane Arch Limbo. Use candy canes to create a festive limbo stick, challenging participants to bend backward and navigate through the arch.
  85. Holiday Pictionary Relay: Combine teamwork and drawing skills with a Holiday Pictionary Relay. Participants take turns drawing holiday-themed items for their team to guess, adding an artistic and lively element to the game.
  86. Stocking Stuffer Relay: Organize a Stocking Stuffer Relay for a fast-paced and festive competition. Participants race to fill stockings with small gifts or treats, promoting teamwork and excitement.
  87. Snowman Spoon Race: Create a winter-themed relay race with a Snowman Spoon Race. Participants balance small snowman decorations on spoons while navigating through an obstacle course, adding a fun and challenging element.
  88. Ugly Sweater Trivia: Celebrate quirky fashion with Ugly Sweater Trivia. Participants answer holiday-themed trivia questions, and the more festive and creative their ugly sweaters, the more points they earn.
  89. Christmas Movie Bingo: Combine movie-watching with a game by playing Christmas Movie Bingo. Create bingo cards with scenes or phrases from popular holiday films, adding a fun and interactive element to your movie night.
  90. Frosty’s Nose Toss: Create a playful tossing game with Frosty’s Nose Toss. Participants aim to toss carrot-shaped noses into a snowman’s face, adding a whimsical and entertaining challenge.
  91. Holiday Emoji Pictionary: Add a modern twist to Pictionary with Holiday Emoji Pictionary. Participants use emojis to depict holiday phrases or scenes, challenging others to decipher the festive messages.
  92. Candy Cane Balloon Pop: Bring surprises to your celebration with Candy Cane Balloon Pop. Fill balloons with holiday-themed notes, challenges, or small treats, and let participants pop them for festive surprises.
  93. Santa Hat Ring-Around-the-Rosy: Put a holiday spin on the classic game with Santa Hat Ring Around-the-Rosy. Participants hold hands, encircle a festive hat, and skip or dance to seasonal tunes, creating a joyful and whimsical experience.
  94. Snowflake Memory Match: Stimulate memory skills with Snowflake Memory Match. Create pairs of snowflake-shaped cards with matching images, adding a seasonal and entertaining twist to the classic memory game.
  95. Penguin Bowling: Set up a Penguin Bowling game for winter-themed fun. Arrange penguin-shaped pins and let participants roll balls to knock them down, adding a cute and enjoyable activity to your party.
  96. Santa’s Workshop Role Play: Encourage imaginative play with Santa’s Workshop Role Play. Set up a station where participants can don elf hats and engage in toy-making or gift-wrapping activities, fostering a festive and interactive experience.
  97. Christmas Trivia Charades: Combine trivia and acting with Christmas Trivia Charades. Participants act out holiday-related phrases or events while others guess the answers, adding a dynamic and entertaining element to the game.
  98. Reindeer Ring Toss: Create a festive ring-toss game with Reindeer Ring Toss. Participants aim to toss rings onto antlers or pegs resembling reindeer, adding a charming and challenging activity to your celebration.
  99. Sleigh Ride Relay: Organize a Sleigh Ride Relay for active and festive fun. Participants take turns pulling or riding a makeshift sleigh through a designated course, adding a dynamic and spirited competition.
  100. Holiday Dice Game: Bring luck and laughter with a Holiday Dice Game. Create dice with festive symbols or actions, and let participants take turns rolling to determine their holiday-themed challenges or rewards.
  101. Elf Hat Decorating Station: Foster creativity with an Elf Hat Decorating Station. Provide plain elf hats and various decorations for participants to customize their whimsical headwear, adding a crafty and festive touch to the party.
  102. Jingle Bell Hopscotch: Add a musical twist to hopscotch with Jingle Bell Hopscotch. Place jingle bells on the hopscotch squares, challenging participants to hop, skip, and jump while creating festive jingling melodies.
  103. Holiday Storytelling Circle: Create a cozy and communal experience with a Holiday Storytelling Circle. Participants take turns sharing their favorite holiday memories, traditions, or fictional tales, fostering connection and warmth.
  104. Christmas Carol Hum-Off: Bring a musical challenge with a Christmas Carol Hum-Off. Participants hum popular holiday tunes, and others guess the songs, adding a lighthearted and melodic element to your party.
  105. Festive Domino Rally: Build excitement with a Festive Domino Rally. Set up dominoes in holiday-themed patterns or designs, and let participants create intricate cascades, adding a visually captivating and collaborative activity.
  106. Mistletoe Kiss Countdown: Add a romantic touch with a Mistletoe Kiss Countdown. Hang mistletoe in different areas, and set specific times for participants to share kisses under the mistletoe, creating sweet and memorable moments.
  107. Santa’s Belly Limbo: Incorporate a playful challenge with Santa’s Belly Limbo. Use a large inflatable Santa belly or a poster of Santa, and challenge participants to limbo underneath, adding a whimsical and entertaining activity.
  108. Festive Balloon Pop Race: Create a high-energy activity with a Festive Balloon Pop Race. Participants race to pop balloons by sitting or stomping on them, revealing challenges, rewards, or festive messages inside.
  109. Holiday Family Feud: Host a spirited competition with Holiday Family Feud. Prepare a set of holiday-themed survey questions, and let participants compete in teams to guess the top answers, adding a lively and interactive element to your party.
  110. Snowball Toss Target Game: Set up a Snowball Toss Target Game for precision and fun. Create targets with different point values, and let participants toss soft snowballs to score points, adding a delightful and skill-based activity.
  111. Winter Animal Freeze Dance: Get everyone moving with the Winter Animal Freeze Dance. Play festive tunes and encourage participants to dance like winter animals, freezing when the music stops, adding a joyful and active game to your celebration.
