7 Genius Ways to Budget Your Wedding

Weddings are unique in that they are a three or more day’s event with beautiful décor, delectable cuisine, dancing, and a slew of relatives you’ve never met! Even though planning and attending weddings is much fun, there is no way to avoid the dreaded wedding budget. You should know about SH Jewellery to budget your wedding.

It should come as no surprise that the expense of a wedding has nearly risen in recent years, and while we know you and your spouse would prefer that day to be all about you, we know that won’t happen.

Weddings also present a variety of additional complications. It is not always easy to persuade your family that this day is all about you and your fiancé. They may prefer to concentrate on the religious components while ensuring that everyone has a good time. Make an effort to reach an agreement.

It is possible to plan the perfect wedding within budget by taking care of a few things. It is also crucial to remember that weddings are not about bragging about how much money you have or comparing who had the best wedding. Indian weddings are traditionally about the coming together of two families and spending time with your loved ones.

  • Purchase or make your decorative goods

Most wedding décor is expensive, and budgeting for it might be tricky. Decorative things like candle votives, candelabras, and mason jars are easy to come by and are less costly than hiring. You can save a lot of money on your wedding location and your weekday rehearsal dinner if you have your wedding on a Friday.

  • Please don’t overdo it with the flowers

Choosing smaller or less expensive floral arrangements as your centerpieces is not always a bad thing. Your wedding venue may be able to provide centerpieces, floral arrangement packages, or referrals to florists or stylists with whom they have business relationships. Keep in mind that you should only use flowers that are in season. This has a significant impact on your budget.

  • Pre-wedding rituals and festivities can all be held at your home

Your pre-wedding events do not have to be extravagant or expensive. If your home is too tiny to host an event, consider holding it at a friend’s or family member’s home or a well-equipped venue. Enlist the help of family and friends to help with the décor and, if necessary, song and dance routines.

  • Keep track of your spending and open a savings account

To break down the costs, make a spreadsheet or buy a planner or notebook. It will keep your sanity in check and prevent you from squandering your money. Make use of the planners to stay on top of your finances and deposit deadlines.

If you are concerned about your budget and spending, open a wedding savings account. Set aside a small amount of money for the wedding each week leading up to the big day.

  • A small bridal party is preferable to none at all

The inclusion of a bridal party on the wedding day is a modern-day difficulty that brides encounter. In any case, times are changing, and modern western values are increasingly becoming the standard at our weddings. Consider whether or not having a bridal party will affect the outcome of your wedding. Your relatives and friends will always be there to help on the big day, and you won’t need a label for them.

  • Choosing local wedding vendors is a good idea

Travel, time, and transportation will always be more expensive for interstate or international wedding vendors. However, you can select high-quality vendors, so do not compromise if there is one whose work you adore. From the beginning, let them know what your budget is.

  • Spend less on catering

When it comes to weddings, wedding food is an important subject. The majority of wedding couples have no idea where to begin! Following venue hire, the next most expensive item is food and beverage. You should not save money on catering.

However, you could cut down on the amount of food and wine you serve. We all tend to go overboard with our food and drink, so talk to your wedding venue planner or caterer about going with the basic food and beverage package. Once you have your figures, you can account for any additional goods.


Wedding day is auspicious for couples and their families. You can consider the advice of an expert wedding planner or professional organization for deliberate outcomes.

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