5 Questions to Answer Before Setting up a Business Telephone System

Whether the business is big or small, a phone system is the preliminary point of contact with its customers. Therefore, it’s essential to have one that makes your business look professional and allows the employees to coordinate with your clients efficiently. In earlier days, Business Telephone Systems usually required a lot of hardware and complex gadgets to function properly. However one IT support services company has advised us that with advancements in technology now, cloud-based services are easily available for telephony services in the form of VoIP. If you plan on installing a new business phone system, or upgrade your existing one, here are 5 basic questions you must answer first.

What are Your Requirements?

Defining your target and requirements should be the first step before setting up a VoIP phone service. It’s important to ascertain beforehand the number of employees that will be using the service, whether or not the phone system will be suitable for your distributed workforce, do you want a new number or keep your existing one, and whether your business number should be local or toll free. Apart from this, find out what all features your customers will essentially require. For example, in a Hotel Phone System Setup, features like skills-based routing, click to dial, centralized device management, and mobile app integration are a must-have.

What all Services Do You Want?

A typical Business VoIP Phone service has hundreds of features. Therefore, it is important to choose only those that best suit your requirements carefully. Some service providers even offer premium features like IVR, call forwarding, Messaging number, Call/Video conferencing, call whispering voice barging, etc. Although you can easily add or remove any of these features during your contract period, it’s best to make a list of all services you would require beforehand to avoid any confusion later.

Do you expect High Call Volume from Your Customers?

If you have a large enterprise, a large call volume from your customers is quite evident. In this case, your VoIP system should be ready to handle the heavy load easily without causing any complications. Normally, cloud-based systems are set up to efficiently manage the high volume of calls. But even if you opt for a non-cloud based version, it’s important to find out whether the system you plan to install can remotely allocate resources based on your telephony requirements.

What Devices does your new VoIP System Support?

Phone systems are continually evolving with the rapidly advancing technology, and nowadays can provide good connectivity with a wide variety of devices. As the owner of an enterprise, you need to ascertain and then build a network of phones that offer functions based on your requirements. You can subdivide your workforce into different job types and responsibilities and accordingly allocate the essential services they would require.

Does your Business Phone Service Suit Your Budget?

The last and most important question you must answer is whether the business phone system you’ve selected suits your budget. Many reliable operators provide exemplary services, but they also charge a significant amount for delivering exactly what you want. It’s best to do thorough research beforehand as to what business system will fit both your requirements and the budget. Be sure to include the cost of any additional hardware, installation, platform charges, and regular service charges in your budget.

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Summing Up

For any business, the phone system is its lifeline, especially if it caters to a large user base or is established in the hospitality industry. It reflects an enterprise’s professionalism, helping it take essential quality control measures. Finding the right phone system can be easy if you know the answers to all the questions above. However, if you are somehow confused, and seek guidance, quickly contact the experts at csmsouth.com – the leaders in providing the best Business VoIP solutions.


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