  112. Candy Cane Relay Maze: Create a festive maze challenge with Candy Cane Relay Maze. Set up a maze using candy canes as guideposts, and let participants navigate through the sweet course in a relay, adding a playful and engaging activity.
  113. Frosty’s Snowball Stack: Test stacking skills with Frosty’s Snowball Stack. Participants stack soft snowballs to create the tallest tower without toppling over, adding a playful and entertaining competition to your party.
  114. Sleigh Bell Ring-Off: Add a musical competition with Sleigh Bell Ring-Off. Provide sleigh bells of different sizes, and let participants create festive rhythms or melodies, adding a harmonious and joyful element to your celebration.
  115. Holiday Jigsaw Puzzle Swap: Combine strategy and teamwork with a Holiday Jigsaw Puzzle Swap. Participants bring completed holiday jigsaw puzzles and exchange them with others, fostering collaboration and shared accomplishments.
  116. Gift-Wrapping Fashion Show: Turn gift-wrapping into a stylish event with a Gift-Wrapping Fashion Show. Participants showcase their creative and festive gift-wrapping skills, adding a whimsical and visually delightful activity to your party.
  117. Christmas Tree Ring Toss: Create a festive ring-toss game with Christmas Tree Ring Toss. Participants aim to toss rings onto branches or pegs resembling a Christmas tree, adding a charming and skill-based activity to your celebration.
  118. Holiday Emoji Bingo: Add a modern twist to bingo with Holiday Emoji Bingo. Customize bingo cards with holiday-themed emojis for a fun and visually engaging game, adding a tech-savvy and entertaining element to your party.
  119. Snowman Drawing Relay: Foster creativity with a Snowman Drawing Relay. Participants take turns adding features to a communal snowman drawing, adding a collaborative and artistic element to the party.
  120. Candy Cane Hunt and Seek: Combine scavenger hunt and hide-and-seek with Candy Cane Hunt and Seek. Hide candy canes throughout the party area, and let participants search for them, adding a dynamic and engaging activity.
  121. Christmas Tree Memory Challenge: Stimulate memory skills with a Christmas Tree Memory Challenge. Display various holiday-themed items on a Christmas tree, and let participants recall and match the items, adding a festive and brain-teasing activity to your celebration.
  122. Wreath Toss Ring Game: Create a festive ring-toss game with the Wreath Toss Ring Game. Participants aim to toss rings onto wreaths or pegs resembling festive wreaths, adding a charming and skill-based activity to your party.
  123. Penguin Ice Slide Race: Set up a Penguin Ice Slide Race for a whimsical and slippery challenge. Participants slide plush penguins down a makeshift icy slope, adding a playful and laughter-filled activity to your celebration.
  124. Holiday Story Charades: Combine storytelling and acting with Holiday Story Charades. Participants act out holiday-themed stories without speaking, and others guess the narrative, adding a dynamic and imaginative element to the game.
  125. Ugly Sweater Fashion Parade: Celebrate quirky fashion with an Ugly Sweater Fashion Parade. Participants showcase their creative and festive ugly sweaters in a lively and entertaining fashion show.
  126. Gingerbread House Jenga: Transform the classic game of Jenga with Gingerbread House Jenga. Create a tower using gingerbread pieces, and let participants take turns removing blocks without toppling the sweet structure, adding a delicious and strategic game to your party.
  127. Holiday Word Association: Engage participants in a lively and verbal challenge with the Holiday Word Association. Set a holiday-themed word, and let participants take turns associating related words within a time limit, adding a fast-paced and wordplay-based activity to your celebration.
  128. Jingle Bell Knockdown: Create a delightful tossing game with Jingle Bell Knockdown. Participants aim to toss jingle bells to knock down stacked cups or objects, adding a charming and skill-based activity to your party.
  129. Snowman Ring Toss: Set up a winter-themed ring-toss game with Snowman Ring Toss. Participants aim to toss rings onto snowman-shaped pegs or objects, adding a whimsical and skill-based activity to their celebration.
  130. Holiday Charades Relay: Combine acting and teamwork with Holiday Charades Relay. Participants take turns acting out holiday-themed phrases in a relay, and others guess the answers, adding a dynamic and entertaining element to the game.


In conclusion, with these top 160 Christmas party games, the whole family can enjoy a festive and fun-filled holiday season. These games provide engaging entertainment for all ages and interests.

Whether it’s a reindeer antler toss or a gingerbread house competition, there’s something for everyone to delight in. By hosting a successful Christmas game night, families can create cherished memories while bonding with loved ones during this special time of year.

So let’s dive into the joy of the season and make unforgettable memories with these exciting Christmas party games!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now, let’s find out some simple answers to questions about Christmas party games.

1. What are some fun Christmas party games?

Fun Christmas party games include Christmas bingo, holiday song guesser games, secret Santa, and Santa limbo. Everyone can enjoy these games at the party.

2. Can you play trivia at a Christmas party?

Yes! You can play Christmas trivia with questions about holiday songs, movies, or Christmases past to see who knows the most.

3. How can I keep the kids busy during our Christmas gathering?

Kids love scavenger hunts around the house looking for stocking stuffers or playing simple gift-wrapping contests to keep them engaged and happy.

4. Where can I find ideas for my next holiday get-together?

Looking in magazines like Redbook or Cosmopolitan often gives you lots of ideas for fun activities, including Scattergories themed for Immanuel’s Day fun times ahead!

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